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Im suddenly losing hope for myself. The past 2nd and ongoing 3rd week are quite rough for me. I wasn't able to teach my kids. I don't even know where to start should I enlist them. I dont even want to think of all those moments. Today, I had taught for 10 minutes, then I stopped and just stared at all of them. Boys at the back were just so unruly. Wont listen to me, I would drag them back to their seats, but in a few minutes they are standing again and going around the room, outside the classroom and just making noise. Girls on their seats are fighting each other. They cant read. They dont know how to write. But I have to teach them Science. I am frustrated just like them. Tomorrow, I will start my afterclass Reading Remedial Sessions with them. They are actually more excited for it than our lesson. These kids were promoted to grade three without even knowing how to read nor write their names. Phonics recognition is very low. Mastery of mother tongue is also v

Stage One

I actually don’t know how to describe how I feel at this moment.  As of this writing, I had completed seven days of being a public school teacher.   Tomorrow, there’s no class since it’s the annual celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. It was said that teaching has four stages. Fantasy. Survival. Mastery. Impact. My decision to join this team is a clear indication that I had gone through the Fantasy Stage. The trainings, inspiring speeches, seminars, luncheons with great leaders and prominent advocates of social change had thoroughly boosted my spirits that I can make a difference. I can leave my mark. Until the first day of school came. June 3 rd . I was dead tired the night before- moved out of the dorm, moved in to the new house, mom had to rush my uniform, prepared materials for the next day’s early morning shift. Yes, I chose to be on the AM shift-Monday to Friday, from 6:00-12:10 PM. Presenting my big goal to the children had been very great! Asking the