Another Ending.

As of this very moment, I am officially unemployed. One of the shortest employment period I have had as of to date. 

My Phase 3 metrics did not meet the minimum thus, my manager, decided to terminate my employment with the company that took me four times to apply before I got hired. 

I didn't really feel its impact until I got home, knocked at the door and was asked why I'm already home at this wee hour. It's pains to say " Wala na po akong trabaho." 

But really, while I was signing my termination of contract paper, I was thinking of all the things I will be making time for specially for February's upcoming interviews, language lessons, guitar sessions and time to read and write about many things! 

Now, as I lay down in the confines of my room, the chronic-worrier strikes again. What if I run out of funds sooner than I can imagine? With the interview dates for my current applications still unclear, what am I really supposed to do? How do I start again? 

I take this as a sign that I should be back in the academe. That night shift is not for me anymore. 

May the universe lead me to the path that I should take where I can find my peace and happiness. May I be lead to the new job that drives my passion within a profession that has justified compensation. 

I always pray to the Lord to bless me with humility and wisdom in every decision I make and I always ask my family and friends to include me in theirs because, honestly, I cannot do this alone. 

So please pray for me as well. 



  1. You know what is good about endings...beginnings. Though it is heartbreaking to be out of work and then without any directions afterwards, our will and faith in ourselves will surely help us rise up once again. Your heart is probably meant for something greater so fly higher. Our prayers, love and support can propel you to greater heights. Believe and conquer.

    1. Thank you Cher Jo!

      The painful part of it all was that I was the ideas that they had to let go because of poor performance as per the numbers and my former manager. He never even tried to defend me nor give me a second chance. I would have plead but I just realized that it's difficult to dispute numbers and people who never seem to believe what I can do. As one of my friends say, "sana nagpabibo ka! It's a dog-eat-dog world."

      A lot of people have been saying that I am not supposed to be here. I deserve to be a teacher. Maybe I really am but that still needs a lot of proving on my part. A lot of hardwork.

      Thank you as always. Reading your comments makes me believe that something greater is in store for me. Not just for myself but for others whom I will be dedicating my future successes.

      For now, let me grieve and savour the pain as it teach to step out of my comfort zone, to believe and to conquer.

      Words are so powerful!

    2. I visited a temple yesterday as part of my birthday offering and I included you in my prayers. Yes, There is something better for you because I do believe in you. I wasn't going to move until something happen, and after that particular interview, it was time for me to fly and see the world. If I can do it, you can as well. Remember, all we need is one step.

    3. Salamat po talaga Cher Jo! Nakakainip lang sa ngayon maghintay ng mga tawag.. I dont wanna drag the days to February but there are moments that I wish the day will come. I am suddenly losing my patience and kapag naalala ko kung bakit ako natanggal sa work, naiiyak ako. I just had to accept na meron I really can't please everyone and meron din talaga kong mga naging pagkukulang kaya ganun ang nangyari. I will get by, wala naman akong choice. I owe it to myself and to people who believe that I am really bound for something better and greater.

      Pero nakakaiyak pa rin po talaga.

  2. Go lang cher Kat :) Ang paalala ng 'gravity' - everything will fall on place.
    I agree with sir Jonathan... believe and conquer!

    We'll pray for you cher! :)

  3. Salamat sa reminder Cher Jep! Oo nga, I keep resisting gravity dahil gusto ko ng tahimik na buhay pero yung totoo, namimiss ko yung mga matitinis na boses, pagsasaway, mga yakap at munting mga matang nakatingin sakin.

    Salamat sa prayers din. Kung saan man ako makarating, babalitaan ko kayo at syempre, di ko makakalimutang, you were all there at my deep downfall up until I bounce back.

    We will believe and conquer 2016 and life in itself.


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