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Randomthoughts 28 March 2017

March 28, 2017 11:58 PM I noticed that I haven't posted any random thoughts since I came here... So... Let's go down the list: 1. I live alone, but I never ran out of dishes to wash..... There will always be a cup or a glass or utensils to wash. LOL. 2. Daiso is my baseline for quality which for most still happen to be of good Japan quality.  3. If I live in Manila, I probably would be buying a minimum of 5 books per cut off. Hardbound. 4. I need to finish reading Memoirs of a Geisha before the month ends.  5. Why did I even start reading the Pedagogy of the Oppressed? I wish I have somebody I can discuss it with. As soon I can get my thoughts about it collected, I'll probably just write about it.  6. Dandruff! Waaa... I didn't realize that suffering this is part of the deal. I keep trying different stuff, reading a lot about it in the internet but none of them seem to work.  7. I still need to learn the art of budgeting. Seriously. I feel l

How accomplished do you feel today?

How accomplished do you feel today? Me, I felt like the day just went by and I had done nothing anything significant at all. There's this side of my brain that keeps reminding me that I should be sad and sensitive. (F*c& these hormones!) while there's this other side of me telling that I should just keep myself busy and occupied so I wont have to entertain any negative ideas of sorts. It's hard to fight ones own thoughts. Indeed, our greatest enemy is ourselves. I've been busy the whole day. Doing this and that in school. Prepping for the new school term. Familiarizing myself with the new textbooks (which really sucks) re-arranging stuff inside the classroom and just labeling almost everything. I've been busy scrolling onto the social media again. Getting myself almost active on Twitter again. Hoping that at least, I can post something sensible that my crush would then take notice. That didn't happen today. Maybe I should tweet more and use more catc

My Ex and Whys

My Ex and Whys As any typical Filipino modern love story, they lived happily ever with all the "hugots" involved and all the supporting roles involved-- the pambansang bestfriend, the wingman, and the titas of manila. *** 365 Questions QOTD What advice were you given? ... my closest friend who's in Iceland advised me that I should never stop believing that there is the one which she emphasized in another statement that I should never stop swiping right. LOL. *** A Hug Where I'm at right now, every hug I get or I give out, it's just so valuable. It's rare. *** Cherry Blossoms Soon Cherry blossoms as per forecast, here in Miyazaki, will be next weekend. Hopefully it doesn't rain.

How Oh How

I want to tell stories. But I am very bad with storytelling.

Two Months and Counting

When I came here, I told myself I will write so many things about my life in here. I told my self, I will document every thing and keep it here. But I haven't written a lot since I came here. Living alone isn't a new thing for me. Having lived at a boarding house way back in college, I think I know what it feels like to live alone. Or so I thought. Here, it is totally different. From billboards that I cannot understand, to bus schedules that I usually don't need, to labels on grocery items that I can't read, to a bookstore that has limited items that I can understand, to people that would barely understand a word I say, to a literally cold and almost empty home I come to every day. My tita warned me about moments that I will cry incessantly because I would miss home. I sure am. I am missing home and the crying moments would start when I am at home alone. On my day offs, I would frequent Daiso and pick of things I can buy for my little space. As if anything I put

Buti na lang.

I made a classic mistake today. For someone who is a first timer in an onsen, I almost went inside the wrong Onsen room- the Gents area. Buti na lang! Lol. posted from Bloggeroid