28 Things


1. I still have my "saltik"/"biglang sad" moments. I guess that's a part of me.

I'm grateful for...

2. My family who makes me feel loved.
3. My friends who keep me sane.
4. My job which makes me realize a lot of things everyday.
5. My bed which I seem to have an intimate relationship with.
6. My house to which I take refuge after a tiring day.
7. Another year of adventure.
8. Early gifts like my large worldmap and Hello Kitkit set :)

I've learned ...

9. That I should extend my patience to everyone not just on kids.
10. That I may complain how hard this job is but once i'm in front of the class, I tranform and always want to be a better version of me in front of the kids.
11. That as long as I keep on my eye on the goal, it can happen.
12. That declarations and claimings are fun and motivating. Once I declare to achieve something, it makes me motivated to achieve it.
13. To be always grateful of what I have and what I received.
14. That God knows my desires and His ways and means are always the best ones.
15. That cooking is fun but doing my "own" laundry will still be my best stress-buster.
16. That it's ok to be idle once in a while.
17. That listening to audiobooks can be calming.
18. That assembling and eating fresh salads are healthier and cheaper.
19. That Bread Pan is better than croutons.
20. That I will never replace the convenience of using a backpack and canvass bags.
21. That regular and special children both have just the same needs in the classroom --- routine, care and affection.

I wish ...

22. That the people I love will feel that I love them.
23. That my kids in the classroom will grow up to be good people.
24. For more wisdom.
25. For a wonderful job after this contract.
26. For many travels.
27. For many good things I can write about.
28. For your wish for me_.

Another year! Another challenge! Another chance!
Cheers to LIFE!

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  1. The realizations are manifestations of what had given you, of what is transpiring and what you are hoping for. For each year of learning is growth, not just as a teacher, but as a friend, a sister, a companion. I see the absolute love you have to better the lives of the children and I commend you for that.

    May the last 27 years be a reminder of your blessings and may this 28th a continuation of your wonderful journey in life. All the best and happy birthday!

    1. I think I should have written, the first 27 years instead of last. Whatever! The thing is, enjoy your day!

    2. Araw-araw, iba-ibang pagkatuto :D :D
      Salamat Cher Jo! Isa ka sa mga taong mapalad ako at nakilala ko dito :)

  2. 1. Aba, kakampi kita sa 'saltik mode' na ito Cher Kat.

    10. Kailangan talaga minsan mag-transform para sa kanila, kahit hindi mo feel gawin hehe.

    14. True. (parang true or false lang)

    28. I wish you all the best! (pang-showbiz hehe)

    More power to you Cher Kat!
    At sa akin na rin :)
    ...kasi di pa ako tapus sa grades hahaha, nakakainis lols. Nagba-blog hopping muna pampatanggal umay sa mga papel at numero. Matatapos ko rin ito, dahil naniniwala ako sa iyong "Keep calm and keri lang."

    1. More power satin! Parang Power Rangers lang! haha

      Eto ako, nagrerecord din ng scores at katatapos lang magcheck ng papers. Hehe

  3. Happy Birthday Babykat!!! :D
    Daming drama ng post huh.
    Maraming time mag-reflect?
    Ikaw naaaaa! Be happy always! *kiss*

    1. Thanks Babysep!!

      Madrama talaga kong tao, you should have known that by now :D

  4. #5. i guess ganun talaga. sabi nga sa french, c'est la vie.haha!

    Happy Happy Birthday Yccos.

    I wish you all the best. :)

    1. Thanks Froi!!!

      :D :D :D
      Mapapalitan din yang #5 ng legit intimate relationship. Tiwala lang..HAHaha


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