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What I Am Thinking When I Am Walking

With lost hours on waiting and on the road, I decided to change a few things with my daily travel schedule. In the morning, instead of catching the 7:20AM trip, I decided to take the 6:30AM trip, adjusting my wake up time to 5AM. I reach the vicinity very early, I get off the bus stop, 3 blocks away from my school, so I can have a morning walk. Every day, I pass by the same landmarks, yet I still get amaze looking at the same things every day. I wish I can just walk my way to work every day. I mean, no more commuting involved at all. I can't help but smile whenever I get to see a rainbow.  As I walk, I think about what I will do for the day. What I’ll do as soon as I reach my workstation. Which folders to pull out from the files, which worksheets to print, ask my buddy how to execute a lesson, which props and pictures to work on. Before I get right into the doorstep of the school, it’s as if, I had a picture of how my day will go.