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Pending Stories

My Dear Little Safe Space, I know I have been neglecting you for a little while now. I actually miss you. I have so many stories to share. Thoughts and stories seem to pop up randomly in my head and that I wanted to tell you about. But I seem to lack energy to pull out my phone and type away my few liners for later expansion. Right now, I am in the middle of excitement, fear and pressure. Much as I am claiming the rights to the fulfilment of my dreams and happiness, I still have inner fears and doubts about things unfolding right in front of me. That is very wrong, I know. If it were a different person feeling this way, and I am the listener, I probably would have advise that person to completely surrender everything to the Lord. To just let things flow, do what must be done and wait for things to happen as they are supposed to be, just because you believe that they are bound to happen. I should be following my own advice. Let His will be done. As for me, let me do what must be done. I


Hi! What’s your name? /Mayneymizteyo/ Theo, not his real but he prefer to be called that, is my first zero-English student this year. He is an 8-yr old boy whose family moved from Russia to the Philippines midyear due to the career movement of his father.  He and Petr, his brother were our first summer class clients on June 2016. Until Japanese kids started coming in the middle of month until early August. His first few days were a real struggle, both for him and us, his teachers. Group classes work for him, however since he needs in depth lessons, an hour and a half is dedicated to one-on-one classes with him. Though I don’t handle him on everyday basis, just twice or once in a week, I make sure to keep track of his progress. How the other teacher handled him, how he behaved or if he threw some tantrums or if it was a good or bad day for all of us.  His enrolment to this big school was held off for a while because they were afraid that he might not be able adjust quickly.


If  I will really write what’s on my head, it will be full of “I wish…”, lots of “What ifs…” and tons of “Shouldawouldacouldas…” every single day. If I start writing about it, I'm afraid I can't stop. 


A few weeks after my birthday, I fulfilled my long been held off plan of setting up my own financial stocks investment with the starter amount. I didnt really make a lot of research which one to pick and to put my meager money on. One of them is EDC (Energy Development Corporation) because I believe that over time, it is something that will sustain the energy supply of our country. My little money had earned an amount that would take years to get accumulated on a savings account. My little money makes me feel I own a big company that would eventually be bigger as renewable energy resources are becoming more and more necessary. posted from Bloggeroid


Saturday seem to be ending quite interestingly. Two guys asked me over Facebook Messenger “IF pwedeng manligaw.” Lets put the emphasis on the word “IF”. I can’t seem to understand the use of the word “IF”. The way I understood “panliligaw” is the act of a guy of pursuing a girl. The act of convincing the girl that he is the right one, among the suitors. Or maybe I am wrong. The way I understand the IF in the question, is that, IF I say Yes, it is as if I am letting him know that he has a chance on me and he is free to make passes since I said Yes. And IF I say No, it means that he had no chance and that I don't like him. Anyway, I am writing this for oversharing purposes. LOLs. Kidding aside, it really bothers me because I seem not to have an idea how a good intimate relationship should start? Does it really come with mutuality right away? Girl likes boy, Boy likes girl, then they deserve to be together. No need for Panliligaw. What if the girl rejects the idea of


When I was a kid, never dreamed of being a teacher. Back then, successful career for me was pictured in wearing some corporate attire, high heels, chic bag, pretty nails, nice car and a high pay. That was my dream. Then, college choices lead me to take a baccalaureate degree in education major in Physics due to several reasons. Maybe, unconsciously, I really wanted to be a teacher even then. However, the success I had pictured in my head was still the same. Until the day I had the chance to step into the dog-eat-dog world. It wasn't as pleasant as I had pictured when I was younger. It wasn’t as fancy as I had read it in novels. It wasn’t as fulfilling as I ought it to be. Adulting is complicated and only the brave ones can say that they are in the process of surviving and thriving this stage of life. One day, I took the brave decision to step out of the comfort zone and start working on my unconscious dream of becoming a teacher. It had never been easy and is still not. Succ