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Who was kind to you today?

365 QOTD Who was kind to you today? Tita Gladys gave me free breakfast! That's a very early show of kindness today :) ******** I woke up very early today, around 4:30am. Maybe because I have been really thinking of the papers I have to write and finish for today. I tried to sleep again but never got the chance to go on a deep sleep so I decided to get up and throw in the clothes into the washing machine and then prep myself for a morning jog. I went out around 6:45, planning to have an hour walking and jogging around the nearest running circuit. Then, Tita G said that I go by her house and pick up some food. She had put it in the mailbox and then she said she will go back to sleep because she slept late last night because she partied... She partied! While I slept around 11:30pm because I was so tired packing stuff for my trip. Morning workout complete. Breakfast over. Laundry finished. Shower done. Time to face my dearydear laptop I named Hiro (this one is a bit funny coz

Dirty Mirror, Don't Care

I really love white. If only it's easy to wash them, I would wear them every day! HAHAHA. Visited the salon for a hair repair treatment, thus the very good blow dried hair setting. posted from Bloggeroid

Today was tough because….

365 QOTD Today was tough because…. Today was tough because I only had almost 2 hours of sleep the night before. I attempted to write an introduction paragraph for my final paper for LLE 204 but since I lack sleep, it was a challenge. I tried sugar and coffee rush, it did work for a couple of hours and then, I felt like rolling on my bed again. For LLE 207 I got my peer assessment document and I am lost where to start. LOL. So, I decided to contact Tita Gladys and asked if she is free and lucky me, she is! We went shopping for my PH giveaways. No matter how much I try to stick to the budget, I ended up doubling the budget. LOL. There were just so many things I wish I can buy and share to family and people back home. HAYST. I will work on it next time. For the meantime, I hope they enjoy whatever I can give them. *************** I really lack sleep today, no regrets though J Though it was stated that he will give me a call in the next few

Where did you spend most of your time today?

365 QOTD Where did you spend most of your time today? I spent 9 hours at work today. I usually go home for lunch break but rained the whole day so I had no choice but to bring my lunchbox to work. ******* I would like to think of this day as Terrific Tuesdays despite some inner failed expectations I had. I woke up and got up and dressed up for my 30-minute pilates workout. Prepped breakfast while listening to the audiobook of The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. I started reading this book last year but never really had the energy to digest everything because of the philosophical discussions that are too deep for my comprehension but for some reasons, listening to it, its thoughts made more sense to me. I am still on chapter one, so I still have a bit of a long way to go. I worked on the outline of the final paper for this semester and I look forward to completing it by Thursday. Hoping that come Saturday, all I have to do is read more for the upcoming exams. I went to work a


Two weeks to go for readings, write ups and forums and another week for exams, that's a total three weeks to go and UPOU life will be in holiday for 2 months. That two months will be for my Pera-Pera Nihonggo Project (PPNP). "Pera-pera" means fluent in Nihonggo. "Pera" means money in Filipino. Double the fun. More language one can speak, more money to come! Not yet today, but in the future to come. Coz learning never stops. posted from Bloggeroid

List 5 Things You've Done Today

365 QOTD List 5 Things You've Done Today 1. I woke up at 7am. 2. Made a good breakfast. 3. Prepared my salad lunch box. 4. Studied LLE 204 and posted on Discussion Forum. 5. Went to work. I still have a few things to do..... Fold the clothes. Find the key of my bike. Re-arrange my schedule for the next 2 months in preparation for my Japanese test. Prepare the long overdue post for EnglishWorm. Take a shower. Tomorrow, I have to... Wake up at 7am Workout for 30 minutes. Take a bath Prepare a good breakfast. Read through my modules. Continue writing Paper 2 Sort out materials for JLPT Go to work Read more. Read more.

De kita ne.

I stood in front her. Towering over her smallness. She was sitting on a chair in front of the whiteboard and me. I can see her eyes starting to water and turn a red, signalling that she is going to cry and that she is trying her best for it not to show. But it did show. Two tears, one on each eye, flowed from her eyes and she had it dried by running the back of her hands on each side of her face. "Mou ikkai." (One more time.) I told her to repeat her sentence, this time clearer. She oblidged. Then, I smiled. "De kita ne!" (You did it.) She smiled as well. We continued with our lesson. "Kyou wa subarashikatta yo." (Today, you did very well.) "Arigatou, sensei." (Thank you teacher.) ********** Tough love. I would always be an advocate of tough love. When the kid started showing signs that she wanted to cry, deep in me, I was already scared. But I had to stick to that teacher face and stand that I had started with at that time. I knew

I have faith that ......

365 QOTD I have faith that ...... .... my small efforts right now are good investments for a bigger and better and brighter future. .... things are meant to get better and better. .... dreams do come true. My fairy tale side is activated again. ******** Last night, I took time to backread a few blog posts and I just can't help but smile to see how things had changed for the better for me. It is just amazing. Today, I met with a new friend. She just moved to Miyazaki and still learning her way around. It was a very good day. But before that, of course, there is a family video chat in the morning while we ate breakfast together. Then, I was able to finish a paper due today. Half-baked and I am completely dissatisfied but I'd rather have it submitted rather than late. This semester and that subject has been my major challenge yet, nonetheless, there are things to be accomplished. Then, I messaged her (the new girl) and asked if the lunch out is still on and that

his optimism is just so contagious

“Let’s look forward to that.” He said. He had no idea how upon reading that, my heart skipped a bit. And he will never know coz I will never tell, unless gets to read this which I am afraid he has no idea of. For a stoic kind of life I had recently decided to embrace, his optimism is just so contagious that a part of my brain is saying that I am very much willing to be optimistic again with him. Who knows if that day will ever come...  Until that day AND even if it doesn't, I am… Burying myself in books. Waking up early. Keeping myself active. Drowning in coffee. Occupying my time with work. Practicing to listen and speak another language. Learning the art of stocks trading. Listing my daily expenses. Letting my friends introduced me to people around. Never getting tired of getting amazed with this culture. Being forever grateful. As much as our constant correspondence is keeping my days inspired and hopeful, I remind myself to just send t

Books to Read?

Got myself a new set of books, but I am not sure as to when I will ever gonna read them. LOL.

I wake up early, work out, eat healthy, study and go to work.

I havent been writing much lately. I feel guilty. Things are going pretty well in my daily life. And I haven’t been writing them down but I take time to write down sad and painful stories. I keep telling myself that I will write about them but never really been taking time to do so because…… Mostly routinely but still full of lovely surprises in it. Just like… how my dad got to speak to my friends via video call while we were having dinner. being able to run in Aoshima beach 3 times last week (supposedly only on Tuesdays) Tita G meeting my Jap friends for a morning run getting to know a new girl in town (we will search for a bike this Sunday) constant digital communications from people around the world. random funny conversations about my Japan life with my online students zoom conference with my former co-fellows last night! (from Australia, Japan, France and Philippines) the eight of us had gone around the world. The conversations with them last night st


Today, I get to know of NANPA.  I was walking my way home for my lunch break when a young guy suddenly distracted me and asked something in Japanese. I had to pull out my earphones and ask again.  Translation in English Him: Do you have plans for tonight? Me: I'm sorry?  Him: (Repeats himself.) Me: Ahhh.. I have work til late night. Sorry.  Then, the curious me asked. Me: Why? Him: My friend is having  party. Me: I'm sorry, I don't drink. Him: Me too. Me: Okay. Realizing that it had almost been a more than a few seconds of exchange of conversation and that I am wasting my precious breaktime, I told him I have to work. As I walk my way away from the scene, I suddenly felt scared and puzzled. Then, I sent a message to my Japanese friend who then explained to me that it is called ナンパ. She told me that the guy had found me attractive that's why he asked me and she reminded me to be careful about it because some guys would really come