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Bawal Kumontra.

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Revision ongoing. I look forward to posting the revised and improved one on the wall. I used to have a very sharp memory but having undergone major operation, my memory seem to have been selective and lapsing. So, to keep me reminded, I need to have things and musings posted somewhere I can easily read them daily. I look forward to the day that I can post on one of the walls of my soon-to-be new humble abode the improved version of this daily reminder. posted from Bloggeroid

Great Timing

I received this as a birthday gift a few years back from my bekifriends. My birthday is midyear and they seem to know that I love fancy notebooks and writing. I usually have a Starbucks planner every year, I really haven't thought of making the most out of this until I flipped on it today. On 2017, I will start scribbling on this one, I swear! For in 2017, I will start one great adventure of my life. This notebook wont contain my daily activities, but on it, I will write what ever it asks me to do so, like my favorite movies, songs I love to sing along with, how I feel, photos, scribbles and just anything the page asks me to. I will put dates on it and it will be a good one to lookback a few years after. I had accepted the fact that I would need to break my own declared tradition of Starbucks planner to make way for something different. As they have said, change has come. Hmmm.... I still need to look for a good handy daily planner. posted from Bloggeroid

Exceptionally Epic-Fail.

I went on a date today. Sort of a speed date. LOL. We were supposed to meet at 4pm, but since the traffic was really bad on a Saturday afternoon, I arrived at the meeting place around 4:25pm. I texted him and he said to wait for 15 minutes. He arrived 5:30pm. Since its already late to go to our supposed to be destination, we decided to go somewhere nearer. I don't know where to start off with everything. With him holding his phone allthroughout our conversations or with me having to repeat everything I said because he wasn't listening. I told him that I am in some sort of "controlled food intake" since my blood pressure spiked up high last night. It was our first time to meet and I noticed that he was a bit of "touchy". We had to cross a busy street and so maybe as part of his being "gentleman", he had to put his arms on my shoulder. He tried complimenting me about my looks saying I dont look my age. I look younger, he said. I just smiled

Randomthoughts 01 Nov 2016

9:18 PM 1. Tapos na yung long weekend. Parang wala naman akong naaccomplish na remarkable in life. LOL. Extend pls. 2. I believe that God really granted my birthday wish on the day itself and it is in the process on unfolding to be in the next few weeks. 3. I am having so much doubt and fear inside me. Last night, I prayed to God to grant me that peace and to trust in Him always, I cried in prayer and I got a good sleep after. 4. Three modules to go and 3 exams, the semester will be over. Mukhang di ako makakagraduate ayon sa ideal timeline ko, pero kelangan kong tapusin tong sinimulan kong ito. Gapang kung gapang pero forward gapang pa rin. 5. Major decluttering ang magaganap. Literally and figuratively. 6. Ang sakit mahalin ng Pilipinas. 7. Sobrang thankful ako for having a supportive family. I can't wait for the day na ako naman yung magbibigay ng suportang kelangan nila. 8. I was supposed to go on a couple of dates, I chickened out on the day of the date. On bot