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26 May 2017

365 QOTD Where do you wish you were? I wish at the end of every day, I were home. Having dinner with family. Getting upset about Papa nagging me about my work-life-faith balance. With my mom, silently listening. And my sibs, internally giggling as I stare at them and ask for rescue. Haha. I wish I were anywhere surrounded by love and secured by warmth. I really wish......

25 May 2017

365 QOTD Did you have a dream last night? Describe it. Hmmm... it was a dreamless sleep. **** I didn't attend the Japanese class today. I just stayed home and prepared breakfast slowly and ate it more slowly. I played my guitar and did one straight recording of my current favourite song, O Pag-Ibig. It was an entry to the PhilPop Music Awards 2016. But I didn't know if it got any award. After recording, I posted it on Youtube. LOL. Work went smoothly today. Not really smoothly. I sent an email to my siblings and my dad about the details of this month's remittance and it made me smile when my youngest sister acknowledge a line to be "Jollibee budget". I have always been bad at managing my own finances so I made it a point to do a breakdown of every bills to pay and a list of to-buys and daily expenses. So far, so good. Having an accountant father and a bookkeeper brother plus my own background in Accounts Receivables, made me a little bit more aware on

Frustrated 24.05.2017

I want to write every day. And every day, I struggle where to start with what to write, since there's just so many uninteresting things happening in my life, I'd rather not write. Coz, if I write every day: will just be all about being lonely. How I long for company, someone I can share stories with, instead of writing it down. will just be about how I am struggling to blend in where I am at. How frustrating it can be to talk to someone and even ask for someone. will just be about my frustration why I can't speak the language. That pressure I put into myself and unrealistic expectations upon things surrounding me. will be just be about that news I've read and how valid it is. How I complain that I will not read the news anymore but I still kept reading it. Today, I watched Beauty and the Beast again. I will never get tired of fairy tales. I hope, I really don't get tired of it and the feeling it brings. The faith,


At home, I would always find you in front of your sewing machine, inside your mini sari-sari store, squatting down doing the laundry, or busy in the kitchen. Never an idle time except for the designated time for siesta or bedtime. I can still remember that day after the surgery. From the recovery room, they put me back to my patient bed, all weak and dizzy. You were there. I was motionless, I couldn't open my mouth, I couldn't utter a word, I just could't move at all. Your fingers move to brush my hair and to touch my cheeks. Tears started falling down from my eyes and you wiped then away. I cried because I wanted to say "Thank You" but I couldn't. Even until now, even if I say the words "Thank You and I love you" it will never be enough to let you know how grateful I am for having you as my Mother. I can still remember that moment back when I was a child, I was asking for something but you were not able to give it to me, so I said, "Ang sama mo

Lost in Translation

09 May 2017 365 QOTD Today I lost _______________. Today I lost buckets of tears again after completing the Second Season of Code Blue. Code Blue is a Japanese medical drama series featuring one of the hottest Japanese actors, Tomohisa Yamashita aka Yama Pi. Completing the series made me want to learn Nihonggo more. The entire series is just full of deep philosophical thoughts about oneself, relationships and personal values. I wonder what more if I can understand it from the first language like I understand English and Filipino. Kudos to the translators and subtitle makers for the series as they were able to convey the emotions and thoughts, in my opinion. I look forward to watching Season 3 soon!

First Solo Trip 02-05 May 2017

May 2, 2017 First stop: Tenjin, Fukuoka Second Stop: Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This is the southmost part of the Honshu Island closest to Kyushu Region. The two islands are connected by the famous Kanmon Suspension Bridge. I was planning to go back to Kyushu Region via Kitakyushu City by walking thru the Kanmon Tunnel from Shimonoseki to Kitakyushu, but due to time constraints, I decided to do that some other time. Mobile phones Charging Ports. Though not all buses are equipped with such amenity, most buses has it. So, there can be no excuse for non-contact nor worries of not being able to use the GPS. As for wi-fi, I haven't bothered to check since I have enough mobile data allocation for the trip.  Shimonoseki-shi.  Going back to Tenjin Bus Station for my bus bound for Nagasaki. This is the pathway for transferring from the Arrival area to the Departure Area. View from the escalator. The underground mall.  Running away f

After 3 Days.

Tonight, I arrived at the city where I live. Not yet so familiar, but getting there. Starting to be familiar. I took a 3-day trip tom some places around Kyushu Region: Miyazaki-Fukuoka-Shimonoseki- Nagasaki-Kagoshima-Miyazaki. A trip, I am glad I took courage to have done. I surely did burn a few thousand yen but it was all worth it. If it was the old familiar me, I probably would have been taking so many photos, uploading each one on my facebook and instagram, one after another. But on this said trip, I barely took a few tens of it. Though, I would say that on this trip, I had the most number of photos I could ever have, me as the subject on it. My friends were kind enough to take stolen and posed shots of me in the various places we had gone to. I had always planned to go on a solo trip. Never thought it will be somewhere unfamiliar, far from my comfort zone and a place I barely know the language. From places to people, I took home with me a better perspective on things and l

Friday Breakdown

Last Night. "The third month is usually the hardest month, so I totally understand you on that." Katelyn said, while sipping on the can of chuhai (a fruit-flavored alcoholic drink of 9% saturation). -me and my American neighbor talking while she pack her suitcase for her 4-day trip to Hong Kong. ****** Last Friday night, I had a breakdown. Three months and counting. I tried to act as normal as possible. Go with the routine all the way, but something is just really very heavy in my chest that day. I tried taking deep long breaths. But there were moments that I feel like I was running out of breath and need to catch some air in my lungs like I was drowning from everything that was surrounding me. I went to the conversation class. My favorite teacher was absent, I would have just turned my back and just stay home for another hour, but my not-so favorite teacher (Wednesday schedule) was smiling and was willing to adopt me for that free class. I sat down, we started a