It's a calm Sunday morning today. I am supposed to go out to meet a friend for breakfast, plans had changed, we will have dinner instead.

For some, this long weekend means going out of town and spending it somewhere else, away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights. I probably would have been one of those if I were on a different situation. I had spent my Saturday checking papers, entering data on a spreadsheet for five sections that I handle,do the math, an average of 65 kids per class. Well, I've been doing a lot of things on the side, I've cleaned the kitchen, sorted the clothes for laundry, fixed my bed, flipped the pages of some of my books, stalked a few people on facebook, chatted with some online friends, cooked meals for the day. It was an accomplished Saturday.

It was already 6pm that I started to panic because I still have a section unfinished for entering data on the excel sheets for item analysis. Item analysis is a process done by teachers to know if a test item is worth-keeping for future exams, for discarding or for revision. Answers of the kids need to be entered one-by-one in a certain customized excel sheets which then tabulates all the scores, another sheet is dedicated to summarize the data collected, computing the Mean or the Average, Standard Deviation and Percentage of Mastery. I am not really an Excel Sheets Master, and I thank friends for taking time to teach me or share their resources with these kind of matter.

As a newbie teacher, I admit that what I really hate the most doing is checking, recording and putting numerical value to the learning level of every child. With the pressure that as much as possible, no child should fail. Because the failure of the child is equated to the teacher's performance inside the classroom.

It's past 8pm and I am almost done entering all the data needed to compute for the Mean, SD and Percentage of Mastery. I was too exhausted staring at my computer screen for hours and all I wanted to do have all these requirements, over and done with before I sleep.

Percentage of Mastery: 42.03%, 42.22%, 59.16%, 40.27% and 26.23%

I suddenly felt happy. Last year, my percentage of mastery was an average of 25% across Math, Science and English.

This year, I really vowed to do things better.

My every day line: "Walang ibang nasa lamesa kundi Science notebook at lapis lamang,".

Making subtle actions to catch the attention of the non-attentive students, scolding then for being noisy and totally stopping the lesson just to make sure that I have all their attention. I had minimized my shouting instances and the usage of sarcasm, too. I keep focus on their cute, kiddie, funny sides. Then, I realized, I survived the 40-minutes in every class.

Others may question my joy about this achievement and ask, why not 100% mastery, and I dare that person to come to a public school and teach, maybe that way, they would understand better.

As the second quarter opens, I can only hope that this mastery level goes all the way up.

We will try our best kids. We're on this together.



  1. Bunga iyan ng iyong chaga at pasensya para sa mga bata, cher Kat ^.^
    We all know how much you love them.
    Nakakatuwang makita na talagang improving na sila *applause*
    Syempre, a warm applause din sa iyo, bilang kanilang mahusay na guro :)

    1. Yung Grade two teachers nila ang dapat muna nating pasalamatan! The batch this year is really way up compared to last year's. Nakakatuwa talaga. :)

  2. Others may question my joy about this achievement and ask, why not 100% mastery, and I dare that person to come to a public school and teach, maybe that way, they would understand better.

    Hahaha. Nakakatakot ka teach. Haha.

    Pero naiintindihan ko yan.

    Congratulations sa improvement :) getting better a!

    1. 100% would always be the ultimate goal in an ideal environment, yet considering other factors, Sir OPs, mataas na to para sakin. Sana masustain talaga. Huhu..

      Hindi po ako nakakatakot. More of like Umbridge levels lang..hahaha

  3. i loves it!
    ang galing, omg pwede bang sumit in? haha

    1. KC, anytime,PM when you want!!! My kids would be happy to meet you :D

  4. congrats cher kat! tatargetin ko rin yan ngayong 2ndQ :) Sana!!! hahaha :)

    1. mej ka-panic ang second quarter! lels. mas marami kasing topic coverage.ahuhuhu. pero kaya naman nila in fairness.

      Kaya natin to Cher Jep!!!

  5. So musta na ang lovelife? Umiba ng topic lols

    Great job titser kath yan ung katas ng patience mo sa pagtuturo

    Easy lang yan kahit 200% kaya yan

    Time check ! Oras na para magpahinga ka na at matulog ng mahimbing

    1. Bebejosh, buhusan kaya nita ng ice bucket? yung purong mga yelo?! LOL.
      Next question please. Haha

      Ang pasensya ko ay para sa mga bata na lamang. Huhuhu..


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