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Being at Peace with Time

Dear Diary, It’s been awhile. I know. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.  There’s really not a lot of stories to share lately. My life has just been the “normal” one. I sort of had a “series of heartbreaks” but those are just a teeny tiny bit ones compared to what others are going through right now. Also, the “heartbreaks” were the results of my being stubborn. I should have known better. If there’s one thing I should keep reminding myself, it will be that time can never be my bestfriend, but I should never see it as an enemy. Not ever. It has always been a neutral dimension for everybody. I keep rushing it, which should never be the case, coz every event has its own “perfect time”. I should have known better, right? Maybe, I just got used to getting things and goals on a specific timeframe. I keep forgetting, that as we spend more time on things and with people, “it” gets complicated or I make “it” complicated. Contradictory to how I deal with my plans in my head: in an ide

Somersault Emotion.

August 24, 2016. I’m still thinking how I would describe this day… I just got back to work after almost 2 two days of being sick. I still tried to run some errands last Monday. Visited some friends and completed a video-demo for another job application. Good thing that my friend’s house was just near the venue, I was able to take a good rest before the taping and quick interview. Come Tuesday morning, I can’t get up from bed anymore. Good thing our on-call “hilot” lady was available and was able to attend to me after lunch. Rest. Then, Wednesday arrived. Today is the start of the online release of results for the July 2016 JLPT. I didn't pass. I missed it by 3 points. I was kinda prepared for the heartbreak. I knew in my heart that if I pass, it would really be by grace and if I fail, I knew that I what I had tried to learn from the past few months weren’t really enough just yet. Mainly because I became careless and complacent. I feel sorry for myself for not being s

Today is a Good Time to Return the Favor

Rhaine: Ang layo na ng narating ng mga lapis mo Cher Kat! Me: Sana mas malayo pa ang marating ng mga taong may gamit ng mga lapis na yun. I didn’t realize until yesterday that I had set this meet up on my birthday. We haven’t seen each other for 2 years now and that I really don't know when we will be seeing each other again after this, the meeting went on. I know I owe him dinner and coffee. His family sort of adopted me when I accomplished a Flight project bound for CDO. Lala, a fellow blogger introduced me to his family who welcomed me in their humble abode for the weekend. He then introduced me to the boys of the CDO Boys Town. Today is a good time to return the favor. I was mainly the one asking a lot of questions about what he does right now. First he gave me updates about the recent outreach they had done to a Lumad community situated in the remotest corners of Bukidnon, how volunteer teachers had started to settle in the community to teach them survival numeracy