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What did you have most fun doing today?

366 QOTD  What did you have the most fun doing today?  .... being with kids is always fun. Today is extra special and heart-melting: Kodai said that he wants to be a teacher like me!!! <3  the morning call from family was also fun..  the sinigang dinner c/o Tita Gladys was a pleasant surprise as well.  I can't really say that Thursday has been calm, but it had been a lovely day.  Thank you Lord.  ***** 

Where do you wish you were?

366 QOTD  Where do you wish you were?  I wish I was just back in college. I wish I can go back, so I can study harder, and probably have the time to really plan my future. I was just so full of dreams but I never really have any concrete plan on how to move forward back then. Not that I regret what and who I am right now, but if I can turn back time and have the chance to really make amends on my own, I will probably start there.  ********** Today was quite a calm Tuesday. Or maybe not.  I just hope that she would stop picking on me and that he would be more organized on how to go about conversation, build on that credibility that he obviously lack, well, at least in front of me.  All of us are in the learning stage, but if there is anything I won't let others make me feel --- I will never allow anybody make me feel stupid about things I had invested time, effort and energy to understand.  ******* Family conversations had always been revitalizing and warm. I wish I can be in Manila

Did you use your time wisely today?

366 QOTD  Did you use your time wisely today?  Hmmm... I think, I did well with it today.  In the morning, I was able to complete the outline of the contents for the first series of podcast I want to do. I was also able to write the script for the intro vid, made a tracker on excel and then, I am just ready to work on the script for the first study guide.  I was also able to start watching Itaewon Class, a very wonderful, with lotsa thought-provoking lines Kdrama. I am so grateful for having a teenage uncle who has all the time in the world to think of recommendations and makes me feel how to take a break :D  I was able to spend a good amount of time and laughter with my family, and my father being the comedian of the house now. Excited for his farm projects. We are starting with 100 banana seedlings that will enable to provide a planting job for somebody and an earning to feed a family.  I was able to spend a good conversation over lunch with Tita Gladys, making me feel good about bei

Dear Kat of 2025

Sent this letter to be received on  May 24th, 2025 ************* Dear FutureMe, You decided to write here again today, as Kuya Josh mentioned that he is writing one for himself as well. As we always write friendly letters, let me formally start this letter you with: How are you? Kumusta ka? I hope you are well. Five years from now is 2025. You are turning 38 in August. I hope you are in the USA as you have hoped for. If not, I hope you are in a location that you are safe, happy and surrounded by people you care about. If today, you are in a position that isn't favorable for you, remember that this too, shall pass.  You are probably on the way to settling down by now, or maybe pregnant or already with a child. Still single? Way to go, lady! Five years is such a long time that many things can happen even in just a day that can change your whole life.  As of today, I expect that you have graduated from your MA degree with UP and working on a PhD, right?  Five years ago, you have compl

Premature thoughts on Itaewon Class Kdrama

Having a 15-year year old uncle suggesting me KDrama, tv series and movies to watch is something I am learning to live with and grateful for.  Today, he suggested that I start with Itaewon Class.  I can't remember the last time I had really gone to binge-watch a show and claim that I have finished it. I can't even predict how long will it take me to complete this one or if ever I would be able to. I probably will.  Hmmm.. After watching the first 2 episodes, let me do a rundown of my quick realizations about this Kdrama.  1. That part when Sae-Ro-Yi punched and punched and almost killed that blond Jae-Myung, my heart was tearing into pieces. His dad was the best person he ever had in his life and then some bastard took him away from him. That anger. That hard core release of anger, I think made it all possible to accept that his father is gone.  2. I think it appeals to many because of the elements of positivity and optimism that is within Sae-Ro-Yi. 3. The fashion elements has

What is the prevailing truth about your day?

366 QOTD  What is the prevailing truth about your day?  ..... that social media is already a part of my life and I am learning how to use it in more meaningful and productive purposes. But Tiktok gets to me before I go to bed and when waiting for the bus on my way home from school. Just like right now, I got distracted for a few minutes with browsing and now I just gotta go back finish it.  Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will get up right away, cook lunch meal and take a quick shower before going out to catch the bus...  Thursday will always be my favorite day of the seven days in a week. Of course, Sunday is the priority, with Christ and family and fellowship in faith would gather. You just have no idea how much I miss having it in my life.  I gotta put that in my dreamboard: A podcasting career A wedding  A family of my own A business A dog  A cat  A car A house USA Trip Disneyland Europe trip Australia Trip  -- just a life that can make a little difference in a very big world. That is

The Draft of Mid 2020

With me being stuck in here until I am very much ready to go somewhere else, with the pandemic being such a pain in the ass for shaking the very core of my being and daily motivation, I am making a new and improved target goals for 2020.  Health and Present Relationship I definitely intend to keep my circle small to that of my family and a very few friends whom I can trust.  Dreamboard The visions need to have concrete reminders up in my wall. I am excited to stick one after the other the dreams I have made for myself. It worked out the last time, all of it. Then, I need to build the new ones.  Research (LLE **0)   The due dates had been moved to May 2021 for all the deadlines and all the papers to be in. Though there is an option to get complete grades as early as August 2020.  I must find the courage to gather back the same amount of motivation and inspiration to get started with everything. Gaining momentum is one, keeping the FLOW is another. I had gained the

Blogging Goals

Mas eto na lang ang bibigyan ko ng pansin.  Etong pahina kong eto na tahimik at ako ang may kontrol.  Sa dami ng interest ko sa buhay, hindi ko alam kung pano ko aayusin tong blog na ito. Pero baka maayos ko pa rin naman isang araw.  Balak ko rin gawing podcast yung mga Study Guides ko. Para mas exciting. At para mas mahasa rin ang skills ko sa editing, speaking at iba pang alam kong magagamit ko rin naman pagdating ng panahon.  Kelangan kong makabuo ng e-portofolio, dahil major major procrastinator ako, baka nga mas mainam na simulan ko na nang mas maaga.

Abrupt or Slow Detachment

I had finally deactivated my Facebook today. I thought I had done it yesterday, but upon checking, I was still online and apparently, receiving comments and notices on my posts.  I know what I want to achieve in this time of my life, but my actions are not aligned with it and I have been denying and ignoring everything, blaming the pandemic for the kind of feeling that have been nursing for weeks now.  I am feeling immobility, dragging myself to even do the routinary tasks. There were even moments that I wish I could just curl up in bed and just stay there until the world ends. I haven't opened my python programming book for more than a week now and probably, my friend has been panicking because I haven't been making any good progress in it.  I need to get going with all of these. I need to re-create my flow. I am thinking of re-designing my room, but I just cant think of a way on how to clean up the clutter. My brain is screaming for orderliness in everything. The clothes, the

PJ Crib Session: Insensitive by Jann Arden, Cover song by Kat

Finally, PJ and I were able to do a collab! Woohoo! It was one of the songs I like singing in karaoke. Insensitive by Jann Arden.