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Love Story

Im a sucker for romance. I have this guiltry pleasure of wasting a few hours to have a fill of romance stories. I read PHR and Harlequin stories and lately, wattpad stories.  I love romance stories maybe because I don't have one of my own, or I wish one for my own or I cant keep one of my own.  The plot of the stories would sometimes be shallow but still I'd finish the story or there would really be those I would finish with eagerness because I love the flow but for both, the ending would always be the best part. Predictable as it may seem, I would still read the ending that the protagonists ended up together. The elements of the story are there. The setting, characters, conflict, solution and the ending. In the end, the characters would stick together, in love with each other. The same characters who had gone through a lot of challenges, fights and doubts as their conflicts, end up together.  I have read so many books about love yet whenever I get into a misunderst


I will always remember that time when I was lying at the hospital. A few hours after being moved from the recovery room, the doctor said that I am not allowed to talk or open my mouth at all or make any movement for the next 24 hours. I can only drink water by having a wet cloth or cotton damped on my lips. You were there. I slowly woke up and opened my eyes as you lightly comb my hair. You were staring at my face. As I do the same to you. I notice how old you’ve gone. Your hair had turned gray. Your face had its remarkable age lines. Your skin had wrinkled. Yet, you’re still so beautiful. It was one fleeting moment that I got to look at you. Tears started to fall from my eyes. You simply smiled and wiped them away. You asked if I want water, I nodded and you got me that dampened cotton. I wanted to touch your face. To feel those wrinkles. But I can’t move. It’s as if my whole body was nailed on that bed. All I can do was stare at your face. I remember you telling us about you

Lost For Words

I don't know how would I start this one. How would I share the story, would I focus on my own feelings or would I try to see things the way she is feeling right now. She was my college classmate and roommate as well. We spent college together for three years right after we became blockmates as Physics Majors. She was an academic scholar of a distinguished scientific research institution in the country. A great indicator that she has very high IQ. She had a huge crush on my college bestfriend back then which made me question her real IQ. (I had two bestfriends/classmates in college, both were boys and both were should I say major assholes when it came to girls). They were together for a short while and that's where everything started to change for her. Our dorm house is exclusively for girls and it is next to the all-boys house my bestfriends rented.  We became closer to each other when she moved in with me and another girl classmate. After one summer, she told me that s

Randomthoughts. 6 May 2015

10:56 1. Eto na yung pinakamatagal na panahong nagbakasyon ako mula sa pagtatrabaho. Last year kasi, halos dalawang linggo lang at nung mag-May, nag volunteer na ko sa Summer Institute, observing and giving feedbacks to incoming fellows. Nakakamiss din pala.  2. Sabi ko maglilinis ako ng mga gamit ko, pero simula nung mai-box ko ang ilan at mailipat ang ilan, hanggang ngayon, tambak pa rin ang ligpitan sa apartment kung san naiwan ang mga gamit ko.  3. Si Mama naiwan sa Bicol, with Lolo's passing parang magtatagal pa sya dun. With my youngest sister going to school, alam kong di pa ready sila mama st papa na lumipat ng province. Di ko alam kung hanggang kelan si Motherdear dun :(  4. Ako ang katabi ni Lola matulog nung mga nakaraang araw na andun ako. Keri lang naman. Pero di pa rin maitindihan kung bakit pumupunta pa sya kwarto ni Mama pag madaling araw para magpa-assist sa banyo o di kaya'y sa paglabas ng bahay. Ganun yata ko katulog mantika?!  5. Matatapos na din ang semeste