Dear Gay Friends,

How are you all? 

There's just so much hatred everywhere. It's much intense than ever before based on my observation. So, I really wanted to know how are you all. 

I will never understand your inner battles but rest assure that I am trying my best to understand you as individuals who, just like any other boy or girl, wants to make a mark on this world-- a space of recognition and utmost acceptance. 

I will never understand your inner battles against the known truth about sexuality and the expectations of this society. 

I will never understand anything about why some people hate you and condemn you so much without even knowing you. 

I will never understand why you gay people love sex the way you have it. I don't need to know anyway. 

I will always admire your bravery to stand up for yourself and what you want. From the moment you chose to follow your heartbeats, you became your own heroes. 

I had nothing much to say. I really just want to ask how are you all doing amidst this chaos? My opinion on the subject would not matter. This is something way way out of my control. What's under my control is my connection with you. 

I just want you to know that are loved as you are. That's the least I can do to the people who made me feel loved as well. 

I see myself in no position to tell you what is right and what is wrong. You are a human being born with utmost intellect capacity to make your own decisions. 

I am in no position to judge you for anything since I also had my shortcomings and misunderstandings on matters and my own sins. 

This world is full of deceit, temptations and lies. If ever you've grown tired and weary, all I can share to you a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on. A safe space to vent out your frustrations, dreams and aspirations. 

You are in my prayers. May you find the love, peace and acceptance wherever you go. Rest assure that amidst this unending chaos, you have a friend in me to come home to. 

My ultimate aim is to share my faith where I constantly find God's promises true and meaningful, where I constantly find peace and blessed assurance that everything happens for a reason. I want to share it in such a way that I don't need to tell you about it, instead I want you to see it in me. It's a very tough battle, for sure I know that you know that. 

Finally, thank you for letting me in your lives. For accepting my as your dear friend. 

I look forward to sharing more life stories with you all. 



  1. In my Facebook newsfeed, there are really hateful posts lately. I unfollowed them all. I stayed away, as much as possible, from logging in my Facebook account. So much rubbish in there. I just want to stay positive, and co-exist with every one. It's just that the haters are so hard to co-exist with. *sigh.

    1. Diba? Sobrang sad lang that a lot of people had seem to have forgotten the word "Respect" and had drown themselves into their extreme ideas :(

  2. And this is why I love you Babykat. :)

    Thank you very much for this post. Thank you for not yapping your opinion about the issue unlike what other people do. I am grateful that you still tried to understand us. After all the negative things I've read about the issue, especially on FB, it is very comforting to see this.

    Ako nga na kasali mismo sa LGBT community eh walang comment about dun. Kaya baffled ako dun sa mga taong masyadong affected kahit hindi naman naapektuhan directly ang mga buhay nila. Ayan tuloy, troubled sila at hindi makatulog. It would be best if tumigil na lang sila sa kakadada, try to keep an open mind, and then just let us live our own lives as long as wala tayong nilalabag na batas (batas na walang kinalaman sa kahit anong relihiyon). I'm just happy for the LGBT people in the U.S. Now they can enjoy the benefits of being legally married; having civil rights. Isn't that a good thing?

    Life is hard, but it is harder for us gay people with all the hate and discrimination most heterosexuals are throwing at us. So please, utang na loob, cut us some slack.

    Anyway, medyo ironic na kasi mahaba na ang kuda ko. Sana lang wala na ko mabasa na negative posts lalo na mula sa co-bloggers kasi nakakasama lang ng loob.

    Thanks ulit and see you soon! Mwah

    1. Guilty sa di makatulog. Present! hehe

      people may have different views on the issue, some express themselves at varying degrees, some already went to extremes.

      May impact nga pala talaga lalo na kung yung nagpapop up sa newsfeed mo eh puro nagbabangayan.

      I have a lot of gay friends too but I don't make them feel that they are always left behind. Kahit anong manyari, they are still my friends. They will always be.

    2. Matulog ka kasi! Unless may issue kang gustong isiwalat? LOL. Alam mo naman ako, accept lang ng accept ng friends whoever they are basta magpakatotoo... LOLS. Iyak na lang ako later on :P hahaha

    3. Hugs Babysep! Hindi naman talaga mawawala ang mga taong very vocal in expressing their thoughts.. I used to have my opinion on everything, but later on, I realized, nakakapagod makialam sa mga bagay-bagay lalo na at wala din namang direct na effect sakin.

      See you!! I superduper miss you!

    4. hehe. kung me isisiwalat ako hindi iyon ikakaiyak mo. Bagkus, ikakatuwa mo.haha! >_<

      Lika na Yccos, group hug tayo nila Sep.haha!

    5. Sure ka jan bebefroi ha?

      Asus. If I know is Babysep lang gusto mo talaga i-hug. Idamay mo pa talaga ko kunwari. Lol.

      *sending you cyberhugs*

  3. Akala ko nga these past few days anniversary ng Nips kase hong daming may rainbow colored na profile pic sa fb ahaha!

    I also have nothing against the LGBT community.
    We are both human beings who deserves to be treated equally.
    RESPECT is the key word here :)

    1. Makes me wanna sing the Nips Song!

      And it goes like this:

      You wanna see what happens in a bag of Nips?
      What goes on before they touch my lips?

      They make a rainbow (Chocolate Nips)
      A choco rainbow (Chocolate Nips)

      And then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees
      They’re sweet and delicious, look at all those bees

      When I want fun, I get a bag of Nips and make a rainbow
      (Nips, Nips)


  4. Ironic that my FB friends even took time to make their profile in rainbow. Most of them are foreigners and specifically from the States. It tells me that these people are more open minded and tolerant and maybe very accepting of others. I salute them for this. And for those who do not accept and continues to stir controversy, it must be high time to reflect on themselves and how righteous they are. Throw the first stone and I will listen. Though my struggle is not about my sexuality, it also echoes the same sentiments of tolerance, acceptance and respect. Just this week, I toured two couples around school and the subject of race came up again. I wanted to say, 'bitch!"

    1. Everyone of us has our very own struggle, hindi pwedeng wala. kasi it what makes us understand each other. The struggle may be in different forms but its real and its hard.

      3 more weeks Cher Jo! Excited to see you :)

  5. Im just fine gurl, charaught lang!! hahaha.

    Seriously speaking, we have the same view about the LGBT community and our support for them. we should not judge, stereotype and mock people. We should give love, because first of all, God loves us, and we should make these people feel loved because after all, we are al family and whatever is happening in our society affects us in all aspects, little did we know. :)

    1. Steve, no worries, I can make time for you if you wanna talk about it :) hehehe

  6. I miss us all being together. Our picnic plan, no matter what, tuloy yun. I'll see you soon bebe Kat

    1. Pretty please.. We really should catch up and talk!!! What happened to hangout and happy days together? Picnic please.. See you sooonnnn!!!

  7. Dear Straight Girl Friend,

    We do hope that we're all fine. It's been quite sometime since the US Supreme Court declared the legitimacy of gay marriage. And this is the only time I am going to express my thoughts, by being the classic epal, and by torturing again the comment box.

    Hatred has always been there. Even in the eternity past. But you're right. It's much more intense right now, because both factions of pro's and con's are unrelenting in this battle for love.

    Unfortunately, it's not only an inner battle for all of us. It is also a fight for our right, and in some cases and some parts of this world, a fight for life, a fight to survive. I still find it hard to imagine that there are people who might be killed just for being themselves, AS GOOD HAS INTENDED THEM TO BE.

    I believe that the battles in our souls are the same battles you straight people are fighting too. because we are all human beings- sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, made from the mud of the earth, and breathed the life from the Almighty, and when we all die, straight men do not die gloriously, and gay men do not die glittery and fabulous. We both return to where we came from, to dust.

    We don't understand haters as well. Some of us would really love to slaughter homophobes, but bloodshed was and will never be the solution to our problem. But it would definitely be pleasurable.

    And here's the thing about gay people loving sex. We do not love sex so much. We love sex just as much as straight guys love sex too. We just happen to have a different object of sexual desire. People find it indecent. It's not indecent for straight men because straight people have become so numb towards straight men's indecency. In some utopic society, they'd call this HYPOCRISY. I often define it in other terms: CHRISTIANITY or ISLAM. But let's not get on a rant on religion. I've always thought of myself as the noble archdeacon and defender of the faith. But that has changed since i chose to become a polemicist.

    Thanks also for your admiration. I salute all the queers and queens who lay down their lives for us, and stood for our rights so that we can be free to love and be free to live. I wish there would be straight people who will be heroes of our cause as well.

    So how are we doing? As usual- FABULOUS. However, this is a new chapter for us, for the battle has been won, but the war is still being waged. We wage war against hate. And we wage war against injustice.

    We appreciate the love from you. Even the secret love and admiration of haters (who are simply our frustrated fans).

    We are also not in the position to be judges of straight people. And we shouldn't be too quick to cry out injustice and protection of human rights because we might violate the freedom of personal belief.

    And even if the world is full of deceit and lies, as long as there's one person like you who is gracious enough to overlook the sins of mere men, then there's still hope for mankind.

    Thank you for your prayers and your wishes. Thank you for being our friend.

    And personally, thank you for being willing to share your faith, but i am still struggling to reconcile my faith with my own person. But God's promise is true and He is faithful to fulfill it until the end of times.

    I hope to share my life with someone I truly love. I hope to share my stories with you, dear friend. And i hope that there will always be a rainbow- the proof that mercy and grace will abound, instead of division and destruction.

    Thank you for accepting us. Thanks for the love.

    Your one and only epal,



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