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A Few Hours at Boys Town CDO

Sunday, November 23, 2014. It’s my first visit in Cagayan De Oro City. For some, when they hear about Cagayan De Oro City, first thing that will come to mind are whitewater rafting, the long zipline, Camiguin Island tour and other adrenaline-filled activities one can do while at CDO. I didn’t do any of that. Instead, Rhaine, the head of Child Protection Brigade Volunteers and one of hosts for my sudden visit, invited me to join him and his friends for a few hours of visit to the Boys Town in Brgy. Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro City. I’m a public school teacher so I’m very much exposed to stories of kids living in high need areas and them being underprivileged. I am also part of the advocacy of equality of education for every Filipino child. I thought I’ve seen it all. I was thinking visiting these kids will not be different from my daily tasks. I’ll just teach them a song and then help distribute some hygiene kits we had come up with, share some merienda, then take photos and the day

On Leaning In.

My mentor suggested that I read this book: LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. The author discusses about being a woman in the corporate jungle---how Sandberg survived and thrived in a career path where men are considered powerful.  Allow me to share a few things that really made an impression on me. The entire book did, I had a bit of difficulty choosing which one to prioritize, but I know I had to choose. 1.        If you do please everyone, you aren’t making enough progress. This is absolutely a struggle for and the organization I work with. I personally have internal debates as to when is the right time to rock the boat. I guess, there is really no perfect time, the right time is now. My co-fellows and I can only hope that we really are making a progress. We all have this desire to be liked by everyone, even though we all know that it can never be possible, we can only be liked by a majority but not by everyone. As I attempt to be liked by everyone, I sh

I am broke so I spent a weekend in CDO!

Why I chose CDO? I really don't know. Then, while I was there, I knew all of a sudden. As soon as I clicked the send button with the email that I had chosen CDO, I really never thought it will ever happen. After a few more days, I received an email with the instruction on how I can get to Cagayan de Oro for free! Still, I had another problem, what will I do in CDO? Relatives from my grandmother's side had all moved to the US so, contacting them about my sudden trip will not be advisable. I decided to contact Lala, of Telelalahbells , to ask how I could go around the city for a day and what are some advisable things to do while visiting the city. Just the city. I had no plans of going whitewater rafting, or that great zipline because, I have no funds. Remember my previous post? It's all about me being broke at the moment. Lala, as we all know her, responded enthusiastically and all of a sudden had made an outline of a tour where I could go to while in the city. I said

Broke and Positive About It

I'm broke. Believe me, that is something very hard to admit for a 28-year old girl like me. It had been years since I graduated with a degree and had gotten license for it, worked hard, became a BPO and corporate slave and yet, 8 years after, I am broke. I am financially incapable of doing a lot of things a lot of people at my age do, like travel, buy books, spend on coffee, shopping, give to parents and not worry about emergency expenses. For some, they even had started paying for their own places. But I would never trade this two years I gave it up for. Two years ago, I was living a normal life, not that I am living an extraordinary life after that, I could say that two years after, I started living a far more grateful kind of life. I may have stopped acquiring a lot of material things, or even giving so many things money can buy, in return, I learned a lot, much of it money can't buy at a nearby mall or signature shop. Gratefulness. That is the word I could come

Strumming My Pain.

Today is Friday.  This is how I spend the Friday after I lost my phone. Nagwala ako. Hahaha. It's been awhile that I had played my guitar Fernando.  Since I am a Taylor Swift fan and she had released a new album, I had chosen my favorite song on the playlist and this is it pansit! Maraming mali sa aking strumming dahil kanina na lang ulit ako kumarir ng pagigitara at kumanta na wala din sa tono. >_< This is one of my maladaptive schemes to cope with a stressful day. I have sooooooo many school-related things to do-- grades that are due on Monday since the card-giving is scheduled on Nov. 13, lesson plans, papers to check, yet, I chose to learn to play this song instead which I wasn't able to perfectly play pa din. Still, this is my favorite! Hahahaha Please play it at your own risk!!!!!! Forgive me, I don't know what else to do. Day-op si Inday :P :P