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One Year Later

Summer vacation is almost over and the preparation for the incoming school year is just around the corner. I haven’t really taken time to introspect on what had happened to me and how I had evolved after my first year of teaching. Deciding to be a teacher was not a difficult task. I graduated with such degree, got a professional license for it too. All I lack back then was the courage to take on the challenges of teaching. More than the financial necessity which I had found to be a very good excuse until today, it was really the courage to that I had lacked that’s why it took me a little while to start living one of my dreams- to be a teacher. This organization had been a very wonderful avenue to start with my journey. I would like to express my warmest gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the pioneer batch for this amazing movement for education for all here in the country. How shall I describe my first year of teaching? Harry Wong said that teaching has four stage

Renewal and Direction

Today is Thursday. Monday was Nganga Monday. Tsk. Tuesday was Laundry (Colored) Tuesday. Wednesday was Laundry (Whites) Wednesday. (I had to do it that way because we have limited space and hangers) Come Thursday, I need to do something to make it a Productive Thursday. Earlier today, I had decided to renew my PRC license. Initially, I was thinking of doing it the Business Center of the nearest SM Mall, however since I had doubts about the status of how helpful they would be able to accommodate my concern, another thing was that I couldn’t find the affidavit of loss, I decided to just process the renewal at the PRC Main Office in Morayta. I read a few blogs about PRC Renewal Process and they said that if you lost your Professional Identification Card (PIC) and it’s still current, the bearer needs to provide an affidavit of loss. However, if it is expired and loss, no need to provide one. Or as long as you know your Registration Number, no need to provide an affidavit

Random 04.22.2014

5:13 PM 1. Gusto ko magsulat, pero hindi ako makabuo ng idea kaya random na lang muna. 2. Walang hopia at kakaubos lang ng turon sa tindahan.Bakit?! 3. Hindi maubos ang labahan. Hindi maayos-ayos ang mga tupiin. 4. Masarap daw ako magluto ng adobo at tuna carbonara. Hihihihi. 5. May nagyaya naman magkape, pero di ko gusto ko kasi hindi ko sya close. 6. Mag-aral kaya ko ulit ng piano at violin? Matututo pa kaya.o? 7. Nakakapagod din ang byahe nang byahe. Pack. Unpack. Pack Unpack. Laundry. Pack. Unpack. 8. Ang hirap mamili ng regalo lalo na kapag ang bibigyan ay well-provided na, kung pwedeng love na lang. 9. Bigla kong na-stress sa paglalaba. Eh dapat stressbuster ko yun. 10. Di pa ko decided kung mag-eenrol ako kahit may pang-enrol na ko. Salamat kay Papa. Lipat na lang kaya ko ng school? 11. Napapadalas ang pagpunta ko sa mall. At bili ako nang bili ng ballpen. 12. Gusto ko mag-exercise, pero ayokong gumalaw, anong mangyayari sakin nito? 13. Andaming nagpupu

Happy Friday!

As early as lunch, I had been thinking of writing about what happened to my Friday. I had it all mapped out in my head ready to be typed and be part of my diary. Today was the Graduation Day for the participants of our church's 5-day Daily Vacation Bible School. I wasn't initially part of the planning. I told myself that I will come to church to help in the kitchen prepare foods for the kids' snacks and do a video of the 5-day event. And probably, in the audio system since my little sister will be the one operating it. That's what I thought I will do, until Wednesday, they asked if I could take over a class since they lacked teachers. Seeing that they were really having a hard time with the kids, I said yes. I had violated my summer plan of not teaching but doing something else.  I had personal doubts about the task because it has a connection with my faith and I really felt that I am not yet fit to teach these kids. Teaching in a public school is way different

Thursday Question

Today is Thursday. Today is Thursday. Thursday. Thursday. What a happy day! I got used to starting my day with that song. Though, in real life, it had never been always a happy day every day. There were bad days which I'm thankful I had been able to survive in one piece. I love watching Soulpancake videos. Here's my pick for the day: Two strangers were invited to meet in a sandbox, where there are scattered bottles with papers in it, written are questions they had to discuss with each other.  Since it's Throwback Thursday, let's take time to go back in time, not to look at what happened in the past but to talk about things you wish you knew when you were younger. Question: What are three things you wish you knew when you were younger? 1. I wish I knew when I was younger that all I have to be is  "MASIPAG" always. No room for "KATAMARAN". 2. I wish I knew when I was younger how to play the piano and I wish had ta

Left Unanswered

This was on my Google Keep dated March, 25, 2014. Here I am again. Watching Starting Over Again. This time, on my bus ride going to Bicol. I signed up on that site hoping to find a date or a friend. But I really never took things seriously and had totally forgotten about it. Until I remembered to get back to it two weeks ago and read your message. How many years have passed? Eight? Nine? I really can't remember but I can still recall how you broke my heart on my birthday. How much pain you had inflicted on my youth. It took me three years before I had found the courage to find happiness in loving and trusting someone again. Only to be broken again after a couple of years. Of all people, why do you have to let me know that you're there? You shouldn't have sent that message. You should't have let me know. Do we need closure or am I the only one having this uncertain feeling? I am afraid to ask any of the two for I know any of which can still hurt me. Nonetheles


8:03PM . I told myself that I will complete all the 9 Lesson Plans today. But I was only able to complete 4 days of it. It should have been 5 but I had accidentally had overwritten the 4th with the 5th. I  should have clicked on Save As and not Save. Absent-minded me. The 20 LPs are due on Friday to be used by the candidates on training next month. Lucky them, we are here to make these for them. During our time, as the pioneer batch, we did everything on our own. LPs, visuals, and no one is there to give up tips on how to execute it since the supervisors lacked the experience. They were all from private sector before deciding to move to this NGO. I am not complaining. I am just saying that they are lucky ones. I am happy for them and for this organization as things are getting better and better in terms of workflow and workload. I jogged early this morning. I did two rounds on the oval today and 20 crunches. I hope to make that 50 tomorrow and 100 next time. Hurray to that! It'