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What's in your mailbox today?

365 QOTD What's in your mailbox today? The physical mailbox, nothing. The e-mail boxes, tons of them. But that email I am waiting for hasn't arrived yet and I am not sure if I will ever get counted. I was overthrown the boat on the first ride and it seems that I am still under threat of the same disregard in this situation. I will probably cry if it happens. But maybe not. If it goes that way, I will probably just book a flight to either Taiwan or Hong Kong and milk tea my heart out. HAHAHA. But I need to be able to go somewhere during that time. For the meantime, let me go and sleep and work my ass tomorrow onwards. As usual.


I suddenly felt down today. It's the first day of the time of the month. The hormones are screaming in and out. The worries just burst out as well. And I think this is one of the many emotional breakdowns I have been battling for as long as I can remember. I can't seem to hold on to optimism today. Then, there is that sudden feeling of needing to cry, to hug someone, to have that sense of security in my being that I just can't seem to find anywhere. Well, it is inside me, but today, I can't dig it out of me. I am trying to close my eyes to pray, but my tears just won't stop from flowing and so I just decided to write it down here. Hoping someday, when I read this, feeling better, I can have that sense of pride for surviving this stage if ever I do survive. Or if not, at least those people who will take time to read this, will know that I tried. They said that enumerating the concerns and issue could help shed some light, re-align priorities and provide doa

Quick Break.

I went out and agreed to meet someone today. It was a good choice. A good break. I almost forgot about our previous conversation and good thing that he called in and informed me that he is on his way, but for sure, he wasn't on his way until I replied to that notice an hour after he sent the message. LOL. I was so engrossed with finishing the lessons, having that burger and enjoying the gloomy skies and the rustling sounds of the waves that I forgot to check my phone for messages until after I took a nap. Good job self for being open again. Though not-so open, really. Still a good start. Will there be a second date? Who knows. Today was really all conversations. We didn't even get to get something to eat. We just sat by the bench, facing the ocean, fired away with conversations, got bored in between and then, I realized that I need to catch the train back to the city. If ever there is a second one, I promise to make sure that it will be over a hearty lunch or a warm

Randomness in Weekends.

I thought I'll go somewhere unplanned today. I'll go to the Aoshima Beach.  Still not so unplanned. But at least something that will shake me off the routine, and give a sense of randomness in my day.  I have been spending money on material things much more than I should be for exploring and experiencing. So today, taking a step forward on to randomness on weekends.  When I get there, I will finish a lesson guide and then reward myself with a burger for lunch. Take a walk at the beach in the afternoon and hop on that evening train and call it another day. 

Seen-zoned Violation

This is one of those mornings that I am not so proud of myself. But wouldn't want to feel disappointed of mysef, too. ( Anuberrr.. San na lang ba ko lulugar?! LOL .) I left the dishes dirty, the bed just half-made, I am just not really myself today. Then, I just really had to go on with the day. Ate breakfast, dressed up, rode that bus, had to go on with the day, and so I did. Ended the day with another shopping spree and dinner with okonomiyaki and yakisoba and gulped down a cold glass of high ball. With the day's conversations and interactions, I realized that no matter how we try to establish good connection woth others, there will always be that moment the other party would note as a point that needs improvement. Just because they sent you a message, they expect you to respond right away. Seen-zoned has become rude and delayed responses is unacceptable. It goes to show that this society and technology indeed want us to be glued to the system, be manipulated, surr

What are you looking forward to?

365 QOTD What are you looking forward to? Very timely question! I am looking forward to finish all my deliverables (feedback addressed and improvements included) by June 26th. And rewarding myself with a trip to Harmonyland in Oita in the last week of June. I signed up a writing project for writing lesson guides. All 10 lesson guides need to be in in two weeks' time. ************** I had the weekend all planned out until I decided to stay late and missed the bus at the mall this afternoon. I was having a good time gossiping with older Filipina ladies and so I missed the bus and with that, I had to wait another 40 minutes for the next bus. While waiting, I decided to go to the nearest boutique and in 40 minutes time, I was able to get 5 dresses and 2 pairs of shoe for an amount I could never imagine I can spend for clothes in a span of 40 minutes but I did. LOL. Lately, I have been wanting to wear flowy, airy and long dresses, which really, doesn't really seem to matc

Maybe Not In This Lifetime

 What we need is consistency, honesty, and faith. But I guess those must be the hardest to put into action. How about life with a cat or a dog or both... I'll take that into consideration. For now, dear future boyfriend, if ever you can't find me, I am not sure if you really are looking at the right directions. I am slowly losing hope that we will meet in this lifetime.

From Toys to Classrooms

From writing lessons for educational toys and raspberry pi-based interactive game, I am given the chance to expand my portfolio to writing lesson guides for elementary school's Science in English as a Second Language for Cambodia! Sleepless nights in June ahead of me. Nonetheless, grateful for the opportunity ✍️πŸ“–πŸ₯°

Another Chat Room Fail Story

A few days ago, some guy randomly added me on Skype. Last night, I got the chance to chat with him. It appears that he is an OFW working in Singapore and he started our conversation with the same questions, where I am from, how old I am, if I live alone and what job I do. Then he suddenly jumped into asking about sexually malicious questions to which I would vaguely respond and told him that it is not my kind of topic of conversation. Since I am lonely, I still took time to talk to him, interestingly, no matter how rude and sarcastic I answer his unsuitable questions, he kept talking to me. Sent a photo even though I didn't ask for one and I seem to have a feeling that it is not him in the photo. Eventually, he challenged for a voice call. From there, I knew that he is lying. He isn't that handsome in the photo he sent, he doesn't live alone and that he has no good intentions with the call. To which, I intentionally dropped the call in its first few minutes and said s

Randomthoughts 06 June 2019

I haven't done this in awhile. Just letting in the thoughts flow almost unbarred.  I still have 10 minutes before the bus arrives. So, let's get this on.  1. I had sauteed spinach for breakfast. I also had a small cup of granola with non-fat milk. πŸ˜„ 2. I have an average of 2 cups of black coffee a day.  3. I need to consume a liter of water every day.  4. I am excited for my Boox N96ML to arrive! Hopefully it arrives later today.  5. I seem to be good at starting something but not really good at keeping it going. Ugh. Now, just gotta curate the ways so I keep going.  6. I thought of setting up my profile on Tinder again, but I just can't. And I'm grateful that I am not having that energy to do so. What more for other dating apps. 🀣 7. My resources are starting to ran out. I need to figure out my way to Kuala Lumpur pretty soon! Exciting times ahead of me.  8. My final grades aren't out yet. I just really hope I qualify to push thecMA degree further. If not, then,