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21st Day and More to Come.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Today, I am on my 21st day of living in Miyazaki, Japan. Work has been all about learning how things get done and getting acquainted with people in the office. Observing and asking. Sometimes, even asking if they need help with anything coz there are idle times for now. I get one weekday off which changes depending on my manager's mood and a Sunday off. This is a photo dump of some of the few things that happened for the past 21 days. I forgot the name of this pathway, but my colleague said that before passing through this red posts, one must make a wish.  I will take a photo of this certain tree per season and see how it changes through time.  This is one of the famous dishes here in Miyazaki, Chicken Nanban  After a long day, there is a spot called foot bath and it's for free! It feels good to soak one's feet in warm water after an hour of cycling. One just needs to bring his/her own towel for wiping and d

If I Wanna Grow Old with a Cat

I just finished watching A Street Cat Named Bob. A movie based from a true story and book of the same title published in 2012. It had become a habit to stream on a movie or an episode as a night cap. The very fast internet speed connection really got a "whoaaaa!" from me. Going back to the movie. It's a story about a junkie who decided to be on a rehabilitation program and at the start of his journey, a cat, barged into his home and never left his side from then on. It made me think then, if I wanna get old with a cat. Just a cat. Kinda lonely, but James, the protag in the story, found his meaning with the cat, Bob, by his side. I cried for most drama parts of the story. This is one of those days that it feels lonely. Though, I always hurry home from work and virtually join my family for dinner, it's still feels different if there's someone I can come home to. Tell about my day, complain about little things, encourage each other, talk about just anythi

Miyazaki Narrative: The Arrival

On January 11th, 2017, I took a flight bound to Fukuoka via Philippine Airlines. My parents and I were at the airport as early as 4am. It was an opportunity for my parents to meet the people from the agency who were behind our employment. Should there be any concerns in the future, at least my parents know who to reach out to. My father earlier since he still has something else to do. Papa: Oh sya, aalis na ko. (Biglang tumalikod) Me: Pa naman eh. Payakap muna. Which he did. That was the first time I hugged him again after a very long time. The closest physical contact we ever had before that were the usual "pagmamano" or me putting my arms on his shoulders. I will always cherish that hug. The warmth and comfort it brought, I will always remember. Mama and I waited for my other two sisters to arrive. I was also happy that my Tito and Tita woke up very early in the morning just to bid me goodbye as well. My fellow teachers were a bit shocked that there were so many pe

Miyazaki Hits

I am on my 9th day today in Miyazaki, Japan. It's winter and since this is a subtropic region, i experience no snow but the coldness really can drop to as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Enough to get those winter clothes up for a strut. I bought only one trench coat and several thick, knitted clothes to keep me warm this winter. Except for a local cellphone number, I am almost settled in where I am at. Mga iilang ganap sa buhay ko dito ngayon: 1. Time is time. No bumper to bumper traffic issues here! 2. Having a bike is a must. 3. I still do the local conversions of prices. 4. I may not have jetlag. But my metabolism seems to take its time for adjustment. If you know what I mean. 5. I tried Tinder. There are a lot within 3 miles but I'm a little scared. Though, this is one of the safest places, I still need to be careful. 6. Mama has Skype account and she knows how to call me in now! Hurray! 7. Tomorrow, I will start my Nihonggo classes. 8. Naging hobby ko na yat

92nd Post

Ninety-one posts and this one being the 92nd for the year 2016. So far, that is the highest number of blogs I had done in my almost 4 years of writing. While my companions are busy singing on our new Magic Sing, I am taking time browsing on my entries for 2016 that has been. The first quarter was notably all about heartaches and failed expectations. Nonetheless, it didn't stop me from dreaming my dreams. Second quarter came, and it became all about routines and going through with every day, a few more failures, nonetheless, I am grateful. I believe that God answered my prayer on my birthday and then the next last two quarters came with more surprises. December had been a "buhay-baboy" month! LOL. Breaking the record of length of unemployment to almost 6 weeks from that of 3 weeks last first quarter of 2016. Taking time to sort personal stuff and get caught up with a few people. 2016 had been all about me. It made me see the people and circumstances turning in or o