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My 2015

How good it feels to just sit down, type away thoughts and look back to how the year had gone by so fast. There were days that I prayed to be over sooner and days I wished to go slower or never even end. But still, to live with my very first mantra, "this too, shall pass". 2015 is about to end. I can't remember being as emotional as this for the past few years of reflecting on how the year had gone by.  As I look back, I think almost half of my life is posted on social media. Gotta change that in 2016. I had read less, finished less than 10 books this year. Most of them non-fiction. Climbed a couple of mountains with friends old and new. Celebrated birthdays of old folks. I had a few plans that got blown up. Met amazing people along the way Renewed friendship with a few. Parted ways with some whom I know I will meet again in heaven. The feeling of loss still pains me. Whenever I remember, I still cry. Tried to show my appreciation and

DFB #4

Dear Future Boyfriend,  I hope you dont mind brushing nail polish on my left index finger. It's a mess when I do it alone.  Love,  Yccos Hahahaha... I'm aint looking for a boyfriend, I am looking for a kikay buddy. LOL.

25 December 2015

It’s 3 o’clock past twelve midnight. I just got up from bed and I still feel dizzy because of the lack of sleep and rest. But I can’t fight my grumbling stomach’s plea to get up and eat. So, I did. Everyone from the household has gone to bed after Noche Buena. A few years back, I take time to collect gifts for everybody that made my year special, count my godchildren and made sure not to miss anyone. Christmas shopping used to be an exciting thing to do. Grocery shopping used to be something I look forward to. I even try to make a checklist of everything for budget and to make sure not to miss anything. Eventhough I would usually had to go to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas preparations used to excite me. As I get older, Christmas gets more solemn, silent and alone or just being around people in small numbers. This year, my shopping list was minimal and was done the last minute. I never had plans of wrapping gifts this year, everything would have been on cash gift basis as th


Peter Quinn: ........ what else could have made a difference? .............. Peter Quinn: Hit Reset. Homeland Season 5 Episode 1

Tiwi 2015

I didn’t realize that my usual Albay homecoming falls every 12 th of December until the See Memories function of Facebook allowed me to see it as it is. Except for one year when my cousins were here for the holidays, my 12 th of December had always been for Albay. Thankful to the recent sideline project I got, I was able to fly to my second home. The flight was uneventful and since I just got to the airport straight from work, all I wanted to do was go through the day and be home for dinner. Unknown to me, Lola refused to take lunch because she wanted to join me for lunch since she thought I will arrive just in time for lunch. A Saturday before typhoon Nona hit PH, the weather in Albay was cloudy with scattered rainshowers but there are still times that Mayon had been cleard of clouds. The only tense-filled activity I did was to think of gifts for the kids at a very limited amount of time since I have to rush to the terminal and avoid being left behind the city fo

What Was.

I don’t know what is my point of writing this but I am so much into what my past was. How good. How kind. How peaceful. How simple. Back   when I was not yet an adult. When I was still young and innocent of the travesties of this life. When falling in love is a great feeling, as if it's all the matters. It WAS a good life. 

No Joke

Hindi ko alam kung anong gusto kong maramdaman sa sinabi ng High School classmate ko.  Translation: Him: Cge, next year na lang Cat, kaso wala pa kong mabibitbit na asawa, maghahanap pa lang ako. Me: Pag wala pa, tayong dalawa na lang, gawin kitang keychain Him: Ayoko sayo, masyado kang maganda para sakin hehehe Me: Nagbibiro ka lang diba? Him: hahaha hindi eh. Di ako nagjo-joke mis pusa.

Embrace me at my weakest


Tanong Lang

Kapag sinabi ko bang hindi ako boboto at wala akong maisip na maiboto, ibig sabihin ba nun, wala na akong pakialam sa Pilipinas?