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Beautiful Times by Owl City

My Dear August 2014, this is my song for you: A spark soaring down through the pouring rain And restoring life to the lighthouse A slow motion wave on the ocean Stirs my emotion up like like a rain cloud When did the sky turn black? And when will the light come back? A cab driver turned to skydiver Then to survivor, Dying to breakdown A blood brother, surrogate mother, Hugging each other, crying their eyes out When did the sky turn black? And when will the light come back? I'm ecstatic like a drug addict Locked in the attic Strung out and spellbound I fought all through the night Oh, oh, but I made it alive The sun's starting to rise Oh, oh, these are beautiful times This fight of my life is so hard, So hard, so hard But I'm gonna survive Oh, oh, these are beautiful times A bad feeling burned through the ceiling Leaving my healing heart with a new scar A dead fire rose and rose higher

I Have Been

This is an Emo Post.  I’ve been alone for quite awhile now and I admit it gets pretty lonely sometimes. I’ve been trying to establish a routine, particularly in workouts and exercise but I still miss it! I’m still trying.  I’ve been cooking the same meals. I better revamp my weekly menu before we hit the grocery next week.  I’ve been wanting to write a letter of gratitude to some people, yet, I still can’t complete it. It’s as if, it’s already complete in my head. I’ve been missing the feeling of being in love. ---- Dami kong time mag-emo-emo. Badtrip! Bunga to ng efforts kong i-translate sa Filipino ang buong Teacher's Guide ng Science Grade 3 eh! HELP!


10:40AM It's a calm Sunday morning today. I am supposed to go out to meet a friend for breakfast, plans had changed, we will have dinner instead. For some, this long weekend means going out of town and spending it somewhere else, away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights. I probably would have been one of those if I were on a different situation. I had spent my Saturday checking papers, entering data on a spreadsheet for five sections that I handle,do the math, an average of 65 kids per class. Well, I've been doing a lot of things on the side, I've cleaned the kitchen, sorted the clothes for laundry, fixed my bed, flipped the pages of some of my books, stalked a few people on facebook, chatted with some online friends, cooked meals for the day. It was an accomplished Saturday. It was already 6pm that I started to panic because I still have a section unfinished for entering data on the excel sheets for item analysis. Item analysis is a process done by teachers to kn

New Project

Hello WordPress! This is my first time to seriously explore WP as I had taken responsibility of blogging about our new endeavor in school. Keplerettes had been chosen to test a certain program inside the classroom that involves the use of tablets and a local wireless software. I’m pretty much excited about it and how it would really accelerate the learning pace of my kids. The class we had chosen to use the tablets composed of non-readers promoted to third grade. As to how they were allowed to be promoted on to the next level is something we are still asking ourselves. But since their promotion had been accepted, what we can do right now is intervene and help them be ready hopefully for the next grade level. Technology had been proven to improve services and better the lives of human beings with its proper use and disposal. With that in mind, with an effective design and functionality, the programmers, funders and, us, teachers do hope that with the use of this program, we can a

Make Every Minute Count

Praktis-praktis lang ng kowts-kowts with pictures I've taken over the years...... Bukod sa labada at pagluluto sa kusina, stressbuster ko din ang pag-eedit ng mga kinunan kong litrato gamit ang Adobe Lightroom at paglagay ng kowts gamit ang Paint. Ang saya-saya lang :D :D :D Ikaw, anong stressbuster mo?

28 Things

I 1. I still have my "saltik"/"biglang sad" moments. I guess that's a part of me. I'm grateful for... 2. My family who makes me feel loved. 3. My friends who keep me sane. 4. My job which makes me realize a lot of things everyday. 5. My bed which I seem to have an intimate relationship with. 6. My house to which I take refuge after a tiring day. 7. Another year of adventure. 8. Early gifts like my large worldmap and Hello Kitkit set :) I've learned ... 9. That I should extend my patience to everyone not just on kids. 10. That I may complain how hard this job is but once i'm in front of the class, I tranform and always want to be a better version of me in front of the kids. 11. That as long as I keep on my eye on the goal, it can happen. 12. That declarations and claimings are fun and motivating. Once I declare to achieve something, it makes me motivated to achieve it. 13. To be always grateful of what I have and what I received.

Daily Reminder


Today is Monday

Sunday, August 8, 2014 If I would have died that Sunday night, I would have died happy and contented. **** Nasabi ko yan sa sarili ko matapos kong makarating ng bahay pagkatapos ng isang napakahabang araw ng Linggo para sa akin. Alas-diyes na din ng gabi nang makarating ako sa lugar kung san ako nakatira. Buti na lang pinasabay ako ni Dadijay at naihatid na din ako derecho. Hindi na kami umabot sa gate ng compound kasi may patay na tao na nakalatag sa gitna ng kalsada.  Napatigil ako. Pano ko tatawid? Unang beses kong makakita ng bangkay sa ganung kalagayan. Ang mga nakikita ko noon ay puro nasa ataul na. Minsan pa nga, hindi ko masilip kasi meron akong takot sa kamatayan. Dumaan ako sa gilid ng kalsada, at si Dadijay naman, pina-U-turn na yung sinasakyan nyang cab at bumalik na ng EDSA para sya naman ang makauwi.  Ayon sa aming kapitbahay na syang may update tungkol sa nangyari kagabi, walang krimen nangyari sa aming lugar. Ang bangkay ay isang taxi driver at