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Trip with the Tripster

I have met one of my idols and supercrush in the blogworld last 02.07.2015! Mr. Tripster Guy! I tried not to be late, but I was late for an hour. Good thing this guy knows how to entertain himself. Instead of that ice cream parlor as rendezvous, I found him in a bookstore. He is far from the buddha figure in his profile photo. Much as I want to post his photo, I was given very strict instruction not to post any evidence of his existence. Well, ice cream then after a couple of hours, coffee fueled our conversations. We had non-stop conversations just about anything. But that topics that really made him shift more comfortably on his seat are books, reading, writing and politics, the Marcoses--- Imelda in particular. His passion about politics is very evident that I learned so much about the Philippine political systems and issues. He lives in another country but is way more informed about the Philippine politics that I do! I wish I can ask more questions but the four hours was

Thoughts on Parenting

December 24, 2014 Kiddo: may anak kna ate? Me: wala pa. Kiddo: bakit? Me: wala pa kasi akong asawa Kiddo: pwede namang may anak pero walang asawa. Me: ....... Kiddo: sinong katabi mong matulog? Me: wala. Ako lang....  Bakit andami mong tanong? Anak ba kita? Hahahaha She is an adopted daughter my mom told me. I saw her every Sunday at church but we never really get to talk nor play a lot. But this Sunday, I stayed late in church for our performance later that evening, so we slept together in the chamber but we never really got that sleep because she is one little, cute chatterbox. Reminds me of myself. Hahaha I wonder what made her ask me those questions.  She is actually right. I can have a child without a father. It USED TO BE my plan. Until the day my father asked why. Why do I want such an arrangement when I was never deprived of the opportunity to grow up with a loving father. Another thing that changed my mind was the experience to of being a teacher. Working with kids with divers

To Date or Not To Date

It's the 14th of February and love is in the air! I remember I used to be active on a dating site but hadn't checked it for awhile now.  Here's my dating profile that never really landed me on any dates from that site.  If you are familiar with the format, you are most likely on that site too! Hahaha.  My self-summary Extrovert. Intuitive. Thinking. Judging.  What I’m doing with my life I work for an NGO deployed as a Third Grade teacher in the largest public elementary school in QC. Day-to-day stuff keeps me busy. During weekdays, I wake up at 4am to prepare breakfast and for school as well. There will be days that I may just have to leave in a rush because I am running late, won't prepare breakfast but I always make it a point to fix my bed. Every day, whenever I get home after school, the first I do is throw my shoes and socks off, take off my clothes and sleep for the next couple of hours. I am currently taking up my MA studies somewhere and that what usually keeps

Flowers on a Thursday

02.12.2015 It was supposed to be an ordinary Thursday. Thursday being my favorite day makes it a wonderful day. I came extra early to school. Though I was feelong a bit dizzy and my stomach felt a bit bad because I drank coffee and took my vitamins without eating normal breakfast. I haven't cooked anything since the weekend and had been reliant on what is prepared in school. i had fough the urge of eating at a fastfood chain except for a cup of hot chocolate at Jollibee. It was the fourth day of taking care of a class because their teacher-adviser is not around due to some contest training. The kids had been a routine and as I was prepping for my daily task at the teacher's table at the back, my co-fellow told me that I had left something at the gate and that I if I have time I should claim it soon. I was a bit puzzled, thinking what kind of stuff had I left or dropped in school. I can't remember any of my things missing. Since I am free, I decided to visit the gua

TTCT Feels

Not one but three of my friends, told me that they remembered me while watching That Thing Called Tadhana . These people are close friends whom most likely I had shared my story. My deep, dark secrets and my drunken-state-of-being.  Second time na itong na-i-re-relate ko ang aking buhay-buhay sa isang movie around February. Ultimate hugot lines. Ultimate hugot movie. Whose heart are you and why are you here? I had been having that feeling of heaviness. I also don't know where it's coming from, it's just became heavy. I kind of have learned to live with it every day. I tried seeking whose heart it is, only to feel that it just gets heavier when I don't get the right answer I want to hear. The same question I have: Panget ba ako? May magkakagusto pa ba sakin? Magkakarelasyon pa ba ko? Yang pagmamahal na pinakikita mo. Yang overwhelming na pagmamahal na yan. Imposibleng walang patunguhan. Hindi man galing sa taong pinagbibigyan mo noon pero babal

Define Pag-ibig Kiddie Version

Disclaimer: These are not outputs from any of the classes I handle at the moment. These are from my housemate's kids and I asked his permission if I can post this. He agreed. Have fun reading and let me know your pick on the comments below :) Nasa Youtube naman pala eh!  Salawahan type. Tsk. Tsk. Ayieee... Away-Bati. Ito ang peborit ko! Of course, swak na coffee na, lover pa! Deep red cherries.  Hindi ko alam. My green mind is telling me something else. Bad!  And so I have to pray for a cleaner thought. Casper type! Can I keep you?! Everything is in google, including you!  Light up my life! Happy Puso Ebribadi!

Gulugod Piggy Trek with Friends

Noong Jan 31, natuloy din ang muntik nang maudlot na Trek with Friends to Gulugod Piggy sa Mabini. I had deep thoughts if I wanna write about this or not but since it is February, might as well join the bandwagon of talking about love! Kinabukasan while resting on our way pababa, one of my friends just blurted out... "Kat, ano bang mali sa'yo? Bat hanggang ngayon wala ka pang boyfriend?! Hindi ko alam kung anong magiging reaction dapat. " Waaaaa.. Hindi ko alam! Wait lang, naiiyak ako!" Kumuha ako ng tissue at pinigilan ang luha ko. Inulit nya pa uli t angbtanong. Kaibigan ko ba talaga to?! Lol Riding a tricycle on our way to the city, "Kat, sorry sa tanong ko kanina." "Ok lang yun. Natanong ko din naman yan sa sarili ko noon." "Ano nga kasi yung mali para itama yun." "Sakin naman, I think, walang mali. Walang mali sa atin. Wala pa lang talaga yung perfect match," End of friendship. Joke lang. End of conversation