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Just keep going. Keep praying for.

I always write best when I am hurting. But now, my hands are shaking, my eyes would suddenly start to water, and I would suddenly just stare. What have I done? We were just so happy that night and then a few moments later, there was a fight that is blurry as to how it all started and then I am back to that pitiful self of mine. That kind of person I have been trying to rescue myself from. I am hurting. I am scared that by the time he gives his answer, it is not something I would like to hear. For a long time, I prayed to God that whoever he is, that he hurry up finding me. I have been keeping myself out in the open for him to find me, and how that there is this guy who had chosen me, then maybe because of that fight, I might lose him. Have a little faith, Kat. Everything is going to be alright. Just keep going. Keep praying for.

Short Break

First Semester of AY 2017-2018 ended officially this week. I am just so relieved that I was able to turn in all my papers and take the exams as needed. Though I am not confident enough about the quality of my writings, I still hope that my efforts will be considered. I still have a long way to go. So long way to go. And I vowed to myself that if this will be one last thing I will take in pursuit of career growth. After this, I promise to take time to focus on more interpersonal considerations such as romantic relationships and other personal investments and things I love to do. For now, it is good to get caught up with Stranger Things Season 2 and re-reading Hadfield's book: An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. His thoughts are very good reminders about being grateful of small things, people around and identifying what really matters most. Also, his determination and the idea that dreams are woven long-term and hard work is the key to everything. That every little thing you

Randomthoughts 02 Nov 2017

1. Just when I thought that I had the time at work budgetted in such a way that I can include my own MA stuff going, paper works just kept coming. Oh wow! 2.  I have a lot of deliverables today but I still take time to complete this list. Talk about priorities in general. Of course, my venting out is a priority. LOL. 3. I tried not to read the PH newspapers today, good job self. But I checked the exchange rate, the PH peso sort of gone up. It's hard to kill a habit. 4. I thought of buying flowers for myself this morning. But I ended up grabbing coffee instead. Oh well, I will get those flowers on Sunday morning. 5. Tita G gave me a stalk of an indoor plant for replanting, it took me a week before I accomplished the task. Thanks to conscience. 6. Macy is giving up, but I am not letting her yet. Maybe until mid 2018. Sometimes, there are things that are difficult to let go of even though they are really worn out already. 7. Going back to coffee, so I grabbed coffee and I

What decisions are you glad you made?

365 QOTD What decisions are you glad you made? To finally let myself be vulnerable again. It wasn't really a hard decision, but it was more of a fearsome one. But after that accident, I was reminded to let go of expectations and let be grateful for every single day and every single person in my life.