19 Jan 2022

Was able to do a quick rollerbladin' this morning and some rope flow too by the river.. Not really too long, but was able to go out for some sunshine.  Still haven't gone around paying the bills and other things I need to do, like having my car tires checked for air.. Gee.. I really should get back to writing on my to -do list.  I broke my washing machine water line and before going home I went to handsman and bought that connector for the pipe and the hose.  I need to wake up early tomorrow so I can do a lot of things. But it is Day 1 of period, so good luck with that and I hope I don't stain my bed. 

18 Jan 2022

 Back to work after a 3-day holiday!  Ate has moved to another hotel to continue her quarantine til the 26th. I am so looking forward to meeting her and Kuya. I am more excited to have them come over here to spend time with me and see where I live.  I wonder when will I get back on track with my thesis writing? Will I even ever have the courage to pick up on it again? I want to. I just cant seem to make my way on it.  The Academia is my dream. Always has been.  Days are getting better and better.  If this guy I am interested in won't have me for his wife, I know I have a thesis to comfort me when my love life goes dark on me. HAHA.  Day 5 on Rollerblades :D Happy and just happy to be rollin' :D  Signed up for a complete specialization course of ropeflow and just so excited for it. See me roll those ropes in awesomeness! 

17 Jan 2022

I am still crying. I can't stop crying.  My cousin has been declared in full remission and ready to go home.  It is the thing that made me breakdown and cry for the day. Monday started a bit intense with some things I had to deal with at the city hall and for national health insurance.  Did some thrift shopping and found some gooooood stuff:  I go lucky today that I was able to find a perfect fit roller blades! So no more tight fit blades to practice on. A very cute peachy bubble jacket and a brown plaid dress that I could when I go to Tokyo to see my cousins in 2 weeks. Funny when I heard the news about my cousin, I wanted to share the news to this one person, but I held up myself, instead, I sent messages to my friends about my cousin's remission. I had to remind myself that as much as I want to share the news, if the feeling isn't returned, it will just hurt me. No expectations, right? But if I keep interacting and he responds in crumbs, I might suck it up and ask for mo

16 Jan 2022

​ Decided to let go of the frames and mount all my present life quotes in a single big frame I got from Kuya G.  I keep tossing stuff but they never seem to really go away. I keep wanting to declutter, but it doesn't seem like it is. But it actually is. More space to move, to breathe and keep on learning to just have the basics. Every day, I am learning.  The decluttering journey continues.  Today was spent with Ate's plans as we figure out how she will go to Fukushima and be united with Kuya. Then, babysitting Haruki came next. It is always fun to be with him. When I become a Mom, I hope that I am as firm and patient at the same time, like I am with him.   Parenthood is a scary thing.  Once this tossing madness ends, next is to sell some books. And read more books today. I have already finished 2 books and thats a good start.  Tomorrow, I gotta go to the city hall and pay my enrolment fees for my ropeflow certification and maybe meal plan? Or skate? Maybe that. Haha.  I am 8 m

15 Jan 2022

​It's 3AM as I write this. I forgot that I have to do this.  It was quite a productive Saturday. Way better than I had imagined it to be. I went to the shrine for the New Year's Prayer tradition. I wore boots and I like the tapping sound it made as I walk. Haha.  Had Chinese food for lunch.  Went home to do some postings.  Went for a quick run.  Finally had tokbokki! So that's Korean for late dinner.  Had a good bonding session with my crazy friend and then now, I am still up coz I had no milk and also there was a tsunami alert but everything right now is so quiet that I think the danger is past us.  Glad I still remembered to do this quick journal entry. 

14 Jan 2022

 One thing good about this type of writing, is that I don't have to think deep of a good title.   The day itself becomes the title.  I woke up feeling a little bit under the weather but still insisted on less than an hour drill of ropes. I think I am getting so much dopamine with the feeling of progress on it, slow and steady.  But I got home, my body felt heavier and I just spent the afternoon laying bed, resting, napping, saving energy for my classroom battles for the day which actually ended with so much fun.  In all those bad days I had, all I really needed was a good rest before the battle to give me energy to think on my toes appropriately for the situation.  I have missed doing errands and I would like to blame the weather and I couldnt keep blaming the weather because in the coming weeks, it will be excruciatingly cold and if I dont do these things now, I will suffer. And I am already suffering at the moment.  Despite the colds, it had been a Good Friday.  PS. I have resume

13 Jan 2022

Very windy today. Crazy winds that I have never been a fan of.  Still a lot of pending tasks but the usual chores were done coz no one else will do it. If only someone else can do it for me, I prolly can have more other stuff done. Maybe in the future, when I can afford to have a bigger space, then maybe I would consider a washing machine and a dryer. But that means I wont have an excuse to be out and about for drills. LOL.  Hmm.. I am thinking of getting myself veil pois as part of my workout drills. Hmm.. Whatchuthink? LOL.  A good news for today is that... the girl in our NGO school that had been hospitalized due to a series of infection is out of the woods now and is bound for home. Her plight would have been prevented if she had been provided with the basic and proper nutrition, but nature hasn't been kind lately and all they can do is fight for their lives as they survive it on a day-to-day basis.  Will go to the gym early tomorrow. I promise. Still a lot of work to be done.