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Kiddie Love Problems and Gender Issues

Sa kubo habang ang mga bata ay nakapila galing sa CR John: Cher Crush daw po ni Oliver si Leann Oliver: Hala. Inaano kita. John Rex: (Umiiling habang nagkakamot ng ulo) Akin yun eh! Tsk. Inaagawan ako. McLaine: Buti na lang ako walang kaagaw kay Jaylin. Uwian: Cher Ja: Anong naramdaman mo na naagawan ka? JR: Ang sakit Cher! (With matching pounding of the chest with the left hand) ........ Me: Bakit kayo pinalabas ni teacher? Girl: Kasi po nagsakalan kami. Boy: Eh sya naman poo nanguna. Me: Bakit nga? Boy: Kasi po tinawag nya kong Nashyboy. Me: Eh boy ka naman talaga ha. Boy: (No Response) This boy also puts Nancy on his First Name on test papers. Like this: Nancy (First Name) (Last Name) …............ Thank you Kiddielets. You never know how much fun you bring to my day. When I am with you, all my sadness seems to fly away. ............... Today is The National Day of Mourning for the SAF Fallen 44.I may not know them but my heart is with the families they h

Hate Post

I  thought saying NO to you was going to be a hard thing to do. I thought I couldn't do it but I finally did and it gave me that liberating feeling.  Our connection had been based on assumptions and unspoken words, I thought it was enough. That having you beside me even we dont have any spoken commitment  will be an assurance that you will stay with me until I saw you with another girl. You smile at her like the way you had smiled at me. You hold her hands like you held mine. You stare at her face lovingly.  You started talking about her and my world began to crumble. I thought we had something going on. It was just me who thought so. I thought actions speak louder than words. Not in this case, I had mistinterpreted your actions to be that of having a deeper meaning, a deeper connection, an unspoken commitment. Reality hit me. Hard. Enough to break my heart and soul.  I stopped talking to you and you never tried reaching out until you felt lonely again. You only remem

The Seafarer has arrived!

Last Friday, 01.23.2015, me and Sep had finally met Froi Dencio of On My Own Sojourn . After many months of reading, exchanging ideas on each other's pages, we finally get to meet him in person and see that killer smile in real life. Just like the other OFW bloggers I have met, he was generous enough to give us pasalubong which I had been expecting because he told me he got me something from Barcelona. Hehehehe.... I had always loved seeing snowglobes. They are so cute! So thank you for this. It now sits on top of my worktable while the chocolates are not safe in my tummy :D  Fridays usually a chill day for us in school. However, it was a different kind of Friday for me in school. We had to stay late to rush a paperwork, there was also a birthday treat by one of our teacher and we were served free lunch. I don't usually stay late in school. I always look forward to my afternoon nap. No nap happened that day. With the grading sheets on my mind, I just changed to clothes a

Why I Write 2.0

I was trying to remember the very first day I had posted on this blog. I know I can go back to it but I'm kind of lazy. As usual. As far as I know, every month of January, is the birthday month of my blog! Happy Birthday my little corner Saturdaythoughts! This little corner had been a documentation of how my two years had gone and I do look forward to keep on documenting it as much as I can. Figuring out why I write what I write here is something I try to figure out every time I write. All I know that every time I get to post something here, whether random or thoughtfully composed, is a sense of achievement. I feel like this page should be named Scattered Thoughts. Hmmm.. That is something I could consider for future revamp of this little corner.  This littler corner gained me friends. Online and offline. I don't know how that happened nevertheless, I am grateful. Thank you for taking time to read what is in my head, for watching my crazy vids which I actually enjoyi

The Visit

  Pope Francis had left the country today. His visit had flooded my facebook newsfeed, our television won’t talk about anything else about but his whereabouts and the Philippines is all over the news, local and international. I am no Catholic. I was raised as a Fundamental Baptist however, I have deep respect for other religions. With that, I find it very critical to say my own thoughts with the Pope’s visit. I need to be careful because I don’t want or mean to hurt anyone’s religion. Because I also don’t want to be hurt in return. In the news, 6-7 million people were in the Luneta Park yesterday for the Pope’s last mass of his 5-day visit in the country. On my facebook newsfeed, I see that some of my friends and their families were there. All of whom despite the non-stop rains had that blessed feeling to share. It was a sight to behold-- how faith can unite a nation and even the world. How one person can move the people to action. How one song can bring tears to one’s e

Last Song Syndrome

May sipon ako, at nag-overflow ang toyo sa utak ko kaya kumanta na lang ako. LOLS. Anong connect? 1. This song had been playing in my head for a week now.  2. I had nothing to do. No actually, I have a lot of other things to do, but I am on my maladaptive mode again.  3. I just got Fernando back and it felt so good to play and play and sing. 4. In defense of myself, it was already raining when I started singing :P 5. I guess, I can start my video collections of songs I can sing and name it MeowCollections. Bwahahahaha.. 

Wala Akong Alam.

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I Stood Above the Clouds!

Starting the year with a climb at the third highest peak in the country, Mt. Pulag was a great decision. I wish I can do it as a yearly habit. The invitation came into me from someone I haven't met personally but I seem to have an affinity with meeting people in weird places and situations. All of the people in the group, were people I had met for the first time in that climb. It felt awkward at first but  then as hours passed by and conversations were made, we all seem to get a long so well. One of the common ground will always be the love for climbing mountains.  I had been wanting to climb Mt. Pulag since 2010. However, due to limited funds and weird work schedules, it took me four years before I could say yes to an invitation. Deep inside me, I wish I had done it with the person who taught me to love this adventure. I really should learn to stop thinking about that person. I really should. No more dramas.  Moving forward, I've known quite a lot of people who had


Started the year with a very bad allergy attack, but still managed to prepare breakfast for people at home.  Pantanggal umay. Discovered that our guard dog was gone then late this afternoon, I saw him on the side of the street! He immediately started jumping on me, making those little sounds as if crying. I had to take a bath again right after I had him fed and settled home.. Sunday is back home! After getting lost for almost a whole day!  I discovered how cool The Legend of Korra is! I miss watching cartoons and animes and having the time to watch it today. Now, as I evaluate how my day had gone--- no matter how bad a day or even a year had started, it can always end on a good note.  Tomorrow, I have to pack for my first climb for 2015. Mt. Pulag, I'm coming for you.