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Recess Time! is On!

Rename goals

 I should just rename this blog as:  Brain Farts at the Time of Regla.

3AM thoughts

I went to bed around 8pm with my e-book on my chest as I tried to keep my eyes open reading the pages of my current-read. Honestly, every scene is a page-turner, but my droopy eyes is such a party-pooper that I decided to just go to sleep. Here I am now, at 3am, just finished a glass of warm milk and struggling to go back to sleep then... why not write something instead and so here it is.  I imagine mysef waking up in the middle of the night looking for that warm embrace and as I face the other side of the bed, I find it and clung to it then I go back to sleep. For now, I face the other side and clung to my huggable Pooh.  I have been pouring mysef into a lot of tasks and to do lists but everytime, I would stop in the midde of it all and think, will I ever end the day looking forward to being reunited with my significant other to share dinner, shower together and sleep entangled in each other's arms?  Then, upon noticing that my thoughts are drifting away, I force myself to go back

9th of the 9th, 2020

Second day in Shibushi and I already miss my own bed. Though here, I am sleeping in a hotel bed, someone gets to clean my room and I just have to go to the restaurant and somebody will hand me a tray of a Japanese style breakfast.  I took an early morning walk with my toy drone and reached the closest park in the area. Since no one was there, I was able to freely fly my toy and did editing while I was eating breakfast. Not a good edit at all, but who cares?!  Work had been as usual. I tried not to take in coffee in the afternoon, but it just didn’t work out that way. I still made my way downstairs and grabbed a cup of café latte before 5pm and I survived the 3-hour work. LOL. Hallelujiah.  For dinner, I decided to just get something from Hotto Motto which I actually didn’t get to finish. Will probably sleep after this and a few pages of my current read.  I miss Miyazaki.  For me, it has that balance of rush and calm. Shibushi for a week, every month would probably be enough. Or maybe t

Saturning Morning Musings

On Friday, two packages arrived from the PH.  One from my family, the other one from a purchase I had made from Cebu City.  On my way to the gym, I received a message from one of the many people I look up to and an indirect mentor I had, suddenly got in touch by an hour-long phone call and even told me that I should reach out to her also as a friend.  One big event is coming and that I facilitated in Thailand in 2018 is still a big hit for discussions-- which is all I wanted to happen. I want people to realize how their ESL teaching is affecting the students and community: Is it empowering them? or oppressing others?  Her referral to me to different communities of learning had been so much fun and insightful. So definitely, I am so excited for the days ahead of me.  A typhoon is coming. A Super Typhoon is expected so all warning signs and protocols are put in place and are rolling in and out of media for information dissemination.  Although there are times that I appreciate the rhythmi

What are you questioning?

 366 QOTD  What are you questioning?  The inequality in opportunities.  I was sitting beside this person and out of the blue he asked me, if I had ever travelled outside Asia. I said no, I want to but I still need to provide show money, a bank certificate with enough funds to show that I can provide for my travel, so they can provide me with visa. But as for him, he just grabs his passport, book a flight almost anywhere in the world and he is off to somewhere already.  Why is that?  ***************** Every time I would sit next to this person, I would always internally just envy him that opportunities for him seem pretty easy to come across. But that is something I had just assumed, for sure he has inner battles, doubts and challenges to overcome as well. We all do. Nonetheless, for what it's worth, I am grateful to know this person in my life. The energy, the vibe, the love for adventure, the choice of a healthy lifestyle, quite a good partner to run into, even for a temporary tim