First And Final

You were seated across the table, eyeing me intently. It's been awhile I had an eye-to-eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. It felt so intimate, penetrating my soul. Your gaze pierced through me, making me feel so vulnerable that when I opened my mouth to speak, I stuttered. 

I tried to do the same. I didn't blink as I studied your face. Our eyes were the ones talking, immersed in their own intimate conversation. I was the first one to look away, breaking the tension that is building up. I realized that what we were having is making me weak little by little, pulling down my defenses and disarming me.

I focused my attention to something else, doing my best to appear nonchalant but to no avail. I couldn't help but to look again. Damn it, you were still staring at me. I don't know exactly if I was anxious or elated. And I'm not sure if it ever showed in my face. Then, you did something that gave me butterflies in my stomach.

You smiled. A mischievious kind of smile. I wanted to ask you that time, "What are you thinking? What's on your mind?"

Behind us, fireworks began glittering against the dark sky of the night. I returned the gesture, giving a somewhat reserved smile and then shifted my gaze to the quiet cityscape in front of us. The noise of the firecrackers echoed and their light sparkled all around us until silence and darkness befell us once again, the excitement they brought now gone like a love I once lost. I looked back at you and caught you still eyeing me.

It's been awhile that I felt something like this. Curious, uneasy, self-conscious, and insecure. Your mysterious actions gave me this desire I can't ignore. A desire to lay down beside you on the grass, put my head on your chest to hear the slow beating of your heart. I wanted to feel the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe for me. I wanted your hands to caress my hair as we turn our gaze towards the billions of stars above.

But I'm afraid it can never happen again. That thing again with you. 

Edited by: Geoseff Garcia


  1. Galing! Napakalinaw ng pagkakalarawan :)
    Damang-dama tuloy habang binabasa :)
    Oh 'feelingero' lang talaga ako hahaha.
    Pero, mahusay talaga!

    1. Diba? Sep missed writing so much and was able to make a beautiful entry out of my not-so descriptive write up. It was so nice of him to offer editing this piece :)

  2. Correct me if I am wrong. The two of you (writer and editor) are like cooks. While you were mainly the one in charge, you let the other add some spices to perk it up. Well done as the writing was so vivid and charged with emotions. But never go back to an old flame if you don't want to get burned again.

    1. That is probably one way to put how this entry was completed. It's been sitting on my notepad for the past few days and I really haven't had the guts to post it because I know in myself that I am not a very good descriptive writer. Good thing, I brought this entry up to Sep while waiting for a friend at a cafe and he willingly offered to edit it. How can I say no to a wonderful offer from a very good writer!

      I was trying to remember the first time, trying to re-live the same feelings but as I go further digging into it, I realize that events can only happen once and never again. It was a good feeling, nonetheless, it's over.

  3. Ang ganda ng pagkakasulat! Enough to make us feel the gravity of the writer talaga. Clapclap!

    Jhanz |

    1. Yep. Thanks! Credits to the awesome editor of this entry :D :D

  4. Hi.. it's my first time here...
    wow ang ganda naman ng pagkakasulat.. you can really illustrate everything habang binabasa mo siya... I wish i can write this well... english kasi talaga kalaban ko since elementary LOL
    Thanks for sharing this
    I added you in my blog roll so I can visit you here more often
    You can visit my site here
    It's Me Bluedreamer

    Thanks and have a great day ^_^

    1. Hi!! Thanks for dropping by...

      Because the editor was really really good at it :D :D

      Your writings arent that bad :D Iba lang talaga siguro ang genre mo and everything takes a lot of practice and good criticing to be perfected :D :D

      Followed you as well :)

  5. One day, I might write something and then makiki-post ako dito sa blog mo. Hehe

    1. It would be an honor to have you as my guest on my page :D :D :D


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