Why I Write 2.0

I was trying to remember the very first day I had posted on this blog. I know I can go back to it but I'm kind of lazy. As usual.

As far as I know, every month of January, is the birthday month of my blog!

Happy Birthday my little corner Saturdaythoughts!

This little corner had been a documentation of how my two years had gone and I do look forward to keep on documenting it as much as I can. Figuring out why I write what I write here is something I try to figure out every time I write. All I know that every time I get to post something here, whether random or thoughtfully composed, is a sense of achievement. I feel like this page should be named Scattered Thoughts. Hmmm.. That is something I could consider for future revamp of this little corner. 

This littler corner gained me friends. Online and offline. I don't know how that happened nevertheless, I am grateful. Thank you for taking time to read what is in my head, for watching my crazy vids which I actually enjoying doing, so, I expect more vids in the future! Hahaha. Also, for sharing your thoughts and sentiments in the comments sections. Being a writer used to be one of my biggest dreams, until I realized that it was not something meant for me. I have made friends in the sense that, I get to have that external support or share the same sentiments or just plainly an opposite idea. I don't get enclosed in my own beliefs. I learn to respect other's opinion and constantly learn from others as well. 

This little corner takes me back to my rollercoaster ride of emotions. I admit, it is easier for me to write something when I am the peak of my emotion. Whether heartbreak, sadness, fear, happiness, and most especially. gratefulness. Every post is a story of my life. It is a story that taught me something. Made me realize something. Molded me to be who I am today. I wish I can write all. My phone and tablet are filled with anecdotes and personal opinions on so many things. Hoping that one day, I can have the chance to turn the drafts into full posts. There's just a lot. I wish I could just copy-paste it here, but it will just confirm the idea of this page being Scattered Thoughts. Every piece of writing presents a part of me. 

Why do I write? Because I want to remember me. I want to have something to look back into. With the abundance of Katherines out there, I want to see what makes me an entirely unique Katherine that I am-- my stories. The stories of my life can only happen once in my timeline. The emotions and people can be repeatedly mentioned but the stories about how it all occurred and happened will never ever be the same. Having the opportunity to look back and read about my past, would mean that I am still alive. I had survived a heartbreak. I had experienced joy. 

I am not scared of being forgotten but truly, it really is scary to forget as one blogger have said.  


  1. Hi kat! One thing is for sure, you inspires by your words and your life. I love reading your thoughts:)
    About what you asked in about having a copy of my books, you already read most of the contents because they are my blogposts:) Pinagawa ko lang yon nong makita ko yong link na it is possible to make blogposts into a book. My purpose was to give them to my children as pamana. But maybe one day, I will categorized them so that one can choose which category one like: my story, my prayer and devotions or my walk with God. For now ay halo halo in ten books:) Anyway, you can make a book of what you have written too by clicking to the link. It cost 160 crowns for 24 pages and added 1,3 crowns for each more added page. max 300 pages per book. Good luck:)

    1. Thank you Mami Joy :) Mas lalo po ikaw. your story is such an unfolding of many great things from many sacrifices :) A great read indeed :D

      When the right time comes na feel ko na din gawing libro ang blog ko, ill take that option :D :D :D

      Thank you for always dropping by Mamijoy!!! :D Hugs :)

  2. There is this unique feeling blogging gives a blogger. When you see your life's stories and your mind's thoughts turned into something that can be sensed (in this case, being written), you may feel a mixture of joy, wonderment, and nostalgia, rushing inside you like a whirlpool in a stormy sea.

    Being a blogger for years is no easy feat. Kudos to you, Babykat! :)


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