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The Waiting Game

What preposition should I use? In or of?  The Agony in/of Waiting. "If you can wait and we will proceed with the application, your placement is for April 2017. I hope you can bear with us." She said.  The last time we spoke, she said that should the other regions need ALTs by October, she might be able to send more of us this year. But still no guarantee. She guaranteed April 2017 provided that we can pass all the necessary screening tests. I never thought that aiming to work abroad is this hard--from finding that right agency to help you with, to proving that you're worth it, to finding that initial fund--all of which requires waiting. So much waiting. That kind of waiting with uncertainty. You can only hope and trust others with your life. Trust yourself that you can get it done. Trust them that they are doing whatever they can. Trust that the universe is conspiring with you and of course, trust God that He is making all these waiting worthwhile.  I k

Mr. Kupido Cover

Hindi dapat to kasama sa meowcollections pero sige na nga! Haha Hindi ko alam kung sino ang wala sa tono, ako o yung gitara o pareho, over all, #walangbasaganngtrip. Ktnxbye. Yung feeling na gustung-gusto ko na kamutin yung ilong ko kasi ang kati-kati na pero di ko magawa kasi ayoko na ulit magrecord ng panibago kasi alam kong pagod na ko. Hahahaha...

Pick A Fight

Dinners are usually filled with conversations about anecdotes on how our day had gone. Last Tuesday night's dinner wasn't different. Except that when Tito and Tita had their arguments and petty quarrels, it wasn't Tito who would usually share it first. However, that night when I arrived and asked how their morning appointment at a certain government office had gone, he started to tell me how Tita had been so pissed and the arguments that they had that day.  "Ano ba yan, kayo na lang lagi magkasama, mag-aaway pa kayo." I said while setting the plates for dinner.  "Naku, kung nandito si Kuya tapos nakita kayong ganyan, ewan ko na lang kung anong magiging reaction nya." I added chuckingly.  "Alam mo yung mga nagkakasundo, sila yung mga naghihiwalay." Tito suddenly blurted while asking for another scoop of rice.  "Hindi pa kasi kayo nagkakaron ng partner kaya ganyan kayo makapagsalita." Tita supportingly added to Tito

Saturday Thoughts

Late this afternoon, I decided to visit a new dentist because the former dentist is just not that good. The last filling on one of my molars had a dent and it has been giving me so much pain for almost two weeks now. In my head, I know that it's already for extraction and I am about to spend more for the repercussions of the said procedure as the front teeth are expected to move as well.  The dentist does not want to extract the tooth saying,  "Sayang naman. Balik ka na lang sa dentist mo kasi sya nakakaalam kung pano gagawin sa dent. Maliit lang yung crack eh."  "If ever po ba, pwede pa po ulit na i-pasta na lang?" I asked.  "Oo naman. Kasi sayang talaga at magagawan pa naman ng paraan yan." She insisted.  "Sige po, i-pasta nyo na lang po." I said.  She did the procedure and I noticed a great difference on how light her hands were moving expertly inside my wide-open mouth. The suction was not bothering my tongue at she c