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To Every One Who Believes

A lot of people are aware that I'm back to teaching and that I spend my weekends learning Nihonggo in pursuit of greener pastures. Every time, I always get a positive push. It just means so much.  As I start a daily countdown of days down to that Sunday for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, I have fears of falling short of expectations of others and of myself.  1: "Bakit ba hindi ka naniniwala sa sarili mo? Eh halos lahat kami sinasabi naming kayang-kaya mo."  2: "Matutuloy yan. Basta, makakaalis ka."  Me: "Ayokong masyadong magtiwala sa sarili ko. Alam kong kelangan ko yun pero natatakot akong masyadong magtiwala sa sarili ko. Mas masaya kapag lahat tayo makapasa diba? Kaya natin lahat to."  Me: "Sana nga talaga. Sana talaga."  There are really days that I just want to give up. Just go back to the usual office work and go on with my life. As simple as it used to be. Pay my bills without stretching the salary so much, but still with lim

Pieces of Advice

6:21 PM Sailor Venus: Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements? 6:22 PM Sailor Moon: Ay bakit? 6:25 PM Sailor Venus: We've been in a relationship for more than a year now. And pag me away, usually, kami din nag-uusap abt it. No friends to talk with. Sometimes I miss my old life. ~ ~ ~ 6:29 PM Sailor Venus: I skipped travels para wala away. I missed friends bonding para wala away. I'm fighthing my ego and pride. Ang hirap hirap :'( ~ 6:34 PM Sailor Venus: I don't know pero ayaw ko mawala sya. ~ ~ ~ 6:47 PM Sailor Mars: Kung masaya ka pa teh sa kanya, ayusin mo. Baka napapagod ka lang. 7:25 PM Tuxedo Mask: Never never stay in a relationship in which you are losing your identity. He loved you form whom he met. If you lose yourself, who is there to love? 7:29 PM Tuxedo Mask: And why would you have to lose yourself when the goal is to grow together? Any relationship that leads to destruction is no good. Sadness is ok. It passes just like t

Love Yourself Cover

When we're together, this is how we usually bond. That's Nali with the phone. Meet Bebs, or should I say, meet Beb's feet/foot. Lels.

My Life Verbs.

I have been wanting to write--to collect my thoughts and just pour out my senseless rants and bitterness mixed with a thousand things to be grateful for, but I would always end up not doing anything until I decided to disconnect today and just sit and type away. With my latest find of a good playlist in Spotify. The past weeks had been so crazy. Or actually since the national election campaign kicked in. The connection brought about by the internet, social media and other sites had conjured a lot of mixed emotions among Filipinos, I, myself included. Most of what I know about the ongoing elections, I got it from shared posts from the famous social network, Facebook. I had become lazy to open the three online news websites I would always check into:, and I used to find the posts entertaining, useful and reliable until one day, most of the things I had read were that of wannabes, emotionally-flared up rants, defamation and bullying. I am sort of g