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A bucket of tears, anyone?

I asked my 15-year old uncle for a recommendation of a feel-good movie. Before that I watched a couple of horror films from the same director that really got into me and made me uneasy, the images still play in my head and caused me some light sleeps. I honestly enjoy watching scary movies, but maybe things have changed. I still enjoy them, but my memory isn't making me forget it well enough for me to move on, on a better move.  So, our new list are teeny boppy movies. Tonight's jumpstart was Five Feet Apart. A love story of 2 teenagers who can't have any physical contact because of their respiratory system conditions. Quite timely now as we are in the verge of social/physical distancing brought by the perils of corona virus.  As usual, I cried a bucket of tears as Will tries to expound on his most romantic move and then had to turn his back and leave because, the only way for her to be safe, is when he isn't around. I can only imagine how tough it is to hold control no

Sentiments at the time of Corona

Family video call ECQ version: Me: Wait lang, maliligo muna ko. Nali: Wag muna, 5 minutes lang, papakita muna namin ulam namin. (Pans phone cam on lumpiang sariwa, laing and a bowl of rice) Me: Bat nyo ba pinapakita ulam nyo sakin?! Nali: Oh sige, ligo ka na. Me eats oatmeal for dinner.  🤣 😭 🤪 ********* I am so grateful to the Lord that this whole pandemic and ECQ happened at this time when my sibs and I are able to work and earn for the family. My father doesnt need to worry so much about how to make ends meet. My mother doesn't worry about how to make sure that food will be equally divided amongst the member of the home, including the pets. Her worry now is how to make them stop eating.  🤣  At this point in time, the resources are still depleted but there is space for adjustment and lesser sacrifices in terms of health safety. But still, if it happened when we were in a deeper financial struggles like a few years ago, I am sure to tell about how the Lord would have made mirac

What did you forget?

366 QOTD What did you forget? I forgot that I should have taken out the trash this morning.  ..... that I should have prepped my lunch box.  ..... that I should always drink water. ..... that I still need to keep reading for my thesis paper. ...... that I need to reply to some messages ************* Monday and I am supposed to be working on many programming exercises but I can't seem to keep up with any. But I will get there. Just need a little re-adjusting.  For now, I need to turn this off as it is already late and I still need to fold clothes on top of my bed so that I have space for myself.  Tomorrow, I will to fill in myself with the rest of the tasks.  Today went well today, take a good rest, Kat. Don't forget to pray. 

A Cat Or A DoG

Meet Ambeng.   Here is the closest I could ever get to knowing that I or we have a pet. Video calls back home would mean asking where is Ambeng and Noggie. They would even be surprised that I looked for the dogs and not even said "Hi!" to them.  I am reaching that point that I am slowly accepting that "you" aren't going to be with me in this lifetime. And it is better to prepare like learning how to take care of another life, a dog or a cat for now.  As my allergies are really so bad, a hypoallergenic dog like a poodle or a maltese will be the best option. Some day, when I move somewhere, I will get a dog. Hmmm. If it is a boy, I will name it Hiro, if it is a girl, I will name it Sara.  For now, I hope for the day that this pandemic can soon be over so I can plan homecoming holidays, be with this dog and family and appreciate the simplicity of life, the peace of having Jesus in my life and that defined purpose of being.  For now, stay safe. Stay home, as much as

What is your next major deadline? What is it for?

366 QOTD  What is your next major deadline? What is it for? First, we will change "is" to "are".  I have two major deadlines. One is for the finalization of the research questions for my thesis, due this end of month.  Next one is a 2-pager rhetoric on the science of COVID 19 to a specific target audience.  And I spend the rest of the day as usual, scrolling, scrolling and scrolling. HELP!  I need to hide my phones somewhere and I need to hide them well.  It is almost Sunday and I really need to get my act together, if I really want to complete this MA degree.  I need to complete it. Or else, I don't know what will I do in life. 

Happy-to-be-Durog Thursday

Finally calling it a day after a loooooooong day of mixes. I don't think I can still do a 15-minute programming practice tonight but that is okay. The day job was more on the nitty gritty part of filling the learning stations with content to jumpstart the new school year which is exciting as always. Today's major takeaways came from 2 separate conference calls. First was with a conversation with classmates about the Philippines' status and how instead of posting our sentiments and angst on social media, we should learn to share it with our most trusted groups. Because in a world, where everything is under surveillance, it will be a challenge to put a plan of collective action without being monitored. Second call was with teachers from around the globe and learning about the creative efforts of every teachers in the community and how they are tapping resources around them from offline printed materials distributed to homes, to local radio stations, voice calls and a lot of o