What are you looking forward to?

 365 QOTD  What are you looking forward to?  I thought of intentionally answering this one today, instead of just making a Canva poster for sharing in my IG stories as if other people will take time to answer the question for themselves.  I look forward to good days with the "friend-boyfriend-partner-husband" who I would be spending the days and nights, have fights and kiss and make ups, massage my lower back and share wonderful experiences for ourselves and others.  My days being a single person are already good, I could ask for more, but I would rather let the future give that for me as I learn to be content, grateful, and a little bit more hardworking today. Hahaha!  ********** Wednesday Day Off went more productive that I thought, I suppose. I ate a lot of rice though. LOL.  The only thing I really to work hard on is my addiction with handling my mobile phone as if I am expecting important messages from people. I have already learned to put it away from my bedside during

Sunday Roadtrip

 Today's adventure took place in Nango, a little coastal town down south of Miyazaki Prefecture. It is famous for its mountains, dive spots, surfing, and of course, the fish restaurants.  The most famous one is the Nango Eki no Meitsu. A restaurant by the fishport that is always filled to the brim with people who wanted to eat the freshest catch of the day, they open daily from 10:30AM up to 3PM. I skipped breakfast coz I was in a hurry and looking forward to eating something good for lunch as planned. So, this is my Before and After Eating Shots.  I looked happy, but not really. Lemme dig in!  This is the legit happy me! Busog me is a happy me!  But of course, there should be a photo op. This is by the parking lot, just right across the restaurant we went to.  It is Jacaranda Festival somewhere and our welcoming committee was this guy.  Japan is composed of more or less 6,000 islands and Kyushu seems to have a lot of those.  This story is still incomplete, I kinda enjoyed doing th

How did you do it?

 365 QOTD  How did you do it? Did what? ....  So, here's how my day had gone...  I woke up with a morning video call from family, and it is always a good start for the day. I took my time in the morning preparing breakfast that was mainly crackers with cream cheese, scrambled egg and black coffee. I have been fancying black coffee lately and I liked it.  I had to rush out of the house for a volunteer task I promised to do in the city for an hour. Had gone to the dentist for an appointment. From there, I decided to go to my surf club for two yoga sessions, to make up for the weekdays that I didn't go. I thought I will be able to order books for my aunt but I wasn't able to work on my laptop at all.  I planned to look for a guitar hardcase but didn't get to find a good one. Maybe I will do that in Kanoya.  I was able to buy some grocery stuff and other Daiso essentials.  I tried baking an Apple Pie! HAHAHA. It wasn't as good as those I can buy at the store of course,

As random as it can be....

I just want to write. I also want someone to appreciate what I write. But if that doesn’t happen, that is alright with me. After all, all I want to do is write and read. And with the current life situation that I have right now, I can say that I am having that luxury of time and experience and communication skills, but I am still not doing it regularly, whole-heartedly and honestly.  I wish I am brave enough to dig deep into myself and spill out the words about how I feel and think as if no one is reading.  A lot of good things had been happening lately that I really wish to put into stories in this blog, so that in the future, I could read back and wonder if I had really felt that, experience it or meet those people.  Life is so kind lately that I get the chance to do things I had always wanted to do.  Being able to spot small waves for surfing.  Gradual increase in flexibility to be able to do yoga poses.  Driving on roads and getting to places for the first time.  Financial independ

When did you last sing your heart out?

 365 QOTD  When did you last sing your heart out?  Just this evening on my drive home from work. I just had to coz it is raining and I am a bit nervous driving coz it is raining at it is also dark.  *******  I am stepping backwards to be able to move forward. That is all I know for now. 

Paragliding! Check!

  If this was a date, this was the best date ever! So far. HAHAHA!  For the meantime, in 2021, I can already say, I have launched my dreams of paragliding solo by doing tandem paragliding, having that exhilarating feeling of being up, not just up, but gliding in the air!  I don't even know how long that flight is. But definitely, it is confirmed that time in higher altitude flies so fast!  The sky was clear, that wonderful breeze of the wind. I don't actually know what will happen, but smile and giggles was pasted on my face all day long. That's all I can remember.  The S came and asked me to sign a waiver, discussed the flow of events and then, the next thing I know, I am already being tied up to this bag, with harnesses, clicking locks and then my pilot strapped himself behind me, strapped his gear to lock in with my harnesses and a few more detailed instructions and then off we flew!  You thought you are running, then next thing you know, you are gliding in the air. Ever

Where do you wish you were?

 365 QOTD  Where do you wish you were? Not anywhere else but I wish I could travel more and I wish I know what else to discover.  ************* Today was quite pleasant. I woke up at the right side of the bed to start it with and just learned to not think of things and people that don't serve me any good in any way.  Spent the morning for yoga, I thought of going for a surf but there wasn't any waves good for practice so I just opted for yoga. Good decision. My hip is still feel a bit sore but nothing not manageable. The stretches made it all feel better. My muscles were all strained and tensed.  The rest of the afternoon were spent going around places to pay taxes, bills and making savings deposit. I used my card for grocery shopping. I know it was a bad decision but I am gonna be consuming those anyway.  I consumed my data plan pretty fast this month. Quite surprising to know that I had a lot of time to watch a lot of movies and tv series.  But June will be a lot more loaded