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I need to get back to intentional writing.

I suppose one would always have those slow days.  Today is quite an unusual for me waking up so heavy, still sleepy and just not wanting to move. That was how most of the past few days were spent.  I wake up, eat, go back to bed, scroll on my phone, sleep again, wake up, find something to eat, drink coffee, go to work, go back to the hotel, eat, binge on Bridgerton and then sleep.  I tried to study, and I was able to get through one abstract reading and that's it.  When I came back to my home, I cleaned up, cooked lunch, cleaned up more, waited for the deliveries to arrive and went to the gym. I was so excited to re-read Tao of Pooh that even while doing my cardio exercises, I was reading. And I'm just smiling at every line that reminds me of why I love Pooh, Thursdays and simplemindedness. It reminded me that it is okay to not know many things, not being able to answer many whys and that if ever you know something, it is better if it has a purpose for the common good.  I finis

Monday Blues

It is 10:32pm as I start typing this out and it felt like Monday just swept away time just like that.  In the morning, I woke up before the alarm but waited for a couple of snoozes before I really got up from bed to start my day.  I have been working on a lot of cleaning up, clearing spaces and moving stuff here and there. I feel like I want the entire space I am in to breathe. For the air to just keep flowing and for all the natural light be able to come in. For my whole body be able to move around the house smoothly.  The weather is slowly getting warmer. I had put the heater back in its box and in my brain, I am scheduling the packing of the winter clothes and choosing on the spring/summer wardrobe from what I already have. The rest would either have to go or be thrown. I intend to just keep a few winter clothes as I still enjoy shopping at the secondhand shops for seasonal clothes.  Today's routine was kept as it is. Reading and writing in the morning, breakfast

Fitness Journey Proof of Life

Bashers, pasok! Charot! Hahahaha!  Posting it here for journaling purposes. Looking how far I have gone in terms of health, fitness struggles and that pride .... I worked hard for this body! Still a long way to go with overall aesthetic beauty, little by little. Ageing graceful and beautiful, at least. 🤪

What did you buy today?

 Feb 6 If you could do over today, would you change anything? --- hmm.. I hope that as soon as the alarm rings, I get up and not had to hit he snooze button a few times and lose precious minutes scrolling.  Feb 7 Name a person you didn't have to deal with today? -- well, every day, I hope I don't have a chance to deal with flaky and stressful people.  Feb 8 What is the largest TV screen in your house? -- I don't have TV at all. But I do wish I have a big screen where I can do a dual monitor set up.  Feb 9 What did you go to bed last night? I usually am on bedtime around 11:30PM and I have been consistent in reading chapters from 1Q84. Chapter 22 as of now. It is a trilogy book. I think I'm still on Book 1.  Feb 10 What did you buy today? -none yet as of this hour: 9:34AM, but I will be going to the gym in a few minutes, flipping tasks for the day. So, as soon as I get home, I will take a bit of rest, shower then do the desk work before leaving for work around 3:45PM. Te

On a scale of 1-10, how is your health?

 Feb 2 The most expensive bill I paid last month was ___________. - the electric bill! It was worth ¥7000~something. Crazy but I think because I had been home for most of the late December days and been using the home appliances, back to back.  ******************* Feb 3 What's the last thing you apologized for? - for being absent for the past 2 online sessions for the leadership course I signed up in a uni in NZ.  ****************** Feb 4 My favorite color is ______. - my favorite color is white. It is so simple and you know that if its there, it is a combination of all the colors!  ****************** Feb 5 On a scale of 1-10, how is your health? Very good question.  Physical health is probably at 7. With my dental maintenance check up screaming to be done ASAP. I have been loving the constant but not so constant physical workouts I do at the gym. And slowly gearing towards weight-lifting for weight loss and tone up shape. Still a long way to go, a lot of slips in between sessions,

Bigger and bigger goals.

My big goal that's why I chose to work abroad is to buy a house and lot for my family. Four years in here and not a part of it had materialized at all and a part of me is disappointed about myself and the decisions I had made in the past. The other part of me is, of course, trying to comfort me , saying that it isn't entirely my fault. I have a father, two older brothers whom should have done something ahead of me. Yet, I don't know.  My mom has been worrying about the upcoming threats of our place being demolished and we will be left with nowhere to go. We have just started to invest on a lot in Antipolo but that will be too far for my younger brother and sisters who are working in the city center offices. We don't have any house built in place to shelter them should the demolition really happen. I hope it never come to that point.  I told myself that after this car purchase, I should focus on that acquisition of a house for my mom and dad, then I will feel really acco

What is a favorite piece of art that you own?

365 QOTD What is a favorite piece of art that you own? I am not really a collector of anything fancy. I am moving towards having items that are functional, space-saving and easy-to-dispose if ever.  But let's see what I got... on my wall hang... my UP grad photo, a frame of paper bills from different countries (aren't a lot just yet), a wall full of frames of quotes that I find motivating and encouraging. Anything artsy, fartsy, I am not the person to ask. HAHAHA.  ********************* It is so hard to keep back on track with academic readings, writings and deliverables. I have trying to start, I would be able to keep it for at least three days then I will fall off the track again. I will get lost for the next days and then I will try to go back to it then I will lose it again and again.  And here I am, writing about it. Keeping things into its "normal" state at this moment is just hard. Even completing this very entry itself is a struggle.  Today, I was able to acco