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Random. 8:52PM Today is the 31st of March 2014. For some, today officially marks the last day of the school year and the  start of a month-long vacation.  I did not go to school today. I have pending SF5 defects in the entries that should have been taken care of today. But I chose not to go to school. I haven't made up my mind in taking MA units this opening of the school year.  I haven't made up my mind if I will transfer to my dream school for the continuation of my Masteral Studies or if  I should start looking for job opportunities elsewhere, in preparation for future employment after this fellowship.  Should I stay here or go somewhere else? I tried online dating. But I seem to freak out or would lose interest in the conversation whenever the topic goes to relationships or beyond friendship. What's wrong with me? I have been sleeping a lot lately. Or just wanna stay in bed, all day long.  I had been planning to jog but I can't seem

Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino

Sino sainyo ang nakikita ang sarili nya, 10-15 years mula ngayon, babalik dito sa Malinao National HS, at magsasalita sa harapan bilang guest speaker? Ako, noon pa man, na-picture ko na ang sarili kong  babalik ako sa Alma Mater ko. I will make my High School proud of me. But I never thought it will be so soon. When Mam Margie, asked me if I can come here and be the Guest Speaker on the Recognition Day, I asked, “Bakit po ako?” and sabi nya lang, “kasi nagbubuklit kami ng mga yearbooks, looking for alumnaes to invite as speaker tapos nakita namin yung name mo.” Buti na lang hindi “Wala na kaming ibang choice" ang sagot nya. Di ko na pinalampas ang pagkakataon kasi isa talaga ito sa mga nakasulat sa bucket list ko. It is an honor to speak in front of everyone here today- my former teachers, awardees, honorees and achievers. Para sainyo talaga ang araw na ito. I texted Tita, “Di ko alam ang sasabihin ko. L-o-l”  Nagreply naman sya, “Magsulat ka about the Theme, at kailangan

Regine's Letter

Dear Regine, I am not yet ready to let go because I feel like I haven't really taught you all a lot. Most of our times in class are consumed by reminding each of you how to properly behave inside the classroom. Or I have to be pulled out of the class because of some urgent meetings. Or fire/earthquake drills. There were even days that I felt like giving up. I can only hope that all of you learned something from me. From all of us, your grade three teachers. Because, me, Teacher Kat, learned a lot from all of you. You may be the smallest in the class, but your voice has the highest pitch. At first, your classmates laughed at you because of your Visayan accent, but later on admire you because you were the fastest to learn English and Science. I will always remember you to be that kid whom I would always spend longer time practicing pronunciation because you keep forgetting them. I will do it repeatedly until you get it right. You had never given up on me. Never got mad.

Bitin: This Is How It Feels

I woke up an hour late. Yes, Five am is already late for me. I am suppose to be up by 4am, taken a bath by 4:30am, packed bags by 5:00, had coffee by 5:10am and ready to go by 5:30am. But today, I woke up late with allergies, so my eyes are red and bulging like I cried last night, my nose is itchy had turned red because of rubbing it. Popping antihistamine is not a choice because I have to stay awake for the rest of the day.I stepped out of the house by 6am, took a cab and grabbed breakfast from a McDo drive thru. Honestly, I am already on weekend mode after finishing all the deliverables yesterday. I had not prepared anything to teach. No nothing. Afloat. This is how it feels. Today is the first day of the Reorganization in school. For the next three days, we are to accommodate the incoming grade 2 kids. But before that, we have to send off our kids to their new rooms as they step up to grade 4. Every time, we reach the door of a room, I tell the designated kids to fall in lin

Saturdaythought 03.15.2014

Happy Birthday Ms. B of Balutmanila :) :) :) You are doing well in your 365 Blog Challenge! Keep it up and may you always be blessed.  I was checking on the Raging Fire video posted by Olivr on his blog and saw this video on the Suggestions box. I told myself I’m gonna check it out right after I watch the Phillip Phillips video, did just that and told myself that I wanna answer that same questions in a blog post. However, I stopped because I still have some school paperwork to deal with and I can only write after I am done with the stuff  I promised to finish today. Didn’t realize that writing a post as a reward would work for me. Lol. OR maybe it was just the topic that really fuelled up my will. Lels. It is my first time to watch The Science of Love by Soulpancake in Youtube. The Kid President had always been a favorite, a show also made by Soulpancake. As per Wikipedia, offers discussion, blog posts, questions, creative activities, writing exercises,

I Know Right.

Kung ikaw ay  Single , wala ka nang  problem . Sumama ka samin sa grupo na walang minamahal Dun sa mga bitter, iniwan ng  partner O talagang ayaw isipin na may tao para sa kanya Itaas ang kamay, mag-celebrate ng buhay Sabay-sabay nating isigaw CHORUS: Ang sarap maging SINGLE Ang sarap maging SINGLE Ang sarap maging SINGLE Pero mahirap ang mag isa… Kung ikaw ay single, alam mo ang problem In love ka sa bestfriend mo, pero di masabi-sabi ang totoo Nabibitin, sayang ang friendship Paano na ang  feelings  mo na di mo kayang ilabas Itaas ang kamay, mag-celebrate ng buhay balang araw tayo’y magkakaron ng iibigin Itaas ang kamay, mag-celebrate ng buhay Sabay-sabay nating isigaw CHORUS: Ang sarap maging SINGLE Ang sarap maging SINGLE Ang sarap maging SINGLE Pero mahirap ang mag isa… Hanggang, kailan ako maghihintay sayo? Noon, ngayon, magpakailan pa man… CHORUS 2: Ayoko na maging SINGLE Ayoko na maging SINGLE Ayoko na maging SINGLE Kasi mahirap, (mahirap) Mahirap (mahirap)

Dahil namiss ko magblogblogblogblog.

May internet na kami! Yahoo! After 3 days, muntik na bumula yung bibig ko. Lels. Binisita ko yung isang kaibigan sa ospital nung isang araw. Naoperahan kasi sya. Laparoscopy yata yung tawag dun sa procedure na ginawa sa kanya. Paborito kong ospital ang TMC. Nung nightshift ako, halos taun-taon akong nako-confine dahil sa iba't-ibang sakit dulot ng stress at pabayang lifestyle (hanggang ngayon naman, pabaya pa din yata ako :( ) Salamat sa mga healthcard at life pension kong may rider ng hospitalization, na-experience ko ang alagang TMC, not just once, but thrice I think. Dumating sa point na gusto ko na lang lagi nasa ospital minus the syringe pag nadedepress ako at gusto ko ng katahimikan at kapag gusto ko magpahinga. Anyway, napanood ko yung Starting Over Again diba, naka-relate ako sa Hospital Scene diba. At nung araw na yun, naglalakad ako sa loob ng ospital kung san nangyari ang lahat. Hindi ko naman balak mag emo at magtawag ng nega vibes that day. Habang nag-aabang sa may