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What are three things you need to buy?

365 QOTD What are three things you need to buy? Hmmm. Let me think.. I've been thinking of getting myself new undies, but as far as I really need at the moment, I can't think of anything at the moment. That makes me realized that I really don't need a lot of stuff. I am not really into cooking recently, so I haven't been going to the grocery for big purchases. Ah! I remember, I need to buy water. ******* Today was quite a good day I suppose. I was browsing some articles for a group project and I landed into an Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, 3 Ways to Better Understand Your Emotions 1. Broaden vocabulary about emotion 2. Identify the intensity of the emotion 3. Write it out. Over time, this blog had been a good space about all the above-mentioned but haven't really been paying attention to the significance of it all to my emotional being. Though I know that this space had been a very good avenue of expression for me, I didn't really

List your pets

365 QOTD List your pets. Of all questions to ask, why this one on this day. We have cats named: Jude Tofu (I forgot the names of the others) ************ It's been a week since Kardo passed away and I, eventhough I wasn't physically there seem to have experienced a high level of grief due to loss of a loved one. I never imagined it would be that painful. My application as a Planning Committee Member for the upcoming Asian alumni gathering had been affected that from the moment I submitted my application, I felt that my chances are low, my confidence level down, I wasn't satisfied with my video recording and submitted it for the sake of submitting it. Add the stress caused by the sudden announcement of the school's shut down and the sooner or later job loss. Then, there's this module I had committed myself into that I am not really an expert at, I am just really, totally under the weather. Needing distraction, a release or just really, I just wanted to

88 Things

1. Last beverage→ coffee 2. Last phone call→ my friend from Gifu 3. Last text message→ Google Verification Code to access this blog 4. Last song you listened to→ Lego House by Ed Sheeran 5. Last time you cried→ just a few minutes ago HAVE YOU EVER: 6. Dated someone twice? → yup 7. Been cheated on? → yup by the previous answer lol 8. Been singing till dawn → yup! 9. Lost someone special?→ grandparents...... 10. Been depressed?→ yup 11. Been overseas? → yeps. LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: 12. red 13. white 14. blue THIS YEAR HAVE YOU: (2019) 15. Made new friends → yup 16. Fallen out of love → I haven't fallen into at all just yet. 17. Laughed until you cried → absolutely 18. Met someone who changed you→ Nope 19. Found out who your true friends were→ YES 20. Found out someone was talking about you→ I have no idea. 21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list→ Nope. 22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life→ almost 98% 23. How many

Jowability Q&A

I was having a very serious talk with one of my few constants about her upcoming self-decided repatriation. Her: Ate, change topic tayo. Sagutin mo to ha.  Me: Okay.  Her: Pag nagka-jowa ka, tutuloy mo pa rin ba ang communication sa kaibigan mong may nararamdaman sayo? Hahahaha (ganda problem) Me: Oo naman. Pero hindi ako ang mag-iinitiate ng contact. Her: Magseselos ang jowa? Paano? Me: Okay lang naman mag-selos, pero yung i-limit mo yung partner mo kung sinong dapat or hindi dapat maging friends, eh foul yun. Minus ganda/pogi points.  Her: Next: Kapag nagjowa ka, anong limit ng privacy? Pwede bang magbigayan ng password? Hiraman ng phone? Me: No sharing of password unless otherwise freely-given. Di pwedeng i-ask si partner.  Her: How about you? Will you give ba? Me: Pag in-ask, hindi ko ibibigay. Tsaka pakalat-kalat lang din ang telepono ko, even my siblings can easily hack my laptop and phone. Her: To show loyalty, will you give your password? Me: Still a No. Me: May

May this not be a love letter to the dead.

Dear You, It had been awhile since I sat down and wrote you a letter. Life has been pre-occupied or I tried my best to keep it occupied, so I don't get to feel lonely because you aren't here yet. I wish you were here yesterday. I needed someone to comfort me. Kardo, our little puppy back home, died due to a viral infection. It was such a difficult time. I had been with him only for a few days during the holidays but he had been the sweetest. If you've seen him, for sure you would have known how lovable he was. It was such a painful moment to see him go. My eyes are still puffy due to crying and I still get to have those sudden outbursts of tears when I remember it. My younger sisters were the ones who suffered the most. They were the ones who took him to the vet and picked him up when he died. People say this day is special. Media hyped it all up. But all this time, I had been waiting for you to come and remind me about that kind of love. I had met few, I thought it w

Dear Kardo

                                         Dear Kardo, It's been awhile since we had taken care of a pet dog. Mama had been so hesitant because of the troubles from the last ones we had. So, we weren't really pushing for it. Nor prepared for such. Then, you were brought home, as a forced gift from a family friend because they cannot take care of you anymore. A crossbred dog of a shitzu and an aspin, and you were the cutest. You captured the hearts of everyone at home as soon as you landed in our little kubo's doorstep. You just have no idea how much joy you had brought to our little home. I'm sorry if we had been so ignorant about how to really take care of you. We were a bit excited to show you the world. My little sister had so much fun seeing you jump and run and go around the park. How friendly you were. How approachable you had been. I'm so sorry. We're so sorry. It breaks my heart to think about the pain you had to go through but now, you are reste

I wish I had _________________.

365 QOTD I wish I had _________________. I wish I had .... ... the powers to cure our little puppy Cardo. He is currently confined in a vet clinic due to Parvo-virus infection. As a new pet-owner of a bred dog, we lack experience and ideas about how these kinds of dogs must be handled. We were too excited to take him for walks outside eventhough he still wasn't with vaccine and so now, he is suffering because of our carelessness. My sister had been so sad and had really cried when I talked to him today but we do hope that our little furball would be able to heal pretty soon and that we will have a chance to make up for those shortcomings. All I could say was.... "So, now you know how a mother feels when their child is sick. It is just so painful that you wish you could be the one suffering instead of them." *************** Quite a gloomy day today it had been but I was still able to have a hearty feast of buffet lunch at the famous Pine Terrace Garden of She

Name a person you wish you didn't have to deal with today.

365 QOTD Name a person you wish you didn't have to deal with today. ... well, I will be dealing with XYZ for the next few months and counting. XYZ. XYZ is my classmate in grad school,  based in a European country and been the most active in our virtual class. XYZ is always the first one to post in forums, the first one to comment and the best person to put one's confidence down and the best person to discuss round in circles pretending to be knowledgeable at what is being talked about but can never really give any definite answers when the question is thrown back. The first one to discuss about no-drama acts but the first one to put so much drama in forum posts. The best energy-sucker, that's how I would describe dealing with XYZ. I know XYZ knows a lot and would be a very good resource about many things, from survival as a foreign teacher in a country in the Middle East, XYZ's line of work in publishing academic books,  experience with working with authors. Ju