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GEG in Manila

Last Saturday, November 23, 2013, I attended the Google Teachers' Workshop in Manila. Obviously, majorly sponsored my Google and hosted by De La Salle University Manila. It's a free seminar given by the Outreach for South East Asia of Google to all teachers in selected areas in the Philippines. It was mentioned that it was a pioneer project by Google anchored in their hopes of building a community of educators who share, inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology solutions, both in the classroom and beyond. The workshop talked about the basics of google apps like the Gmail and Google Drive and how it can be utilized. The presentations are freely available on this site: Click this link to be re-directed to the training website Although, the seminar didn't really meet my expectations as an attendee, for most of the functionality discussed are mostly applications I am currently using with my colleagues, there were still new thin

Memories of Burot

Sembreak. We deserve a break! This is an almost a month late post. For Reinna and me, it had never been hard to decided where to go, what to eat and what to talk about. The decision to choose Burot Beach came with the following things for consideration: 1. Time - we both can't go away from our jobs for long, but we both know that we have to detach ourselves from it, even just for a day. 2. Budget -  we both have a change of job this year. 3. Beach - it just have to be a beach. 4. Safety - my friend is sort of a security freak and obsessed with rules, I remember, on our first trip, she asked if we have tent rules... Lol... With all these things in consideration, on November 1-2, 2013, our 2nd Getaway trip for the year happened. Off we go to Calatagan, Batangas via passenger van, cost is Php170/head. Instead of riding a tricycle going to the beach, we were able to negotitate with the driver of the same van to drive us all the way to the beach :D Entrance to the beac

Coins and Kids

11.13.2013 Today, the school  administrators were to collect and deliver their donations for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. We had talked about this, they agreed that they will save a few pesos from their baon and buy it with  either a can of sardines which costs 17php or a pack of noodles which costs 9php. Applying multiplication lesson on this, we were able to integrate multiplication and money matters. However, only a few were able to bring goodies for donations. Let me give you a little background about my kids. We are in a public school. One of the most populated public school in the country, third grade, with most kids are frustrated readers, a few are still non-readers. As to how they got promoted to grade three without the necessary skills, I used to ask myself but then I just stopped. Lingering on this won’t make them instant readers with comprehension. Going back, I noticed that one of their classmates has been holding a bunch of 1-peso coins and a 20-peso paper bill.