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Naisip ko lang

If ........ Duterte wins........ there will be Philippine Death Squad Defensor wins........ there will be Agnostic Government Binay wins........... Corruption right in your face Poe wins....... Colonial Mentality gone, Citizenship Confusion it is So, sino na lang? Pano na lang? Paki-explain. Pls. As always, nakakapagod at nakakadrain manood ng balita.

The Story of Success

I completed the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell audiobook for the second time around. This time, I think I was able to really get it and into my being. This author was recommended to me by my former career mentor, the first book she said I should read was Blink, which talks about our preconceived notions of the people, things and other stuff around us and how it affects our thinking and actions towards our work and relationships. I am yet to start with The Tipping Point, though I already have the .epub copy on my tablet.   Going back to Outliers, Gladwell discussed Success in a different light. He emphasized the external factors that can affect one’s story of success. More than innate talent and intellect, he clearly said that one’s success is influenced by other important matters as follows: 1.       Privilege Having that opportunity to be able to do what you are good at, it really would make one good at it. So, what is this something that you have the privilege to d

Shattered and Scattered

                   It’s a Monday as always, I wanted to write about things. Let me try to do so.                   Shattered thoughts about just so many things. I don’t see any of them related to one another but in some ways, they all get to connect to me. Homeland Series                   The ending of Season 1 was kind of sh*t. It just ended like that.  Still, I'm hooked on to it. It was Saul. I want to have a mentor like Saul is to Carrie. It was an indirect mentoring on their part but nonetheless, the way Saul teaches Carrie and the way he cares how she grows in her career, it is just something I wish I could have. Somebody who would consider my ideas, give me pointers, let me grow, see me get disappointed, yet still know the right things to say at the end of the day, in the middle of all fucked up moments and just let me be me.                 The only weakness he has is his life of service. He willingly gave up the love of his life in exchange to his job as

Friends and Patience

I was suppose to write this last Monday as a result of my reflections while doing my favorite de-stressing activity: my laundry. This is about my recent meet up and conversation with a college friend. Time to Catch Up The last time we’ve met, he was pursuing his application for the Erasmus Scholarship which for some reasons, he didn’t get to pursue since he got wait-listed. I can still remember how he tried to handle his personal disappointment about it, and how we all tried to comfort him over the group chat that maybe it’s not yet the right time for him to go abroad and study. Maybe next year, it will be different. He tried to rationalize and justify things by saying that maybe he wasn’t “yet” allowed to go out of the country to pursue higher studies because he still supports his siblings’ college education, wait until they get to pass board exams, get hired and be permanently employed. In the family of 8  kids, I am not sure if he is the first-born, but he seem to b

Say It Again Cover

Because it is Saturday, I miss Fernando and I need all the good vibes I can gather...... Kahit anong gawin, walang makakabasag ng trip ko kahit pa si Kenji at Sunday na walang patumanggang nagtatahol sa bakuran habang ako nagrarakenrol. Hahahaha. Ktnxbye. Kapag nagkasama na ulit kami ni Fernando, more to come :D "Say It Again" The thing about love, is I never saw it coming You kinda crept up and took me by suprise And now there's a voice inside my heart that's got me wondering Is this true? I wanna hear it one more time Move in a little closer Take it to a whisper Get just a litter louder Say it again for me Cause I love the way it feels when you are telling me that I'm the only one who blows your mind Say it again for me It's like the whole world stops to listen when you tell me you're in love Say it again The thing about you is you know just how to get me You talk about us like there's no end in


7:16 AM I have a lot of free time lately, though I have an upcoming exam this Saturday. LOL. I just thought, why don't I go ahead and make this list. I am one of those who could spend hours and hours glued to the screen while watching my favorite tv series episodes. I am never ever ever gonna be good at knowing the names of the actors and actresses but I will always remember them with the roles they have played in whatever show they had appeared.  Since I came back to the BPO sector, I am gaining back the time to take a look into watching more series and catching up with those I had missed. Also more time to think why I have a crush on the following guys:  Peter Bishop of Fringe I am not really a fan of bearded guys but there is something so cute about Peter Bishop. The guy that came from the alternate universe known as Walternate. He is a techie guy, resourceful and just plain cute. Hihihi..  Wes Gibbons of How to Get Away with Murder Look at t

Wala lang.

Gusto ko lang magsulat. Magsulat nang magsulat. Yung mga bagay na gusto ko sanang sabihin sa iba, dito ko na lang isusulat. Yung mga gusto kong sabihin sayo na alam kong wala namang magiging kapalit na kasagutan, dito ko gustong ilagay. Gusto kong magsulat kasi gusto kong balikan tong mga kalokohan kong balang-araw ay pagtatawanan ko lang. Mga bagay na babalikan ko na habang binabasa ay gugustuhin kong kainin na lang ako ng lupa sa kahihyan. Iiling-iling ang ulo ko at mapapaisip kung pano ko nabuhay ng ganito ka"jologs" at ka-corny. Gusto kong magsulat dahil baka isang araw, malimot ko na gustung-gusto pala kita at magigising akong ayoko na pala sayo, magkakabaliktad tayo ng pagtangi. Ayokong dumating yun, pero kapag dumatin yun, ibibigay ko sayo lahat ng mga naisulat ko tungkol sayo at pagkatapos buburahin ko lahat, magsisimula akong muli ng panibago. Di tulad nitong fiction na ito. Gusto kong magsulat kasi ang mga pahinang ito ay hindi mapanghusga. Tanggap lang nang t

This is my story with you in it

I had always wanted to write about you.  But I can’t really start with anything because you are a fiction story. I am not good with fiction stories.  You are fiction.  When will reality embrace me with you in it?  Could it ever happen? 

Randomthoughts 03 Nov 2015

6: 49 AM 1. Feeling ko na burnout ako with acads this semester. Magbakasyon muna kaya ko next sem? Spanish class? Mandarin class? Nuninuninuninuni... O magbasa nang magbasa ng mga libro at magsulat nang magsulat? Nuninuninuninuni... o mag-boypren na lang? Nasan ang iboboypren? Hahaha 2. By 2017, dapat graduate na ko as per my iMap. 3. Dami ko nang free time sa bagong sched. Shemai. Mapaparami ang aking hanash-in-life aka posts. LOL. 4. Dapat gumagawa ako ngayon ng LogFrame output. Pero hindi. Nagbabasa-basa na naman ako ng kung anu-ano. 5. Fridays are #gymfridays! 6. December 5 is lagari day. Exams in the morning and party in the evening. 7. Ang mahal ng mga regalo na gusto ng mga kapatid ko, bakit ko ba kasi sila tinanong pa? Alam ko namang kahit ano lang ibigay ko, ok na sila. Kahit jollibee meals lang. :) 8. Bagong sched, means bagong adjustment. At putol na tulog :/ #grumpymode 9. I would like to think na merong purpose ang hindi pag-push ng aking supposedly firs