The Visit

 Pope Francis had left the country today. His visit had flooded my facebook newsfeed, our television won’t talk about anything else about but his whereabouts and the Philippines is all over the news, local and international.

I am no Catholic. I was raised as a Fundamental Baptist however, I have deep respect for other religions. With that, I find it very critical to say my own thoughts with the Pope’s visit. I need to be careful because I don’t want or mean to hurt anyone’s religion. Because I also don’t want to be hurt in return.

In the news, 6-7 million people were in the Luneta Park yesterday for the Pope’s last mass of his 5-day visit in the country. On my facebook newsfeed, I see that some of my friends and their families were there. All of whom despite the non-stop rains had that blessed feeling to share.

It was a sight to behold-- how faith can unite a nation and even the world. How one person can move the people to action. How one song can bring tears to one’s eyes. How one prayer can restore faith in those that got lost. I took time to read the full texts of his addresses and speeches and I cant help but be touched and blessed as well. After all, it is not religion that will save us. It is our personal faith in Christ Jesus. His humility was very much evident when on the news before his arrival, he said that he wanted the people to focus on Jesus and not him.

The greatest gift we can give to them is our friendship, our concern, our tenderness, our love for Jesus. To receive Jesus is to have everything; to give him is to give the greatest gift of all.
-       Pope Francis


Allow yourselves to be surprised by God and don’t be frightened of surprises. They shake the ground from underneath your feet and they make us unsure, but they move us forward in the right direction.
-       Pope Francis

This quote had a good conversation with my housemate lead me to feel at peace and set aside my worries. Letting the element of faith restore my balance. 

My days are filled with worries about the future. As this 2-year fellowship is about to end, I can’t help but be scared for myself if my target company will hire me. I still have to find the answer on how could I transfer all the things I’ve learned in the public school to future leadership opportunities.

So, my worries should not be that of the future. I cast all my worries upon Jesus and I am excited for the surprise that awaits me. For now, I should worry about tomorrow. How to go about the day—what to eat, what to teach, how to teach.



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