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Just let the storm pass.

This is one of those days that I really wish for someone to hug. That physical comfort and warmth to remind me that everything's gonna be fine. But we still have to let the storm pass. What a way to shape the entry story of my third year in Japan. A new life ahead, that's for sure. Still, same goals. Same dreams. posted from Bloggeroid

Happy Monday it will be. Happy Monday it is.

Last Saturday night, I left my keycard in the office. My power couple friends adopted me for the night, they prepped my futon and lent me pajamas and towels to shower for the night. Saturday was quite a long day and I honestly didn't get enough sleep the night before, I blame my crush for that. Sunday morning came and the hospitable that they are, they even asked me to stay for breakfast and Mr. Y said he will accompany me to the office because the security lock is quite complicated. I love breakfasts and I love how they do their breakfasts. Mrs. Y prepared sliced oranges and bananas, toasted bread with melted butter on top, a cup of coffee and another cup of fruity, yoghurt-like puree. What really made it really good was the morning conversations, the laughter and giggles, the teasing of each other. The simplicity. They will go to the church while I go back home and do my weekend chores, meet a friend for lunch and try to do as much tasks as I can. All of which I had tri

Tomorrow I willll .....

365 QOTD Tomorrow I will ..... I will have to wake up very early, a first meeting at 8am then another meeting at 9:30AM then work from 12nn til 9pm. I am excited to get back to the rush. ******** Graduate school is open again and I am on my final semester of completing the academic requirements before moving into the Comprehensive Exam and Research Paper stage of this endeavour. Moving forward, I will try my best to be nicer to my boss and just doing my best in my job. I have to keep waking up early and go to bed early as well. Today, I cooked oden and I feel so proud of myself. I also went out to meet a friend who then introduced me to a hunk yoga instructor. Single. Business-owner. Speaks English-- sounds like a good catch, right? Just no spark. Last Friday night, I spoke with my crush! I feel like a high school student, all giddy and excited about it. HAHAHA. With this kind of feeling, I have learned to take the moment as it is. Talking to him after a long absenc

What is your favorite thing to drink?

365 QOTD What is your favorite thing to drink? Today's question is kinda weird but I guess, it is what it is... My fave thing to drink so far is the ginger tea I brew almost every other night. I make it a point to have it as part of my daily meal. It had been helpful to boost my immune system and regulate weight. (Parang nagpopromote lang for a commercial. LOL)

Three Strikes in a Row

She is almost hitting the homerun. Almost homerun. On a LINE message back in Dec 2018, she messaged me about a training and that it will only be paid for 2 hours because it will be on my day off. I replied that I will just clarify it with her when I get back.  It was scheduled on my day off- Strike One.  On my way back, I realized that I can ask for at least an adjustment on my work hours that I traveled back and forth.  On the morning meeting, she asked me about the training. Since there wasn't really anything extra ordinary on it, I said, "It was okay." Trying to avoid any unnecessary comments, I decided to stick to my answer and say, "It was okay." She insisted on asking if I learned anything new, and knowing that there is none and she is on the verge of pulling my string of patience, I kept on repeating my answer. Because there was really nothing new.  I knew my caliber of teaching and the level of training and experience I have, she made

My current favorite website is.....

365 QOTD  My current favorite website is..... ....WATTPAD!  Every day, I take time to refresh and check if my favorite authors have updated the chapters of the stories I follow. Pinoy pocketbooks will always be my guilty pleasure.  ******** Well, I declare that tonight is a night one for the books. At least for my book.  School had gone by as usual. Best part of it was when the child whom I had my first formal lesson today ran to his mom and said... "楽しかった!”  (It was fun!) My heart just couldn't be more glad the day went well. Though I was a bit of upset of a class, and I really felt bad that I had to take my frustrations on the kids, I really just had to let it go and make it up on another day.  Saturday evenings are ones I always look forward to on my week. It is a time for me to relax, be with my friends, vent out and eat and have fun all at the same time.  Tonight, I bravely told one of my closest student about my weekend activities outside

No More Time for Storytelling

Then you realize life comes in sweeping so fast that there is no more time for story-telling. All I want is to talk about my day and this little space had been quite a good space to let it all out. A few would probably click on the link to check what's going on but most of the time, it is a silent, accepting space to talk about my day. My life. Grad school is about to start again and with subject ahead of me, it is quite a journey, I have made good friends, learned a lot--so many, and still learning in the process. I still have no idea how will this take me into someone with a better purpose, all I know that I want to be someone who could help people understand each other and communicate better despite the differences in language and culture. I started this year's 30-day Dedicate Journey, a program launched by Yoga with Adrienne Channel on Youtube who have more or less 4 million subscribers as of now. I am starting to gain weight slowly again and I couldn't help but p

What made you smile today?

365 QOTD What made you smile today? Just being able to do a lot of things today. Be able to prepare a nice, heavy lunch meal. The good weather. Having the time to chat with sisters and my mom's sudden gasp about the Game of Thrones-themed wine I posted on my facebook story. LOL. She probably thought I had been drinking! HAHAHA. *****

What is your current favorite snack?

365 QOTD  What is your current favorite snack?  gyoza and daiko oden and 7-11 cafe latte!  ****** An interesting conversation stirred over winter soup, a glass of highball and a plate of gyoza.  Tita G just came back from Manila and tonight we had our first get together for the year. Having been reunited with family and her long distance boyfriend in Manila, she seems to be in an all-time high feeling of love and holiday. Quite a lot of happy stories she had and will be holding onto until they get to be together again in the next few months.  Suddenly, she mentioned... "Ang babae, kapag nakita ng lalake na kayang dalhin ang sarili, independent, hindi na nila nilalapitan. Kasi nga, hindi na kailangan ng help."  My being single will always be a hot topic, I suppose. But in as much as I can, I try to stir away from the topic. Diverting all my emotion into this online journal, because I know, not a lot of people are interested with that side, and in t

Early crashing but not going down.

Nervous breakdown seem to hit me so early this year. I don’t know where it is all coming from. Must be the cold weather. That deep feeling of being so alone and purposeless is creeping into my veins and indeed, there really is that whisper of choosing to end everything. So small of a voice that it is very prominent even when I weep, while I walk with the sound of my footstep. I want to seek help from friends. I wish to see let them see how weak I am, but I don’t think that would help. Everyone is just recently so happy and I don’t wanna shatter that bundle of joy from the recent celebrations we’ve had. Probably this is also an overdue feeling of loneliness from the very recent trip back home, seemingly nothing has improved with the situations and it is just depressing to see. The house is still dilapidated. The roofs and walls are still shattered, the floors still thick with mud when it rains. The space still limited and all around looks like a dump. Nonet

What possession could you not live without?

365 QOTD What possession could you not live without? As I slowly learn to detach myself to material possessions and things, this one was actually a bit difficult to answer. For now, maybe, one thing I couldn't live without would be this laptop I am currently using. Today, I actually did a lot of things with it, from recording, editing to posting. My writing is also here. And in the coming days, I will most likely be using it more and more with the small projects that I am getting here and there. I am learning to be more conscious about material things I intend to buy and keep. Focusing on purpose and durability.

2018, A Better Year It Has Been

I knew that I wasn't able to get a good look back about how my 2018 had been. But I knew that it had been better than before, still slow yet, better than ever. As I check my blog, I did almost 180 posts, most of which are most likely containing the Question of the Day that I had been answering on its second year and yes, I intend to continue it this year as much as I can, most likely will be taking it to social media for more people to reflect on their day. With social media becoming immutable, it would probably be helpful to have people become more reflective and aware of how their lives had been going on. And I think, setting up QOTDs will be a good way to do so. It isn't mine, might as well, share it. I was able to do my first leisure trip abroad at nearby countries- Thailand and Cambodia. Dreams do come true, it took awhile. But they do come true. Hard work, patience and strategy, make dreams come true. With that, I will continue to write down my dreams to give them a s

Bandersnatch Movie

The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Movie is the first interactive movie I had watched and not sure if it’s also the first one ever produced. As it introduced itself in the movie, it is an interactive online tv streaming where the audience decides for the “fate” of the of the characters. The concept of “free will” and “freedom of choice” is exploited in the movie format. Exploited because it gives the audience that false hope that should they choose the next decision by the character, they seem to be in control hoping that the ending would be better for the character in the story. It gives the illusion of being in control of something but the truth is, it’s the other way around. It also gives the idea of flashbacks and other good stuff that happened in the past just because, the now isn’t really something good. It is cyclical with a huge tendency to get stuck and not really moving forward. In the movie, no matter how the audience choose the next events, the end