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What was the lowest point of your day?

May 31, 2018 What was the lowest point of your day? …. The time that I have to go back in my empty apartment after having a great time with my friends the entire afternoon. ******* In the morning, I was able to do laundry as planned and had a conversation with my friend about going to South Korea sometime in Autumn. I thought of going 18 th -23 rd and she will be there 20 th -24 th . I also informed my friend based in Korea that I will be flying on those dates! Hopefully, he will get to take time off even just on the Sat and Sun. It will really be super-duper amazing kind of get together from Okinawa to Korea J . I was really wanting to go to Taiwan, but plans have changed. I can visit it next year with a better game plan. It was rest day today and my friends and I had planned to meet for lunch. I suggested to go to Florante Miyazaki for some flower-viewing and walking but the weather is not so good so, we decided to just go for a lunch buffet and then

In due time.

We get the love that we deserve. I am in one of those days that I wish that I can just marry some random guy, get pregnant, give birth and raise children. Just so I can be away from all this shits and unfairness of the corporate life. (Then, I would be stopping right in the middle of the plan to realize that it can never happen: 1. I can't just ask a random guy. 2. I promised myself to graduate in my MA first. 3. I am not ready to mother a child without a father, it is just another unfair story.)  Can’t I just teach and just be happy that I am teaching? Why do I also have to bother myself about the unfairness of the employment systems and stupidity of a colleague? I definitely don’t feel that I deserve the feeling of being an undervalued employee. Nor do I like working with a human who wants to be treated like a robot. But through it all, I would like to think that I deserve the love I get, not at this company, not at this time, but in due time.

What did you have fun doing today?

May 28, 2018 365 QOTD What did you have fun doing today? Backreading my blog entries and the comments from other bloggers and random page visitors. This is my favorite reminder: “Everything has it's own perfect time. All I can do for now is wait. But I am not waiting idly. As I do that, let me appreciate every thing and person that come my way. Embrace sadness. Free myself of hatred and envy. Let my fears be the springboard for my courage fuelled by my faith.” (mimingthoughts blog entry: As of Today, August 19, 2015) It’s still a good day I should say. I handled all the kids’ classes today and it’s just always wonderful and fun. Plus, I had the time to read back on my other blog entries, re-trace my dreams and hopes. And for most of it, I can say that I had achieved. Well, except for the #DFBhits aka Dear Future Boyfriend goals and that house for my parents. Re-reading the blogposts just reminds me that it will come, just like my other ho