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What was the lowest point of your day?

365 QOTD What was the lowest point of your day? What a question to end May 2019! (>.<) I guess, that feeling of coming home to an empty room after a long, happily noisy days with the kids and colleagues. I wish I had a dog or a cat that would welcome me home after a tiring day. Or maybe a baby? LOL. Or someone.... (I'd rather not continue typing on this one.) ********** "Thank you for being nice today and every day." -- that was my goodbye circle time message for the kids and I got bombarded with hugs and smiles. Six of them is already a handful. Our goal of 20, I am not sure how we will manage, but as we keep positive psychology alive, "Thank you for that challenge. We can't wait to face them." Tomorrow is quite a busy day. With a private lesson, my own Japanese lesson and another lesson with my sisters. As I get succumbed into the thoughts of loneliness, I ran across Toni Gonzaga's video message when her family went to Amanpulo for t

What do you love most about what you get to do every day?

365 QOTD What do you love most about what you get to do every day? ... When I hear the kids say that they are having fun as well! It just gets me through and through every day. Priceless and can never ever be valuable enough to pay bills but I will always be grateful for those words. ***** I did something irresponsible today. I don't know how I will process it. I am in the process of "forgiving myself." I was supposed to have a Wednesday Communications Lounge Session with my friend's employees but it didn't happen just because...... I had to find reasons for it. And now, I feel guilty and sorry and just guilty. I am not supposed to be this way. Whatever happened to integrity and "keep doing the right thing even though no one is looking." Today, only one person wasn't looking and I lost it. Or I found reasons to forget about it. I just wanna cry. It is one of those days that I wish I'm not along and that I wish I have someone to come ho

Monday To Do List

It's another Monday and since I really didn't do much yesterday aside from the regular house chores, I need to slow down and do a quick review of how I would like my Monday, my week and my life to turn out this week.  As I intend to accomplish multiple projects for the next few weeks, there is a need for me to make sure I have my s**t together, my frustrations turned to goals and my resources allocated wisely.  Right now, I am at the train station, waiting for the school bus to pick me up to kickstart my day.  So for today, I intend to:  Write specific goals for the Math curriculum that we have.  Prepare lessons for the weekend classes.  Write a QOTD entry.  Start my own Learning Plan for the upcoming October 2019 Comprehensive Exam Do an-hour workout for arms and abs Begin intermittent fasting Finish reading Cosmos Keep calm and focus.  So, how's your Monday going?  My school bus should be here any minute from now. 

Project Sisters

Bebs, my second to the youngest sister, out of the blue suddenly asked me about project management. She said she needs lessons about it and asked me if I can facilitate one for her. To which, without any second thoughts, I said YES! This afternoon, we had our sort of "Initial Assessments/Analysis" of how we will go about this project.  Indeed, to learn how to manage a project, why not learn by launching your own project about project management. It was just supposed to be the two of us, but since our youngest sister is also present during the meeting, I encouraged her just join into the activity, so now, there are the three of us working on this project.  I wonder how many siblings in the world do this kind of initiative and support among each other. I am just so grateful for my siblings. They remind me that I never have to fight this battle alone. I am just so looking forward to seeing each of us grow in our chosen plans and projects.  The study group sessions wil

Hashtag Semi-Murakami Feels

So, I have been doing longer walks the past few days back and forth for work on a daily basis. This morning was extra special as I met two of my former students on my way to work. R-chan hugged me so tight the moment she saw me. Then, when I turned left, I saw Y-chan who seemed so surprised to see me as well. LOL. Roughly a 20-30 minute walk at a rate of more or less 3000 footsteps, it is just so boring, slow and just really boring. I am fighting the urge to feel unproductive and disappointed about it but at the same time, I am thinking of a lot of things in my head as well. So, I am not really calm inside. I try to observe more of the outside and people around me. I am thinking of getting a handheld voice recorder to document my day or maybe do a walkthrough of my daily path as well. I have been wanting to try out doing vlogs but I am just really lazy to do it. I can't even commit to writing on my journal on a regular basis and now I am thinking of starting a vlog. LOL.

When Boredom Strikes

I'm so bored. I am supposed to be working on a lot of stuff but instead of getting into the groove of working, I am thinking of other things that aren't really helping at the moment. LOL. But at some point, I am grateful that I am still feeling bored compared to being panicky and tired. Boredom gives a space for new ideas to think about, reflect on the previous actions, plan ahead, or just really do nothing and sleep or also choose the negativities to pour in the space. At this point of boredom, I am keeping myself from touching my bangs and murdering it again. LOL. Also, I can't stop thinking about food and eating! I know I should be doing yoga or some type of body workout to shred the carbs I have been eating since Friday night. I'll make sure to do that today. At least for a couple of hours for today. I might also go for a walk to the nearest Handsman store and change a bulb in my dining area chandelier. It is more or less a 30-minute walk. But the thing i

What was in your email today?

365 QOTD What was in your email today? Hmmm... nothing special. Just those "unauthorized" subscription emails and the current currency exchange rates. **************** I am having that kind of that I am fighting back my tears by keeping myself occupied with doing things but as I type this down now, tears just start falling down. I don't know which one really triggered this one. Also, I have been eating a lot again and I have been fighting back the urge to just stay in bed and keep on rolling.

Dealing on my own.

I can get use to this. Waking up early, brewing that coffee, struggling to think what to wear (should have been done the before) and starting the day early and right. Friends and some people have been confessing about battling mental illness, depression, isolationand other types and as much as I want to tell that everything's gonna be alright, I chose to keep things on my own. We are all having our own battles, for now, let me deal with my own, and maybe when I am already successful in winning my own battles, I may have the say to other people's things. Or maybe, I should speak up and let them know that they aren't the only one having battles. We all are. I might just do that, after all, as humans, we are stronger together. I might not have the solution but at least, I can say that at some level, I know how it feels. posted from Bloggeroid

On Cutting Ties and Moving Forward

You are my story of strong physical attraction and love at first sight. But we all know that prince charming doesn't exist and fairytales are only for the books. But I am not giving up on my dream that one day, my prince charming will sweep me off my feet. All the best to your own love story.  I collected my courage to write and took a deep breath before tapping it into that arrow icon to send it. But I did send it eventually. Then, I cried after that. Curled into my bed, wrapped myself with a blanket and hugged Pooh so tight and then cried harder. I met him through an online dating app, he had been a content of a few diary entries, how he made me feel giggly and bubbly and how just thinking about him made me gush and transformed my heart into that teeny boppy age of kilig and hopeless romantic-ness. In the end, as the sequence proceeds: Swipe > Chat > Meet > Ghost and that's should have been an indication that it is over. Ghost > Chat > Meet > Ghost &

What rule had an impact on you today?

365 QOTD What rule had an impact on you today? Humility can go a long way.-- that's not really a rule but more of a virtue. Let me think of something else. But I guess that's it. ********** Today was quite a heavy day for me. For all of us in my grad school subject group. Today, we are supposed to submit our collaboration output of a web-based learning plan. As always, I have high regard to my teammates and hold their words for their commitments but there will still be those who would really try to pull the thread to its limits and there those who are very much willing to go beyond expectations and you also don't want to let them down. I started browsing on the other group's pages which were all colorful and all, yet I am still proud of the simplicity and the easy-navigation that we had developed for our team. I believe that we were all able to incorporate the things that were required and were able to deliver meeting expectations. I am so grateful for my g

Girly issue

Just on the day that I decided to wear light-colored gear for running, the sudden gush made itself felt. Why now, period. Why didn't you wait til this evening?! Thus, the suddent emo-shit last night. HormoneImbalanceStrugglesAreReal posted from Bloggeroid

Who was kind to you today?

365 QOTD Who was kind to you today? Today, I was kind to myself. I hope so. But of course, Tita G had always been there to check on me. We didnt meet today but she called in, like a mother would. I haven't talked to my family today, I think everybody is busy. But it's holiday, Labor Day in PH today. ********** This morning, I tried re-arranging the furnitures in my bedroom, hoping to accommodate the electric piano in a more spacious arrangement, in the end, I decided to just put it near the doorway, aligned with the bookshelf. I would like to keep my bedspace as clear as possible from all the unnecessary items that can distract my sleep. I also put away my phone and other gadgets from me. On the bed, I make sure to read a paperback book and not from my iPad because it's too bright. I am planning to get a Boox e-Reader (e-ink) but it's a bit of expensive, so I am delaying the purchase until the day that I have forgotten all about it and still settle for paperb