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How small my world could get?

How small my world could get? So, just today, I exchanged contacts with one of my co-learner at the Nihonggo conversation classes. I really didn't feel like going today but I told myself that I have to coz I have to. Then, at the end of the class, we exchange contact infos coz I had to go back home for the delivery of my item. Then, we started chatting until we get to the topic of November 2017 and our mishaps. Apparently, he is a close friend of the ex-boyfriend. How small can this city ever get? Hahaha. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he never really knew that I was the girl. I would like to think that we were equally surprised about this revelation. I am still affected by his presence and his influence in the people around me. It was a very short stint but I don't know why I am still in pain whenever the trigger of him arises in conversations, memories and whatever else I can connect with him. It's over and I am busy. I have.... 2 pap

Emote Lang

Another friend got married today and their SDE video is just so amazing and full of genuine love. I cried while watching it. I cried because of overwhelming happiness and coz I know that theirs is a union really made out of love. I can only wish for the same for myself. My 31-year old heart is about to give up. Well, every time I get hurt, I am always on the verge of giving up but deep inside me, I still wish for one true love that would last me a lifetime. That someone whom I would share silly thoughts with, have arguments with, raise kids with and give back to the community at the same time. DearBoyfriend, I deleted the “Future” in it. I am claiming your existence wherever you are right now, sorry I haven’t written you a letter yet this year and last year too. It has just been quite a roller coaster ride.

Backward Narrative

Quite a way to end a 5-day straight workweek which doesnt really happen a lot of times. For which I am grateful. Capping the night with an episode of Black Mirror Season 2, White Bear. The thoughts are a bit heavy, so I am sleeping on it tonight. But it was quite an event before I got in my apartment. For almost an hour, I got locked out and my key wouldn't work. I know that calling my boss who had a stressful day would not be a good idea, I decided to bother one of closest Japanese friend who happens to live a few blocks away as well. To make the long story short he managed to fix the lock while speaking to a CSRep on the phone. I was really afraid that I may need to sleel somewhere else tonight. Luckily, I don't have to. I also got to try a new fusion restaurant serving really good food. Ms.C really knows where to find the good ones. Freetalk Saturday came in as a good surprise! I got to know new things about people again and again. I can't help but be simply amaze

What mood were you in today?

365 QOTD What mood were you in today? Today’s mood was pretty normal. Or hungry normal. LOL. I think, I am finished with the pre-menstrual syndrome stage for the month that’s why I had been a bit more productive today compared to the past few days. Also, I had been tasked to do school decorations, and that has always been a fun thing to do. ********** So, I haven’t written   this week until this, I guess.. I used to have a yearly Valentine post, but for some reasons, I had cut the tradition this year. But I do plan to write that yearly #DFB letter. I’m sure, my Dear Future Boyfriend, whoever he is, is waiting to read what’s in store for this year. Since I am finished with the forums, I will be able to write it this coming weekend or not really if I can’t have the energy. LOL. I am supposed to start writing for my first paper and hopefully, tomorrow, I can get a hold of the textbook I would need for critiquing. And then, I can utterly pretend that I am a

I wish I had __________.

365 QOTD I wish I had __. I wish I had said (hi)! But of course, I wouldn't have the initiative. *** Weekend has been going well, more usually as planned. So far, all within the due dates and every reading requirements covered. I just get to be amazed by people I meet. Today, I met a director-turned-illustrator, a teacher-athlete and an art history major. Also a designer but we never really get to talk coz of my limited Japanese skills just yet. With good friends around, I still manage to unwind at my favorite place and hang out with good people. I can't be more grateful to them. I am really a little bit worried about how my cooking had gone the last time. Hopefully they can give me the chance to redeem myself. LoL. Funny as it may seem. Weird for others, I am still affected with the break up, yet, I manage to go to the place where it all started, as if I am fine and someone who had completely moved on. With awesome friends and family, I know that I will be o

If you could do today over, would you change anything?

365 QOTD If you could do today over, would you change anything? Aside from the upset stomach in the later part of the afternoon, I probably would like to keep my day as it has been today. I usually wake up around 6am and then instantly grab for my phone from the steps of bed stairs and do a timecheck (Weird coz I seem to have a sense of time by then. LOL) Then, I doze off again for a few minutes and then I check my phone again. I keep telling myself to get up at 7am but since it has been very cold, I negotiate to my “future self” for an 8am getup time. I usually get to accomplish that. Today, I had pancake, a cup of coffee and scrambled egg with meatloaf for breakfast. Then, I prepared for my Wednesday Nihonggo Class. I prepared a lower level reading material to work on with my teacher because the previous once were a bit difficult for me. We finished 3 sets of reading exercises today and I am totally grateful to my teachers. They seem to have enjoyed having me read


華奢りん I had decided to dedicate most of my Saturdays to an event we called Freetalk Saturdays. Last Saturday, was our second meeting for this year and one part of our conversation was when I asked them about the meaning of the kanji characters in their names and that if I can have one for myself, what would be their suggestions. My name is Katherine and if translated into the Japanese hiragana, it will sound like /kya-sha-rin/ though the katakana equivalent of my name sounds more stiff /ka-te-rin/ but I prefer the sound of the first one given by the Miyazaki International Foundation officer. In English, Katherine, Catherine, Katarina, Katrina means “Pure” or “Clear” said to be of Greek origin. I would like to believe that my parents had taken time to think about my name as I am the firstborn girl in the family after 2 boys ahead of me. I am always fascinated by the meanings of the kanji characters in a Japanese person’s name. So, every now and then, if conversations a

What is a favorite piece of art that you own?

365 QOTD What is a favorite piece of art that you own? Hmmm.. A Hello Kitty vinyl item from McDonalds. It was birthday gift from one of my friends back in 2014, I think. ************* I am at the point in my worklife where I am at my lowest motivation level. I am going to work just for the sake of coming to work and I seem to have very little care about the quality. I make every effort to make sure that I have very minimal smalltalks with my colleagues and been on my phone, on social media even while at work. I do look forward to waking up in the morning because I have to study and read. I like the smell of the coffee and the newly-baked bread at the basement of the Carino building where I stay for almost 1.5 hours to study and then head to work. I am still trying to build the routine because it is really hard to get up in the morning and be productive. I would rather curl in my bed and browse on my phone endlessly. I had just finished reading Bored and Brilliant and I a