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Randomthoughts 29 July 2020

1. Antagal ko nang hindi to nagagawa... As in ang tagal-tagal na!  2. Andali ko na nga mapagod. Pero push lang.  3. Hind pa ko uma-absent sa 20-minute workout ko this week! Bukas ulit!  4. Excited na ko umuwi.  5. Bumili ako ng present for someone, pero hindi ko naman alam if ma-a-appreciate nya. Pero, will still give it to the person :)  6. Ang sarap maging invincible! Yung magsho-shopping ka na hindi na titingin sa presyo! LOL. 7. Patapos na yung training namin ng 2 weeks! Ang hirap lang pagcommute kasi nakaka-torete yung isiping may COVID na kalaban. huhubels. 8. Antok na ko. Bukas naman.  9. Sana sa airport, makapag-emote emote naman ako ng maayos.  10. Excited na ko sa bagong buhay ko with this new job! Makaka-focus na ako sa pag-aaral at sa pagtulong sa Espoir School of Life. 

Overwhelmed Monday.

It's a rainy Monday in Nagoya and after work I was off to meet D for our annual reunion.  As I walk my way out of the train station and on to the city pavements, the dark skies and tiny drizzles welcomed me. In my head, I really don't mind walking in the rain if it's like just like this. I wish commute and traffic is the same with Manila, probably I wouldn't have considered working abroad. Haha.  I had been on shopping spree. Legit shopping spree-- invincible and just wanting to get a hold of the things I wanted.  Three Longchamp Le Pliage Bags in one go, an Onitsuka Tiger shoes and today's latest purchase was the Airpods. I used to just dreams of buying these things for myself. Now, I can afford them.  I am wearing nice clothes, I can afford to eat at nice restaurants and all the other material things I am just so grateful to have.  I worked hard for each of them. That is probably one thing I can proudly say about every thing I have and I use. And yeah, maybe, I am

Nagoya bites.

I haven't opened my laptop for the longest time, until today. I felt like it had been a very long time!  I came to Nagoya on a Saturday and never had a chance to get a hold of this gadget until today, a Thursday! While trying to keep myself awake with a face mask. Training materials scattered all over the other table, Beyonce's If I Were Boy playing on my Spotify Acoustic Cover Playlist. Honestly, the past few days had been tiring. I am trying to  I'm writing as I just trying to reflect on the past few days that seem to have gone so slow. The days of training are becoming more intense and some people are on the verge of either quitting or being released.  The most challenging part for me probably is the commuting part. It would have been a general challenge but now, with the fear of catching COVID-19 in public places. Wearing double masks, preparing own food, showering day and night ( I like it!) and washing clothes every night too can't be missed as well.  What else ar

How much is gasoline per gallon?

366 QOTD How much is gasoline per gallon? I actually have no idea because I don't have a car yet.  Soon, I will have to know and have it as part of my budgetary allowances. WOOHOO! ********************* Nightly Reviews 13 July 2020 Quite a gloomy but humid af Monday.  We still need to do revisions for the proposal for "the school and the village" and hopefully, it will get well-integrated and we will have to budget for everything as soon as possible. Well, not me, but the community will have the budget to use.  It hasn't sunk in yet that I am leaving the school but I have been thinking of a narrative in my head about my 15 months in the school. It was full of gratitude, fun and a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. Too bad, that the roller coaster of emotions had to be the reason for my leaving, but it is what it is. 

Name one thing that you need to toss, but just can't.....

366 QOTD  Name one thing that you need to toss, but just can't..... A bit private but there is this one baconized underwear I still like wearing for bedtime that should have been tossed years ago, but I just can't. LOL. ***************************** Night Reviews July 9, 2020 There seem to be a discrepancy on the review of my driver license application and I need to have it taken care of as soon as possible before I fly for a 2-week training. I can't really feel that I have my days filled until a conflict like this arises. As much as I wanted to have an early out of work sooner, I just can't. I don't wanna ask anymore flexibility as a form of favor in return for all their shortcomings to me as an employee.  I helped out in revising a proposal for "the school". Others would say it is a very boring thing to do, but I found it fun and challenging to balance sheets and type out the rationale for the project and the excitement to look forward to the day that it

A funny thing happened on the way to ......

366 QOTD __ A funny thing happened on the way to ...... Not that I can point as significant for today. *************** Nightly Reviews 7.8.2020 Quite a slow daytime it had been. But the midnight going dawn was quite a challenge.  It is "tsuyu" season right now. A month late for its course, but still it has been raining incessantly and rivers were overflowing, and people were dying.  Last night was I think the toughest for me.  It is actually July 7th. It is supposed to be a night full of stars as legendary love story fulfill their wish of meeting again after a long time of separation as lovers. It was Tanabata no Hi. The stars showed for a few hours in the night, then clouds started to gather up and heavy rains and lighting and thunder storms ruled the night. I wasn't able to sleep. The only consolation I got for that night was that I wasn't alone. Everytime I would hear the thunder, I would tap my hand 5 times and try to breathe calmly. Until I fell asleep.  The stro

Tragic Monday, How to Process

I don't know what to say.  As I go to bed tonight, I pray that I won't have nightmares.  My friend and school lead is relaying play-by-play the event on how the suicide event had happened in the community.  Shocked and scared. That is how I feel right now.  What more for the 9-year old who saw her big sister hanging in there, being rescued, wrapped in a blanket and then people in the community seeing the wretched face of the big sister being rushed to the hospital for revival but still it was a little too late for anything at that.  Her job is so tough and I can only do is listen to her and connect her to people who might be able to help. Tonight, I am so grateful to one of my co-alums for lending an ear and expertise on guidance and counseling to work on it.  Building a strong network is probably one strength I have. Good, kind, purposeful networks, that is the kind of network I want to keep expanding on.  Still, a thankful Monday. Thank you for strong and helping friends from

2nd Half of 2020

I thought 2019 is my year of survival. It is extended til 2020 it seems.  I have officially decided my preschool teaching job and move to a more open, independent type of teaching job that promises to give me more time for myself in the morning and lesser unnecessary stress as long as I fulfill my job. It was calm, professional relay of information. Or so I thought. But I think, on my part, I have done my best to be not like them.  Still hoping that the second half of the year will be kinder not just to me but to the whole world.  I still in somewhat-floating-in-the-air-kind-of-self but I feel better now knowing that I have given myself a choice to let of things and people whom I thought I could collaborate with.  Still grateful for the experience. Now, I gotta get back to completing the things I promised I will finish.  As I have managed to practice quitting. It is always nice to have the habit of finishing. I don't know what I keep pushing for this MA degree, but until I have it