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My love for the mountains started with Mt. Batulao four years ago. From then, I had climbed a few mountains and it had always brought me more urge to climb more mountains. Others find it weird that some people choose this hobby that get them tired, dirty, wet, at times, injured and wounded. Reaching the summit brings a great amount of joy and satisfaction. Every time I look back to my climbing experiences, it's really not the reaching the summit that's makes me excited-- it was how I got to reach the summit, surpassing all the obstacles, the steep path, the slippery, sandy sometimes muddy path, how I had found ways, the strength to stand against the strong winds, the grip in holding onto that rope as the only hope to get to the other side.-- --- truly, it's the climb :) Mt. Batulao, 2/23/2014.  If I can conquer a mountain, I feel like I can also conquer this adventure called life. 


10:02 PM Thursday pala ngayon. Wala kong pang #tbt. Di pa talaga ko tapos sa mga dapat kong gawin pero naisip kong itigil na muna kasi ang sakit lang sa utak at sa puso.  Bukod sa anti-bullying policy-making collaborative work na ginagawa ngayon, kino-consolidate ko yung data about the kiddielets' Post Test Oral/Silent level of reading skills both in English and Filipino. Pwede na pala tong throwback kasi nung ginawa ko yung Pre-Test nung June, merong 2 boys and 2 girls na total non-reader, 3 girls at 3 boys na independent readers, the rest nahahati sa frustrated at instructional readers. Out of 51 kids. Sa pagkakaintindi ko noon sa paliwanag samin, dahil nung binigay tong gawain na to, basta lang daw pabasahin ang mga kiddielets at i-fill out ang form na inabot, merong babasahin, isa sa Filipino, isa sa English. May 7 tanong kada set, 3 dun ay literal o nasa babasahin ang sagot, 4 naman ay comprehension question o mga sariling pagpapakahulugan sa mga bagay tungkol sa binas

Somebody's Heartbreak

Gone are my Taylor Swift days. Welcome Hunter Hayes in my country music list. Somebody's Heartbreak I'd love to know just what you're thinkin' Every little river, runnin' through your mind You give and you take You come and you go You leave me here wonderin' if I'll ever know How much you care or how much you don't Whatever you need, whatever you want If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak If you're gonna be somebody's mistake If you're gonna be somebody's first time, Somebody's last time, baby be mine If you're lookin' to be somebody's 'just friends', A little laughin', little lovin', never callin' again, that's just fine If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak Be mine, yeah Oh, be mine I guess that all I'm tryin' to tell ya Is a minute with you is better than two without Oh, I won't be a fool but I can't play it cool So I'm pl

The Hospital Bed

If you had watched Starting Over Again, you would know this scene: Marco walks to a hospital room door bearing flowers in one hand. Comes inside and hands the flower to Ginny. Sits beside her, holds her hand and looks into her eyes. I can't remember the exact lines, but they are having their closure mpment. I want to google it but I don't have the energy. But let me write from what I remember. That scene resembles that of how ex and I broke up. I was lying in a hospital bed, in a hospital gown and an IV bag connected to my right hand while he is sitting on the bedside. Him, letting me go and me, really still lost and undecided. Just going with the flow. I admitted my mistake, asked for forgiveness which he gave and we mutually agreed to just end our two years of happy relationship. Happy, yes, it WAS a happy relationship until I got bored and screwed everything up. In the movie, Ginny couldnt take the idea that Marco had became too happy and too contented with what life

One book a month. Not bad.

I finished reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami after a month. That is already an achievement for me! The last novel I've read completely was Game of Thrones Book 2. Back then, reading a book is an addiction, now, it still is, but it's something that I cannot leisurely do anymore. I still read, however, the selections are mostly for school, tutorial, review and academic purposes. I still believe, I just have time management issues. I took time to read this one. Another thing I guess that helped me finished reading this book, is that it is in .epub format. I had it on my UB Reader App in tablet and I had access to it easily. These are a few of the quotes from the book that I like, love and can relate to....... ______________________________________________________________________ Anyway, my point is that it's really hard for people to live their lives alone. It's easy to forget things you don't need anymore. There's so much we have to remember

Love Call

On February 14, 2013, I got the phone call. It was the second year of celebrating Valentine's Day this way by choice. Work ends at 6 am and I hurriedly popped two  pills that will take effect once I am home. I made no plans with anyone except my bed and work later that day. The commute going home was smooth and easy. After eating breakfast and cuddling my favorite cat, I went to bed. My phone is usually on Silent Mode. But that day, deep in my heart, I had wished to receive at least one phone call, so I had put it on General Profile Mode and put it on top of the computer table. Around 8 in the morning, with dark blankets spread on the window, the fan in full blast and me hugging my favorite dog stuff toy, I fell in deep slumber. At 10 am, I was awaken by the ringing of my phone just right outside my room. But when I held it, it's already a missed call. It was from a familiar number so I texted and asked why but since the med is still in effect, I still feel sleepy and c