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Early Saturday Musings

I wonder what happened? A few years back, I would always be glued to the internet checking out cheap flights, reading blogs about travels and just looking into where my next local destination for the weekend will be and thinking of ways how I could spend the meager budget and the limited I had. Then, weekends would just fly by-- I had gone local places, camped out at some hidden cove, climbed mountains, done outreach programs, took beautiful photos and just made stories. It was such a life full of rush and sometimes frustrations because I wanted to do more, I wanted to go more places but then my wallet would slap me and I woke up into reality again. Now, I am place where I can weave out good stories, a bit more flexible budget, but not really that much and a good amount of time to not rush to get things done, but I still do sometimes. It is quieter, calmer, not really static, but I had limited myself of places I could go when the truth is, I can now go farth

What’s the smartest thing you did today?

365 QOTD What’s the smartest thing you did today? Hmm… To get up and get on with my day despite the bodily pains. (You have no idea how low my pain tolerance is. LOL) ***** A combination of having the day as that first day of the time of the month, then an aftermath of surfing and yoga from the previous day and maybe falling asleep in birthday suit--- a not-so wise decision—I woke up with so much pain all over. Ibuprofen to the rescue of course! Work day had been productive at the first part, being able to finish the manual for the upcoming big event in July. I had parents sit in my classes again today. The higher level class of 2 kids seem to be going pretty well on the first part until my boy student suddenly lost his confidence in speaking and things were still manageable until the end, but as a teacher, I felt his dissatisfaction about his own performance while his mom was there. The mom of the girl is just really relaxed. My last cla

Were you good or bad today?

365 QOTD Were you good or bad today? Eehh. Syempre half-half… May training kami kanina sa simula ng trabaho. Tatlong oras. Tatlong oras mga bes. Yung trainer kuno naming, mukhang mas marami pang natutunan samin kesa kami sa kanya. Ang bad ko diba? Open school ngayong week, meaning, yung mga parentals, pwede mag sit-in sa class para mag-observe. Di ko naming inakalang complete attendance din yung mga mommies ko sa class! Yung mga previous ones kasi, di naman nag-aattend. Pero this one, mukhang satisfied naman sila mommies sa mga naging kaganapan sa classroom, so oks lang. ***** Sarap mag-tagalog ah. Sarap din magmura ng isang malutong na P*T*** I**. Wala lang. Masarap lang. LOL. Ang hyper ko, kasi naman pagkatapos ng work, naki-birthday party of 4 pa ko sa bahay ng power couple friends ko. Bukas, 3 rd time ko na mag-surfing. Napabili nga ko ng may kamahalang sunscreen kasi naanticipate ko na yung pagiging surfer ko sa mga susunod na buw