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Tomorrow I will _____________________.

365 QOTD Tomorrow I will _____________________. Tomorrow is Wednesday and that is my longest working day. So, I will work til 9pm and I will go to the gym for a stretch and a good shower. ***** Hmm.. Just when I thought that I am having a good start, the world around me isn't. With plague, war and tragedy just on the first month of 2020. In another note, I promised to answer more of the QOTD and keep putting it off just because, I am still dedicating time to social media a lot! I am slowly working on it as I get started again with this journaling experience which had become my refuge for many years now. January is my anniversary in officially-launching this page many years ago. This had brought me countless of humbling stories and wonderful friends I intend to keep for a lifetime. This blog had transformed into different page titles yet, it stick to that theme of randomness, gratefulness and being an outlet when the world doesn't feel like listening to my dramas.

Excellence for 2020

Conversations at home are becoming funnier and funnier over time. Making me miss dinner table hours and Sundays the most.  Today, I filled out the yearcompass(dot)com form with my friend.  She came over for lunch and brought some desserts. I cooked spaghetti in tomato and garlic sauce and I am just relieved that she liked it.  After that, she helped me in translating some important pointers about the Principles of Jena Plan, which has been the heart of the curriculum that we are developing for the school.  We almost forgot about the YC project because we were so engrossed with the conversation about the education sector, culture and just everything serious about what we do as teachers.  Glad that we were able to complete it. EXCELLENCE. -- that was the word I had put for 2020.  2019 had been mostly for the sake of completing and getting things done. Let 2020 make up for it by having that mindset of giving the best, sharing the best and showing the best of m

Keeping the cycle going.

I passed the test. ALL PRAISE TO THE LORD! I sent the message to our family group chat. I couldn't hide my excitement. I even cried for having that overflowing joy in my heart. I completely ignoring the upcoming, painstaking moments I will need to survive during the next 18-month journey.  I passed the exam.  That exam that it took me next-to-never to take, schedule and adjust.  That exam that costed me a same-day flight back home because I had gone to the wrong airport on my way home from Osaka.  That exam that will open that door of crazy days, writer's block moments, and procrastinating hours. This academic endeavour will definitely keep my heart beating. I just remembered Dominique Francon in the book, The Fountainhead, she had a moment in her life that she chose to just keep going eventhough it seems like she is already dead, still she kept moving forward. She found her purpose in suffering and in the end, the circumstances brought her peace by choice and

2020 is for Claiming

My word for the year 2020 is CLAIM. In 2019, I had engineered my smallness and what I think I deserved. I kept things low and small and most of the time stopped big dreams and put on hold greater plans just because.... I felt safe in here. The last year was a time for recharging and energy-saving. This year, 2020, is about the time to use those I have gathered. Claiming big goals. Claiming greater strength is accepting rejections and failures. Claiming humility in every goal achieved. Claiming accountability for every shortcoming. Claiming responsibility for every promise. Claiming honesty for feelings. Claiming vulnerability for the need to be with someone. Claiming love for one person, for people around me and for my advocacy. Claim. Claiming. Claimed. With every CLAIM, there is prayer to the Lord. With every CLAIMING, there is honor for the Lord. With every CLAIMED, there is sharing of the blessing from the Lord. Writing this down so that when I feel like giving

To A Decade It Had Been

Finding words to describe a thought is a struggle, especially when it has to be just one word. A word to describe a year, what more for a word to describe a decade.  Indeed, ending 2019 isn't just about closing a year in itself. It is about walking past a decade of our lives and welcoming a new frontier.  I started the decade with a newfound love and learning the ropes of romantic relationships, immersing myself in the BPO sector and fulfilling my goal of helping out my siblings be sent to universities.  Then came, the almost we-are-getting-married moment, the hurtful break up, the comeback on online datings, the wrong expectations and the brokenheartedness because I am so ignorant on how to deal with flirting and then the ghosting. It had been cyclical-- of getting into the circle and pledging not to ever get back to it, but then, would have my eventual slips and feelings of pain, doubt and my fear that I hope not to reach that point of indifference.  Career had mad