Liebster-turned-Lobster Award

I had been nominated by June of Life and Spices for the same award a year ago. Feel na feel ko talaga ang award lalo na in terms of being sweet, kind, nice, blah blah blah..... 

It's always fun answering questions like these. Since I am killing time off at work and that Army Navy reward on it's way, I can't help but make patol to this again and again. Hahaha..

This time, I would like to thank Froi Dencio for nominating me. So, here goes my answers: 
  1. If by some chance you turned into a talking toad, what are you going to do aside from talking?
            I'm gonna dance! Haha. 

     2.  What Filipino food best describe your love life today?

            Adobo dahil walang maling luto basta masarap ang end product tulad ng kahit kelan ay hindi mali ang magmahal. Haha

     3.  This is related to no. 1. You turned into a talking toad but can only blurt 6 words. What are you going to say and to whom are you going to say it? (Note: Only a kiss from a human being will turn you back to normal.)
          To Future Boyfriend: Antagal mo ha. Kiss me na. 

     4.   Aside from world peace and forever, what are you going to wish for if a genie grants you a wish? Bawal magwish ng another wish.
            To be a good citizen, daughter, sister, friend, lover and human being in general.

     5.   What are you going to do if you were trapped on an elevator with the man/woman of your dreams for 24 hours? (Note: walang signal ang phone nyo at lobat na rin kayo pareho)

            OHEMGHEEE. Ang hirap naman sagutin kasi yung totoo, natataranta ko kapag nakikita ko ang crush ko. Lol. I guess, anything funny to make the time pass by and conversation topics that would make him want more time to be with me. Hihihihi...

      6.   What obscure English word best describe yourself? (Give three with definition please. >_<)

                Panglossian- characterised by or given to extreme optimism, especially in the face of unrelieved hardship or adversity
                         Guileless-  naive

                        Eristic- someone enjoying argument for its own sake 

      7.   If you are going to change the scientific name of human beings, what would it be and why?

             Homo Stultuincaritate - Human Stupid in Love 

      8.   What facial feature of a person appeals to you the most? (exclude the eyes, nose, lips and teeth.)
              Ears, cheeks, eyelashes and hair na lang pagpipilian dito ah, nagtira ka pa! Lol. Sige na nga, neat and clean hair. Yung kapag hinawakan ay malambot at mabango.

      9.    What is your favorite '90s TV program?
              Sailor Moon 

    10.  How are you going to react if you were crowned the titleholder of a prestigious international male/female pageant? Show your reaction using a gif.

I would like to thank Google for the answers for the difficult questions :D 


  1. Nag-loading yung utak ko dun sa answer sa no. 2.haha!

    Dahil sa mga sagot nyo Yccos, para na ako netong si KZ tandingan. Dahil di ko alam...

    ...kung sino, ang pipiliin ko...wahahahaha!
    salamat sa pagpatol sa trip. :)

  2. LOL... naku gusto ko na talaga gawin yung sa akin haha
    Sabi ko nga kay Jonathan yung about sa Genie,.. kung di pede ang one more more genie na lang hehe

  3. Isa isa na tayong pumatol sa tag ni Froi..... Ng dahil sa hamburger, ha,ha,ha. It was fun answering this but it was really hard to write the answers without google.

  4. teka naguluhan ako sa dancing frog. so aside from talking, dance muna?

  5. Binabangungot ako nung bata kapag nakakapanood ako ng sailormoon. Hahaha. Pakiramdam ko tuloy demonic yang show na yan. Hahaha.

  6. AHA! so ikaw pala ang isa sa nabiktima ni Froi? naku, ako nagnominate sa kanya, tapos ang nominator ang wala! hahahahaha.Gusto ko lang yung sagot mo dun sa adobo na part! hahahaha.
    i also added you on my link ex, here's the URL:


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