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More practice. More edits. More to learn. I hope it doesn't break. LOL.


What motivated you today?

365 QOTD What motivated you today? Family, kids, teaching, learning, books and the hope for a better future with (fill in the blank) . LOL   ******** Ang hirap sagutin ng tanong na yun ha . LOL. But yes, I just keep going because there will always be someone or something out there. I woke up early but remained in bed just because it was raining very hard outside. Then my sister called me and of course, asked me to get up. She talked about the Cantata concert piece she had been eyeing to purchase and did so today. I will miss this year’s Christmas Cantata again but that won’t stop me from being grateful for having such a wonderful and Godly sister and family. I am still in total one piece that I am right now coz I know they always pray for me. Left early for to do bank stuff on my way and spent a good hour at a café near my workplace. I started re-reading The Little Prince. I seem to be in a re-reading projects of fiction books I have at home fo

How did you make a difference to the world today?

365 QOTD How did you make a difference to the world today? Wow. What a question. I tried to extend my patience for adults. LOL. ***** Started the day with coffee at the basement bakery of the building where I take Japanese classes. Then, I had the Japanese class. I am also surprised about myself being able to handle simple conversations with my teachers. But still, I have a lot to learn. I knew that this day wont be that easy knowing that we have a yearly event to prepare for tomorrow. Much as I wanted to take-over a class, I know that I am not allowed to. Prepping the materials, zooming up visual aids, laminating id tags, cutting and all other classroom necesseties, I was more than happy to do. Well, I just told myself, it is better to be at the background of things, than to be a frontliner. During lunch break, I thought of going to the park to play with the drone cam for a few minutes but the hot weather didn’t allow for the tiny toy to opera

Who did you eat dinner with?

365 QOTD Who did you eat dinner with? I didn’t eat dinner at all. And if I did, it would probably just be me, myself and I. ************* I called it a day when I saw the sky bursting with the colors of red, orange, and yellowish in a blue and white background. It was calm and peaceful. But I can’t still call it a full day. I woke up early as usual. My power couple friend arranged to pick me up at the nearest grocery to store to drive to Aoshima for an early morning Yoga class, followed by Stand Up Padddle class and a Surfing Class, I cancelled the Relax Yoga class in the afternoon because we decided to have lunch together with another friend. We ate at a local Japanese restaurant. They were kind enough to request that my meal be without shrimp, because it was a kai-don (seafood rice toppings). Then, we dropped by a shopping center where I got two identical tops for office. It just makes thinking about what to wear easier. And because i