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Ordinarily Amazing.

Every day, there is something amazing about the ordinary. The problem is, it is easier to notice it from others and from afar. We forget, that just like them, we are ordinary and we also have something amazing. posted from Bloggeroid

Did you work hard today?

365 QOTD Did you work hard today? I think I did. In terms of the "real work" and the "study time". I was able to complete both but I haven't submitted the papers due for tomorrow just yet. Will need to edit it tomorrow. ****** I am aware that I am completely overwhelmed with many things right now. From the fact that I have to do a lot of things for my own schooling, and other ones for my dream school and other stuff for my life as well. I have been eating out a lot. I mean, A LOT. From breakfast, to lunch and dinner. Tonight, I had McDo! Tasted so good though. HAHA. I haven't had it in a while so, the salty taste felt like new. Tomorrow, I intend to wake up early, do a 10 minute workout, go straight to the shower, have a decent breakfast with bacon and egg, go out early, submit the files and then, go to work and do the lesson plans for the next step. Trying and trying to keep the flow smooth even though its rough. Life will all be bumpy and

What was the easiest thing about today?

365 QOTD What was the easiest thing about today? Getting up from had been easy and I was excited to just go out and have that morning class. ********* I haven't been writing lately. But I have tons of things to say and look back the past few weeks and days. As always, it hasn't been emotionally easy to go through the days, but I had always found something to keep me occupied and distracted. As days are getting more and more closer to ending and nearing new beginnings. I had an article published in a facebook page about being hopeless romantic and had been shared around 26 times as of this writing. I would like to think that that is still an achievement. Knowing that the theme of that essay was more of self-love and not of being heartbroken as a reason for not being "the chosen one". Every day, my fear keeps beating louder. My days getting more really occupied with really busy stuff. Tasks are legitimately piling up and yet, there are moments that I chose

My How

I guess, I am really that easy to be figured out that my friend highly-recommended the movie The Hows of Us as a must-see. With an upcoming movie review the next day. This line really touched my heart and reminded me of many things, including being grateful for everything and everyone in my life: “Minsan talaga kung hindi mo man makamit ang pangarap mo, ibibigay naman sa ‘yo sa ibang paraan.” – Primo ******* Dear You, Today was one of the many long days, and one of the few all-fun-kind-of-day. A day for conversations. For reconnecting. For connecting and putting perspectives into place. Started the day with conversations about people who have "passion" about education and filling in the day surrounded by the people who can help me through it, people who believe in me and people who remind me to always strive to be a better person. Every day, I promise to do things that could make me a better person and for days that I seem to give up on myself, I will learn to

My Story for Your Future Story

(Delivered last March 10, 2019 as an invitation from Teach for Japan.) Hi! Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for having me here today. As early now, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the invitation. 本当にお礼です。 Ikuko-san asked me to share about my Teach for the Philippines’ 2-year fellowship with you today. But, why? this day isn’t about me. It is about you. Your decision to teach. Your decision to make a difference, then later on, it will be about your students.  My personal goals for this invitation: to be able to share a few of the activities I do in my classes for learning how to communicate, not just using the English language, but to be truly able to communicate with confidence, honesty, kindness and curiosity.  Let’s get started! Ask Me Anything  For the next 10-15 minutes, I would like you to ask me about things you want to know about me. Why?  To provide an opportunity to use a second language in a meaningful context  To be able to a

Are you happy?

365 QOTD Are you happy? I felt so tired to day. But if I am happy, I guess I am. I am happy to be tired for something meaningful. At the same time, I am lonely as well. Going back home to an empty, cold apartment daily is just something I have gotten used to and I don't wanna get used to it. Crazy days ahead. Crazy days ahead. Trying to keep my head free from worries but I am not sure if that is going to happen so soon. Breathe. Pray. Breathe. Pray. Good days ahead. Just let the storm pass you by for now, Kat. God has your back. ***** "So, what do you want to do next meeting?" I asked my Level 2 class. I am letting plan their day. Their final week next week. An obvious amount of surprise was seen on the girl's face, (like "huh?" "Are you asking me for real?")  and so they did. Next week will be all about Catch Ball, Spelling Game and a worksheet we missed doing today because they had so much fun doing mental math with the Jenga Blo

They Started Asking Why

Three more weeks before this school year ends. Sever weeks before calling it quits for this job. As usual, I had stepped off the books. Today, we used strips of paper with questions like:   Are you a child?   What's your favorite _____? This is sort of a formative evaluation for me as to how far they can follow instructions, read sight words, listening skills and comprehension level has gone. It was all going well with 2 out of 3 kids. I had to assist the youngest one, while the other two are trying their best not to do direct translation of the questions to the first language. It was an ongoing struggle but we had to keep going. As the process of question and answer gets familiar, the answers are also composed using previously targeted language. The oldest boy suddenly burst out, "Why?" with this curious face and his hands open on his sides, obviously seeking for a reason. As a teacher, I had to think on my toes and I cannot just cancel out the intent of the se

Push 3.0 (Japan Edition)

Just when I should be writing more... I am not writing at all... Just when I need to be writing more... I am losing the energy... As I figure out my life for the next few weeks, I pray for strength, lesser distractions and tons of inspirations. As I try to design my dreams and complex ideas into something real, I seek wisdom and faith that things will fall into place. I am scared. So scared that sometimes I am not sure if I am doing things right. Or if they even have meaning at all. Yet, I am excited and holding on to that deep faith that things happen for a good reason and that I just need to believe as there are still a lot of people who are willing to bet on me. I should be the first one to trust myself. So help me God. Just keep pushing forward.