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The Jerk

He called me "the jerk". For this conversation, what is the operational definition of "jerk" anyway? We don't talk often even back in college, even up to now. He was one of the first people I had met via mIRC back in college. What's more funny was we were renting pc units at the same internet cafe right in front of my campus which is next to his house. He had always been online. I always thought that he doesn't sleep. Since I live in a boardinghouse near my school, there were weekends that I just stay in the city for projects and typing jobs. During those times, he would invite me to come over his house for a drink and "jamming". We both love music--underground and metal for him, acoustic and pop for me. I dropped by a number of times. I didn't stay long because there was a curfew in my boardinghouse. He would jokingly say that I could stay and sleep next to him. I would just always say, "Di man tabi pwede."  Then college

Online Dating

Here comes Tinder. How it generally works 1.          You can log in to Tinder using your Facebook account. I haven’t really checked if there are other options specially for a paid access. 2.          It is a must to post a picture of yourself. Whatever the “best” shot of yourself, from 1 up to mostly 6 photos. 3.          There is a part where you can put a short description of yourself and who you want to meet. 4.          Then you should be connected to internet and give permission for the device to access your GPS location as it will look for matches within a certain range from your current location from 0-125km radius I think for a free access and even for those abroad if you subscribe to the paid one called Tinder Plus. 5.          Once matches are located, you will be randomly shown photos of people matching your set search options: Men Searching Men, Men Searching Women, Women Searching Women within a certain age range that you can also change depending on your

Until Then.

I can’t wait for that morning that I will wake up and it’s not you that I am longing for. That day, I will be ready to write about you. I decided not to write about you until the day this thing is over.  As I take this risk, I carry with me the mix emotions of love, excitement and fear that one day all of these will come to end. After all, forever doesn’t exist. This will be over even before it even started.  I live by the days you are with me and will learn to get by the days that you will be gone. Then, one day, I will start writing about you. Funny, that I think of you leaving when having you with me is my reason for breathing and smiling every day. It will be a beautiful story. Because you are something beautiful that happened. Passing yet beautiful. A proof of my living mantra, that this too, shall pass. *******Archive Notes:  November 15, 2015******** 

I See The Light (Cover)

It's Saturday and they are happy riding a jetski somewhere in Batangas, while I am left at home with a clogged nose.  And so I sing.  I have been playing this over and over again but I can't seem to play it perfectly. But who cares! It's a song for my restless soul. 

Second Week Complete.

I’m on my second week in my new job. These are few of the things I have noticed…. 1.           Every corner is a showcase of art and masterpieces. Everything is art-based. Every kid is an artist.  2.           The kids don’t have to bring their notebooks nor books. They just have to bring their bento, towel and toothbrush. 3.           The teachers can freely print their materials. They can ask the supply officer for things they need in the classroom provided that every thing is accounted for and used economically and for its purpose. 4.           The routine! From the time they enter the classroom, they change to their indoor shoes, put their bags in the box with their name on it. They also have this routine of washing their hands, using the toilet before and after snacks and lunch. Then a nap time. 5.           The kids are rowdy but they rarely fight each other. There is a corner in the classroom for toys! There is playtime inside the classroom. So far, so good

It's Nice To Be Back

Who would have thought that I would take learning a new language this seriously? Not until one day, I woke up realizing that I want to be somewhere else and that somewhere else is Japan. I had submitted my JLPT Application today with the test scheduled to be on July 3, 2016 Sunday at De La Salle University in Taft, Manila. Funny because I had this fear that I might lose my previous learnings if I concentrate on learning a new language. I forgot that an average person uses only around 10 percent of brain function and that learning anything new doesn't simply overwrite the previous ones but spreads on the other portion of the brain since there is still that 90% untapped part. It was said that Einstein only had 20% of his brain capacity in action, with that part of the brain concentrating on numeracy and Math functions swelling--a size twice of that a normal brain. (How is this related to what I am going through right now? I have no idea. I just remembered.) As of today, almost tw

New Day Every Day

Tomorrow is Tuesday, 8th of March. Mama's birthday. In the past few years, we used to celebrate it on a weekend getaway, however, this year, it will be a bit thriftier but still with a bowl of pancit and a chocolate cake. She is turning 59 years old. Tomorrow is Tuesday, 8th of March. My first day as ESL Instructor. After 3 years, I can officially use the TESOL Certificate I had acquired while working nightshifts. It was an investment that's worth all the Monday mornings spent in a local coffee shop for six months together with the two years spent in a public school and seven years in the BPO sector. Today is Monday. "Today is Monday. Monday, Monday what a painful day," said my dysmenorrhea. Last Sunday had been tiring and fulfilling. Well-spent should I say. I long for those kind of days. I woke up early, packed my stuff, spent 6 hours in the classroom meeting new friends and struggling to learn a new language. The highlight of my day was my first male seatmat