Im sorry for scolding you last Sunday noon. Im not sorry for crying in front of you that time though. I wanted you to know that I care so much for you. I really just can't understand you most of the time, nonetheless, I love you so much and I know how much you deeply love us too. 

Your hands are wrinkled, your hair all gray, your back and shoulders a little bit bent already from the many years of hardwork and labor. 

Whenever you share your struggles as you try to look back how our family survived--- sending 2 kids to college, 2 high schools simultaneously while supporting family needs with a very meager pay as an employee and as tricycle driver, I can't stop the tears from flowing down my eyes. It was a tough stage. Before that, you even tried your luck overseas, but it didnt turn out well like what we hope for.

I always forget that hard stage of our family life maybe because it was so hard that I don't wanna remember the pain we had gone through. 

"Hayaan mong gumawa ang Panginoon sa buhay mo." That's what you would always remind me whenever I argue with you. I am such a stubborn daughter to insinuate my views to my same stubborn father.

Despite every arguments, you are the first person I can think of whenever I feel like I am in trouble. 

You are my hero. I am such a blessed soul to have you as my father. 

With that, I pray that you become lesser stubborn and heed my advice. Our advice. It's time for me and my siblings to give back the love and care you have given us over the years. 

I want my future children to meet you, for you to tell your own story. I want you to tell bedtime stories just like what you used to do for us. 

I want others to know my father, the first man I have been loving eversince I came to life. 

Happy Father's Day Papa! 


  1. Father's day na pala. I cannot imagine my life without my father's help. He's always been there for us, for me- always cleaning up all the shit I made, fixing all the damages I did, and always looking after me. Maybe for this reason na para baby boy pa rin ako, lagi kasi ako nakaasa kay papa kahit 30 nako. Nakakahiya but that's how my father loves me.

    First love talaga natin ay ang mga magulang natin. Daddy's girl ka, ako din although hindi pa alam ni papa na girl ako. Hahaha! Pero wala nang ibang lalaki ang makakapalit sa mga tatay natin.

    1. Actually sa 21st pa ang Father's Day. Eh naisip kong tapusin na yung draft na to kagabi kaya pinost ko na din derecho. Hehehe..

      Ayun.. I'll never ask for another dad, but I wish have a man just like my papa :)

  2. May I copy to say the same things to my dad, though he is gone. Love this post and continue loving him!

    1. Sure do :)

      Everything's still fresh for you. For sure, he knows how much you love him :)

  3. I also scold my dad sometimes, but like you, I feel so bad after doing so. I'm sure our fathers know that when we do scold them, we do it out of love and care.

    Happy Father's Day to your Dad!

  4. Minsan talaga matitigas ulo ng mga yan. Pwedeng nahihiya o nakaka-apak ng pride nila. Pero kadalasan ayaw lang nila tayong maghirap pa o maistorbo.

    Happy father's day kay erpats!

    Ps. June na! :)

    1. June na!! Let's make gala na!! More more gala!!


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