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Liebster Award.

Makiki-Liebster Award muna ko. Ni-tag ako ni Papi June of Life and Spices . Eto pala yun. Here are the rules: 1. Link the blog that nominated you for the award. 2. Answer the 11 questions given to you. 3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate to answer. 4. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate who have less than 200 followers. 5. Let the people you have nominated know that you have done so. 6. You can't nominate the person who nominated you. Here's what I got: 1// What's your dream destination and why?      Sa ngayon, gusto ko lang talaga makapunta ng Cambodia kasi di pa ako nakakapunta dun. Lols.. I'm amused by different cultures and Cambodia, as I see in magazine and Nat Geo, has a very rich and unique way of living. Super dream kong makasakay sa space shuttle at mag-ala Yuri Gagarin :)--- go around the world, above it, go on a bearhunt at makapag-selfie. lels.. 2// Would you rather go shopping? or food trip?         S

Randomthoughts: It Gets Better and Better

Friday. 1.24.2014, Free Period. Start Time: 7:20 For now, you are planting seeds. The first year years of teaching is a roller coaster ride and I can tell that you are on the lowest part of that ride, but as we always tell the others, it gets better. These are the words Dr. Martin, of the Loyola Marymount University Dean of School of Education, who spoke to us last Sunday afternoon. Teaching for more than 25 years now. I still don’t know if I can stay that long in this profession. How would I describe the past few weeks? Or just this week? Just like the others, my heart had reached it breaking point and I am on the verge of giving up. But, please tell me how can I give up on something and someone I love so much? I never thought that loving teaching would also mean loving the kids I teach. It came as a package deal. Much as I wanted to blame the parents as to why their kids are like that, I know it’s not right. They are sending their kids to school that means they are

Series of Realizations on my First Year of Teaching in a Public School (Part 2)

WARNING: These are solely my thoughts and do not reflect that of others nor that of the organization I work with. It is said that learning is influenced by two factors: Nature and Nurture. Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis said that all human beings were born a tabula rasa or a blank slate. And that one's personality traits are influenced by family dynamics. Nurture pertains to the environment they are exposed to particularly in their formative years of development. One of the best mode of learning is modelling and parents should be very conscious on how they deal with their children and how they act around them. Learning by example or mimicking is one of the best and most effective way of learning. The home as the primary institution where learning occurs. Before the kids meet teachers they are with parents first. It is parents' responsibility to ensure that the kids they bear and born will be assets to society. Irresponsible parenthood is a mortal sin. I wish there

Series of Realizations on my First Year of Teaching in a Public School (Part 1)

1.19.2014 Sunday evening. MRT, homebound. B: So, what do you wanna do after this two year fellowship? Me (without even thinking): I just wanna find a job that would make me rich! B: You see, this experience is really an eye-opener! Being poor sucks! Hmm.... I don't wanna linger on her last statement. I'll discuss that some other time. Me: A teacher can only do so much. Aside from us, there are other factors affecting this entire system. Kids happened to be the victims. Parental education should really be a priority, should include population education and family planning. Voters' education too. We need government officials who will really support education. B: That is so smart! What you said are all true! Me (in my head, wanting to scream at her face): I know, and being poor doesn't suck if you must know! But no, I just kept silent. Seventy days or lesser, SY 2013-2014 is about to close. My first year of teaching is about to commence. First half of my

Why I Write

It's been a year now since I started this blog. How time flies! It's been a year and I'm still here. Writing. Reading. Sharing. Commenting. B*tching around as if I have the guts. Hahaha.. I used to have an archive of the posts I had done with the late Friendster. Influenced by my first boyfriend then to blog about my life, I was able to compile a good collection of daily stories and reflection wa y back in college and on the first few years of work. However, with the passing of time, breaking up, shutting down of Friendster and mourning of my young heart, I decided to totally forget all about it. None survived. That was like 7 or 8 years ago. Dang! This backtracking makes me feel so old! Maybe I should stop right here. But no, let me proceed. Write. Erase. Write more until you get it right. My desire to write is usually pumped up by deep emotional turmoil or intense happiness. All I know is I had to let it out. And writing had been an avenue for me to vent it all out.

1.13.2014 Randomthoughts

1.13.2014 8:45PM 1. Andaming papel. Pwedeng checkan nyo ang sarili nyo. 2. Bakit ganito? Pag hindi ko sila kasama, nasasabi kong wala na ang puso ko sa ginagawa ko. Pero pag andyan na sila, nasa harap ko, nakatingin sakin, di ko mapigilang ngumiti at i-push ang sarili kong gawin nang maayos ang dapat kong gawin.. 3. May darating bukas, 1.14.2014, hindi tulad nung isang taon na pag-uwi nya, excited ako noon. Ngayon, hindi ko alam. Ayoko syang makita, pero alam ko sa sarili kong gusto ko pa din syang makita. 4. Nasabi ko na sa kanya ang dapat kong sabihin, at masaya na sya, at kelangan kong panindigan ang sinabi kong masaya ko para sa kanya. 5. Ang kulit nung transferee, ayan tuloy, naiwan syang cleaners. 6. Gusto ko na lang mag-color nang mag-color. 7. Gusto ko na lang magbasa nang magbasa tapos magsulat nang magsulat nang walang katuturan. 8. Sana isa ko sa mapiling volunteer para sa summer training. 9. Namimiss ko na si Hippie, yung widescreen, yung Lightroom, yung

Time Alone

I was digging into my email for a copy of my resume and got this.... Sent on 3/7/2012, antagal na pala. Makapag-emo nga muna... hahaha.... It's been almost two years now. Minsan sa buhay ko, na-in-love ako, nakasakit ng damdamin at nasaktan in the end. But that doesn't stop me from loving again. As to when, only time can tell. Dear ____, I am so sorry for everything. No words or thing could ever equate to the pain and havoc I had cause to your heart. This is me, trying to pick up the pieces of myself and trying to be a better person that I can be after all those mistakes I had done. I am sorry if I had stopped you from being happy with someone else, it was the selfish me who was talking back then. I am sorry for causing you so much confusion for I myself was lost and don't know what to do.  I am sorry for letting you be part of my misery. When all of these had started, all I was wanted was to be happy. To be that girl a man could ever need. I was blinded and m


Pauwi na ko sa bahay after my afternoon tutorial job nang may makasalubong akong isang matandang lalake, may bitbit na itim na plastic na estante na may apat na palapag. Unang tingin ko pa lang, alam kong inilalako nya ang estante, pansin ko din ang pagod sa kanyang mukha dahil sa buong araw na paglalakad. Tinanong ko, "Manong, magkano po yang cabinet?" "Php 1,200 kapag hulugan, Php 520 kung cash,".... "Kung ako sayo mam, i-cash mo na, ang laki ng matitipid mo." Bibong sagot nya. "Ay, Php 300 lang po yung bili ko sa ganyan ko eh, tsaka kulang na po ang paa ng cabinet nyo." Sabay turo ako sa ilalim na bahagi ng estanteng tinda nya. Tatalikod na sana ko, at maglalakad pauwi, pero nagsalita ulit ang matanda, "Bibilhin mo ba ng Php300?", "Eh kulang po ng paa," Sagot ko. Pero sa isip ko, gusto ko nang bilhin. Mareremedyuhan naman yung paa nun. Tatanggalin ko na lang, para pantay lahat. Tamang-tama ang estanteng iyon pa

Let's start kickin!

The sun had risen on the east where it always does. I still breathe the same air I had breath last 2013 with additional smell of black powder due to the firecrackers used to welcome the new year. With additional task of cleaning out the remnants of those firecrackers too. The one thing that makes it different is that new light of hope the new day brings-- the new year brings. Another chance. Another hope. Another opportunity. The Old and New Last year, I had only planned of renewing my PRC license just to keep it updated but I got more than that. I was given the opportunity to be a teacher. It was not an easy task. This year, I am given another chance to continue the battle against ignorance together with other transformational teachers who dreams of changing the Philippines through education. Battling ignorance in the midst of sea of corrupt leaders is a collaborative effort and we had just started rocking the boat. It is a long process and every year that we continue to sail